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Who Are The Lurkers? Introduce Yourself.

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I may be a future lurker...This is my first post, and my first time on the forum. Does that mean I'm batting a thousand?...Look out A-Rod B)

I am a proponent of our 1st Amendment...so, I say whine on; just don't take my Free Speech away. Now I think that I will try to find some of those nasty threads everyone is talking about... :D



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I was a lurker until I posted this. B)


Now, I guess I'm just a has been lurker. :D


I've been geocaching for a few months, dodging rain & bugs in the Sunshine State.


(Still wondering how someone with >100 posts can say they are a lurker).


Back to lurking.....


People in Hell, where do they tell people to go? -- Red Skelton
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Hi...I suppose I am sort of a semi-lurker...whatever that means. I have posted a few times and usally had some very good answers to my questions. So, here's another question...what does it mean when you say you are 'pinning the topic'? Or should I go and see if there is a topic on geo terms?

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:unsure: Hello! My wife and I have just discovered geocaching on the web. We are both nearing retirement age and are x backpackers. We are both quite excited about trying out this new hobby.


Maybe it will get us back in shape to do some more backpacking along with geocaching.


Have been researching gps devices. think I've decided to purchase a

Garmin 60c.


Thanks for the invitation to say hi.

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Hi! I'm Agent Okie! I'm a partial lurker. I visit the Geocaching forums daily, but I post rarely. My main reason for lurking, is that I am seeking to be a better cacher. I do not have a GPSr yet, and *hangs head* I've been doing virtuals. :unsure: I do have 5 traditional finds that I am really proud of. My wife does not express an interest at all in geocaching, but I have taken my oldest daughter, Princess, with me a few times. Basically, I search for a cache that in my area whenever I am working.


I have printed off the cache pages that are in my area and are ranked 2 or less in difficulty. Today, I stopped in a Tulsa park for a few minutes while the baby was sleeping. My wife just sighed and waited while I tromped through the mud searching for the cache. I didn't find it in the 5 minutes I had available, but now I know where it is the next time I'm in town.


I am really trying to get into geocaching. I know several others (Where's Georgers) who cache and have been trying to learn from them as well. I have been watching this thread and figured it was time I added my name to the list as well.


Thanks and keep on caching!



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While I may have only set up an account last December I have been lurking the forums for over a year now. I was researching GPS units and during that process stumbled upon Geocaching and this website. It was the only place I could find lots of different GPSr reviews. (In case your curious I ended up buying an Etrex Legend early last year. Love'n it!)


I don't post because I honestly do not have anything to add to the discussions. I just went GCing for the first time this past weekend so I'm definitely a newbie.


So, if you find yourself out on some trail and a fella wearing a fedora, a satchel, a tomahawk and a bullwhip is hiking along don't be afraid. It is most likely me, The Edge. Feel free to say, "hi."

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Have to put my name in print. Been reading thur most of the forums. Wonder if any of these forums go by way of the great white elephant, ie get deleted. Wonder if there was any information posted and I didn't get to review it. Yup, I am a lurker. Guess I have to blame my parents for telling me, it's nice to be seen then heard. :(

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Hi we are the Xtrackers.......as newbie pink as you can get. I was watching tv about 3 weeks ago and saw something on Geocaching and thought it was fun. A week later I go on the website. A few more days later I mention it to my step-dad and he says he has a GPS he never used (dont know what kind) and that we can use it. So this weekend I am hoping to find one or two caches. <_<


I could never get my husband to go do other interestes I do but this one hit the nail. He seems excited just as much as I am!!!! I have not said anything to our pooch yet shhhhhhhh!!!

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Wow! I thought until recently that I was just a cacher having fun learning a new hobby and having some cool adventures with my family & friends.


After reading a bunch of threads (in other areas of course! :D ) and following an awful lot of complaint posts, I have now discovered I am a lurker, a newbie, and a nasty micro-cache hiding, ammo-can using, lame-cache-idea having thorn in the side of geocaching! DOH! ...sorry bout that! <_< I'm still learning here!


Seriously though...99% of the folks I have heard from or met or even read about in cache logs seem like fantastic people. I love this sport/hobby and it seems like an awful lot of other people do too.


I guess if any of the labels fit, it would be the lurker label. I am definitely guilty of reading and not really posting. To all of you who sit there and scroll through the pages like I do, HOWDY! Are you guys having as much fun as I am?



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Yeah I guess I qualify as a lurker, although I'm trying to shed that a bit. This is already my fourth post today (uh-oh, I had better slow down before I hurt myself) but yeah lurking is a good way to see just how psycho the regular posters are before jumping right in and getting blindsided.


Assessment? yup, psycho all right. I'll fit right in.

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:) I guess I'm going to have to admit it right up front. I'm a lurker, I am a lurker, there, that's said and now I feel so much better.

I have been watching this board for a couple of years and really enjoy most of the content. I normally don't have a lot to say that someone else hasn't already. I have received a lot of assistance from others on this site and for that I am thankful. There is an incredible amount of info here if one takes the time to read it.

Lots of great contributors, which make it a fabulous pastime and game. Thankfully we're not all lurkers. :unsure:

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I've been caching about 2.5 months now. I have forty-something finds and six hides at the current time. I love it.


I don't visit the forums very often, just sometimes. I'll post in about 20% of the threads that I open. I start new topics occasionally.


So I guess I am not really a lurker.

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This is my second visit to the forums and my first post. I lurke to learn. :huh: I really like this forum because it's made me laugh, made me cry, made me angry, and sparked my imagination. These are the same reasons I love geocaching (add it' made me swear.) I'm older than most and can't walk for more than 1/2 a mile on a good day. When I log a cache, I always put it's a short walking distance, and if it's wheelchair accessible. I would like to request that others do something similar to save us older folks from getting into trouble. 1/1 doesn't always pertain to distance. Thank you -Cat Dancing :huh::o

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The Fraher Family

Alan, Amy, Tyler, & Emma

Member Since: September 01, 2002

Status: Premium Member

Location: South Georgia

Forum Title: Geocaching Lovers


Latest News:

11/01/03 South Georgia Northbound: Cache #10!

02/24/04 We are "Premium" - Oh Yeah!

02/25/04 Entered first major TB event, "MLB Travel Bug Race" (See Spot Run)


We love Geo-Caching! We had gotten word of it from a friend (Bob K.). While in Albuquerque gave it a try - WOW! We love it! It puts you back in touch with nature, with reality. It's a nice family thing to do with the kids... and dogs! [/font]

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I've been lurking for about 6 months. Started to just learn about caching and enjoyed the spunk, wit and creativity of the cachers. I would like to give it a try but haven't run into anyone I know who knows much about it. And, of course, I need a GPS. Hopefully, I will get involved in the months ahead if I can find someone to show me the ropes.


- Wolfchild

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Hi I dont think I am a lurker yet since this is my first time on the board :ph34r:

I would like to introduce myself though since I will most likely return.

I am swtjo2000, Hubby and I went on our first Geocache hunt today and found

3 of 3. Geocaching is a great find for our family.We have always done our own style of "treasure hunting" with our kids since they were young. Hiding easter baskets, birthday presents, and just creating an activity while out camping. So I guess you can see it didnt take much to get us hooked :ph34r:

well TTFN, Swtjo2000

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Okay, hi all!


I often LURK :o

while I WURK...

Sometimes it pay$ to lurk! :D Actually, I didn't even know about these forums until very recently... last month or so. Prior to that I had never clicked on the Forums links... Sheeesh! I had only been using GC.com to look up and hunt caches. Sometimes interesting and entertaining stuff here.

Did I pay just to remove Tadpole?! :D



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If this is how we introduce ourselves and terminate our lurking, then let me say Hi.


I bought a vehicle-use only GPS 3 weeks ago. Looks like I'll be buying a hand-held unit in the near future to enjoy the non-vehicular uses for a GPS. I also ordered eight travel bugs. What do I do when they get here?


Stay tuned for a future post where I offer the travel bugs for sale if I don't figure out what to do with them. I will be taking one to Morristown, TN next weekend for an "event" if that's the right term. Why is all of this like learning a foreign language? I never did well in foreign languages, and only mediocre in the local language.


I'm looking forward to figuring out what I'm doing in the near future. Don't hold your breath, it could be a long wait.

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I was just wondering if some people considered lurking a disreputable or lowly activity. On other threads I have gotten the distinct impression that lurking is frowned upon by some people. I've noticed this on other forums, too.


Am I just imagining things? Or is this true?


For my part, I see nothing wrong with lurking. It's much better than prowling or skulking, no?

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I am a LURKER. I have only been GC'ing for about 2 months. Heard one of my coworkers talking about it, sounded like fun and a good way to get myself and my kids out from in fornt of the video games and TV.


My son has his own identity and likes to go with me. Wife and daughter have been out a couple times, but probably won't go out much until better weather (they don't like the cold).


I found the forums just about 3 wk ago. So much flame around here, and I'm not into fire. :D I'm still learning the ropes, so don't have much to contribute, so I just look mostly. Had to reply this time, though to let most of you know I appreciate the words of wisdom and other help I find here.


Oh, well, back to the shadows. :D

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If you need a timeframe, I have been GeoCaching for about 2 years and have 3 finds (plus 1 no-find). I visit this website about once a month and the forums even less than that. I do not take geocaching very seriously, but do not have to since there are many others who do. And for that I am thankful because without the diehards there would not even be a website. Though I don't go on many cache hunts, when I do I always do it whole heartedly: "Cache In, Trash Out," "Take something, leave something," and sign cache logbooks and log my find on the website. I've never hidden a cache and never found a travel bug. I appreciate the work that has gone into this website and the work that others engage in with various governmental agencies to keep geocaching an activity that I can participate in when I want to. Geocaching is a great family sport that can get kids and adults alike outside and exploring the natural resources that the earth has just around the corner, so positive participation should be displayed. This summer (as I have said the past two summers) I plan to find more caches.

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I am just starting to get into the forum posting and reading. I have been caching for about 2 or 3 years and my family and I love it. It is such a great and inxepensive way to spend time with the family.


I know I have talked about 6 or 8 people into becoming geocachers. I also have mentioned it to several people who have written articles in newspapers about geocaching.


I think the more cachers the better.



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I've been caching since the mid 60's, and let me tell you, it was difficult back then. The GPS didn't work cause there weren't any satellites. Then the Russians put up Sputnik, and we thought the world was coming to an end. Then we got Telstar, an American satellite, and they made a great song about it, but still no GPS signals.


Heck, we didn'te even call it geocaching, we called it Snipe Hunting back then. But enough about the days of the dinosaur!


Glad to see so many people coming out of the woodwork. I don't think we've been lurking, we've just been real quiet while we were reading everyone else's posts. Hope to hear from more "lurkers" soon!

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I also ordered eight travel bugs. What do I do when they get here?


Stay tuned for a future post where I offer the travel bugs for sale if I don't figure out what to do with them. I will be taking one to Morristown, TN next weekend for an "event" if that's the right term.


When you go to the event talk to the people there about travel bugs. They can tell you everthing you need to know! :unsure:

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hmm...... I don't think I can call myself a lurker because I rarely read the forums. WAY too much BS in relation to good information. If I want to learn something about a given subject, I do a search of the forums, get my info, drop some napalm and RUN. oops! well....true except for the napalm.


I agree with somebodie's post - I had to laugh at some of the posters to this thread that have 500+ or even thousands of posts and call themselves a lurker.


On a more positive note, It was great to see someone whose post said they had 2 posts but their profile shows 40+. I guess this thread gave them some courage to jump in.


My personal opinion on the whole subject of the forum in general is you should be allowed 1 post for every 10 finds. That would effectively eliminate 99.9% of all flamers.OK... I'll be generous - 1 post for every 5 finds.


Disclaimer: This post was not designed to offend anyone either in general or specifically. If you got your feelings hurt, I'm sorry. Given my freely given and generous apology - at this time please get over it.


I can't wait to hit submit so I can see how many posts I have. I hope Jeremy didn't sneak behind my back while I was typing this and add 2000 to it! ;)



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:rolleyes: Here we are. CachinNSplashin in Florida. We've been Geocaching for about 2 weeks and are ADDICTED! We're excited about this new found love for the great outdoors. We are now armed with a 4 X 4, a GPS, a PDA and a backpack full of "goodies". So far we have 8 finds and have yet to stash a cache (but we're working on it).


We look forward to joining y'all on the board and in some upcoming events.

Cache on!

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