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Post A Pic Of Yourself Caching

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If I knew how to post a pic, I would.

Put it in the same file as your pics for you avatar then click it till just the pic and nothing else is on the screen. Then use the IMG button and copy and paste the URL in the field (note make sure you don't do HTTP:// twice as it defaults to that when you open the IMG link and it also copies it when you copy it from the pic) PM me if you need more or Better :D instructions.

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I don't have any pictures of myself caching because I am usually alone and hate taking those closeup pictures of myself. I always look weird. But if anyone is actually interested in what I look like, you can view my profile on the site and see a pic that was taken last week.

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Rocket Man and Mrs. Rocket Man in the Desert near the 4WD Parking Garage Cache


Rocket Man in the Desert near his Thread the Needle Cache


Rocket Mans Kids near the Above Waipio Valley Cache on the Big Island of Hawaii


Mrs. Rocket Man Night Caching


The Whole Gang at the A Hui Hou Cache in Hawaii


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Me in the Pine Barrens (NJ) trying to reach a cache and not get wet...

Ahh...Pine Barrens...always reminds me of a Sopranos episode of the same name. The best episode ever. Too bad Christopher and Paulie didn't have a GPSr with them. :unsure:


Man, do I wish to get hunt some caches there!

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