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Who Are The Lurkers? Introduce Yourself.

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i'm a lurker-turned-poster-about-to-revert-to non-lurker-non-poster...tried being sociable a few times but it seems as if on-going conversations continue as if i wasn't there...hurts more than a dnf! :P  :lol:

Not all cachers are Like that, just the special ones. Come visit us in Abject Silliness next time your in town. We are always happy to have new friends. :mad:

been back to abject a few times and i stikk feel ivisible :mad: seems like it's a chat room for those who already are in the know...snpf, snif...makes me feel like i'm back in jr high!

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i'm a lurker-turned-poster-about-to-revert-to non-lurker-non-poster...tried being sociable a few times but it seems as if on-going conversations continue as if i wasn't there...hurts more than a dnf! :mad:  :P

Not all cachers are Like that, just the special ones. Come visit us in Abject Silliness next time your in town. We are always happy to have new friends. :lol:

been back to abject a few times and i stikk feel ivisible :mad: seems like it's a chat room for those who already are in the know...snpf, snif...makes me feel like i'm back in jr high!

I've seen you around kosarin - I wouldn't abandon ship yet. it sounds weird, but people with high post counts tend to be 'paid more attention to'. Not because they have high post counts, but because people are used to seeing the name kick around. That's been my experience, anyway. Never take a forum personally. It is the unfortunate rule-o-thumb that the written word does not convey emotional intent very well. Sometimes I will laugh out loud at someones joke - but I don't always post a note saying LOL or :P... It isn't because I didn't think them worthy of my attention, but because (when I'm not in AS), I try to keep my irrelevant posting to a minimum. I'll usually only make a (attempted) funny comment if I have a serious one to piggyback.


With only 64 posts to date, I'd keep asking questions, posting opinions and all that good stuff. Soon, people will feel comfortable seeing your name, and go "Hey, cool! It's kosarin!"

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That`s why you get rid of the post counts...they mean nothing and people like to spam just to get the counts up. I co-run a site for a TCG and we got rid of the post counts for those reasons. The count is unimportant. What`s important is the quality of the post(er). A person with a few posts that posts intelligently will be favored over someone with 2,000 posts that posts mostly meaningless drivel in my eyes.


With that said, I have been lurking here the past three weeks. My girlfriend and I love this "sport". We found out about it after purchasing our brand new 2004 Rocky Mountain Edition Liberty and now have fun finding excuses...er...caches to drive it around to. We have found 9 or so with 1 FTF. We live in the NoVa area and look forward to meeting any geocachers out there.

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Hello all, well as a note of introduction, I'm just getting interested in geocaching/benchmarking. I'm in the process of getting my first gps (Meridian Color) and will be spending some time learning how to use it. In addition to geocaching, I plan to let my parents use it alot when they travel to visit my sisters. Unfortunately due to work, I'm not as available to drive them as I used to be and at their age (69, 78) I think they'd appreciate the guidance and security the GPS would offer them.


I work in DC in broadcasting and my other hobbies are woodcarving, history, reading and old time radio programming. I dont have much free time during the week but on weekends I like to get out and keep myself occupied. Hope to stay around for awhile.

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I'm a total LURKER! Actually, I'm quite new to geocaching and therefore don't feel that i have anything legitimate to post. At least not yet.


I had no idea how huge this geocaching business was. Dang. :rolleyes: There's so much information to process that I hardly know where to start. We've only found 4 caches so far...out of about 7, but I've already purchased my first set of travel bugs (yipee!). Can't wait to find a kick-butt location to hide my first cache. And trust me...it'll be a good one. Cool stuff for adults too (not a lot of that kiddie plastic toy schtuff).


Feel free to introduce yourself. Can't wait to meet some new people...


Happy hunting!

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Often when discussing features of the website, the point is raised that many of the people who might feel one way, or another about a given topic never actually say anything because the forums are so hostile.


Another good point that often comes up is that the forum is where people come to learn about caching, and we should try give the best impression we can.


I'm curious to know how many people are out there quietly taking it all in.


There really is no topic here, so you can't post off topic. And since there is no topic, there needn't be any arguing either. :rolleyes:


Feel free to use this thread to say "Hi", and introduce yourself.


GatorBruce from Palm Harbor, Florida. A little confused on how to use this site. Thanks

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Hello to all,

I usually lurk when I take (or have) the time to visit the forums at all. Just not much to say I guess.

I've been geocaching for over 2 years in various countries and states, and have enjoyed it totally. I've introduced various friends and family to it with varying success. My current geocaching friend and partner, SUAGRFOOT, is the most enthusiastic so far, and we have been having a great time! We love the hunt and find of course, but most especially we like being out there and getting a good hike and enjoying wherever we are.

I think nobody should feel slighted if their posts are not answrered...many like me just read, appreciate, agree or disagree and move on...rarely posting a reply.

I have a question, though, to throw out there to all of you....what forum area or is there one? to discuss possible house-sitting or swapping in different areas among established geocaching folk?

Just a thought as the need arises for me from time to time when I travel.

Meanwhile geocaching remains the best and most healthy hobby/activity/passion I have been involved with!

Happy Geocaching to anyone who reads this, no response needed!!

j :P

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I use to never come in here and the reason why is there are sooooooooooooo many posts and it would take me several months to sift through. I have a few posts. I have been caching since april 04 so I am still new but I hope to be above 200 finds by the end of the year. :unsure: A bit about me, I am a joker. I like to poke fun at G@#$% users. lol But keep in mind that it is all in fun. I dont do it for demeaning pourposes. It all in fun. I am from utah and In our association we go back and forth and it is all fun. Any ways I am starting to post some so I will continue to lurk untill somthing worth a post comes along. Like this thread. lol



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I'm a long time lurker(despite my recent posts)....once I have my major questions answered I plan to go back to lurking. My english is bad enough that I would have to feel VERY strongly to post beyond my basic questions(example: well, no-one cares about geocaching.com, if I don't get a reply I'm doing to convert it to a web page about flowers)....so once I figure out the basics about Geo-Caching, I'm gonna vanish into the void of lurking.

Have Fun Everyone. :)

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Wow I guess I haven't ever considered that there was a name for all of us who just like to live vicariously (online) through the postings of others...


We have around 40 finds now so we aren't really new, but we also know that we don't have that much experience either. So we are always looking for new ideas and so on. For example, today I visited because I am having trouble finding a hiding spot for a cache we have put together, so I was looking for more ideas about how people choose a location. When I find the place, it would be our first hide, so we are kind of excited about it.


:D Pandoras Corkscrew :D

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I'm in cache-thin (but not very thin) northern New Mexico. I go geocaching mostly as a sidelight: I think of myself more as a hiker than as a geocacher, but I try to combine the two when I can.


I've found that geocaching is often a good way to get to know a new town; the local geocachers tend to place caches in interesting places. I've done trips to Silver City and Farmington, New Mexico, Flagstaff, Arizona, and Lynchburg, Virginia, and in each case I've learned things about the town I don't think I would have ever learned without having a cache to find.


So far my favorite caches are the Boston Hill cache near Silver City, the Grotto cache near White Rock, New Mexico, and the Off World cache in Flagstaff.


I'm not a paid member; I'll probably become a paid member when I get to two hundred or two hundred and fifty finds.


I don't spend much time in the forums; I'm a veteran of another long-lived online community, and I'm disappointed but not surprised to see the same sort of dysfunction here that I saw there: too many posters read the words of others unsympathetically, and too many people are unwilling or unable to just live and let live. I have to hope everyone eventually outgrows this kind of behavior, but not because I think it's likely.

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Here it is, my first post. I'm new and like to read as many posts as possible before asking any questions. Usually my question will have been already asked by someone else and I can avoid the nasty replies about not investigating first.


I get very discouraged by flame wars and rude responses and tend to stay away from message boards. I am trying to not let it upset and ruin the fun. Cachers in general are such a cool bunch that I haven't yet run into any "party poopers".

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We're lurkers. We'd rather lurk than not lurk. We've been there and done that on the message boards and don't care to partake, thanks. So we will remain lurkers and read and learn from the ones who are intelligent and have something worth reading. Groovy? Cool....See ya :anibad:


P.S. Make sure you REGISTER to VOTE and then EXERCISE your RIGHT to VOTE. We are a government OF the PEOPLE, BY the PEOPLE. But if THE people don't vote, it is not a government OF the PEOPLE. VOTE!

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Hello everyone. I'm Rebapac and I thought I would introduce myself. I'v been using GPS for a long time now and have only recently found geocaching. I use GPS in the light airplane I fly to find airports, so flying and geocaching has the searching aspect in common. My lurking has been kept to a minimum, but I'll now jump in with both feet.

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Hi mrwaver.gif

Newly registered, notta lurker :wacko:


I'm new to geocaching, found my 1st one Sunday.

I just got back from a hike around a lake, close to work that has a cache, didn't have a gps unit with me, didn't find it, had an awesome long walk!!

I'm currently looking for the right deal on a Garmin C60

Plus I just ordered my 1st travel bug, can't wait!! :wacko:

& my screen name refers to my family of parrotheads :(




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I guess I'm a lurker because I'm too busy caching or getting ready for our next Geocaching trip.


Last weekend we went to Tulsa and found 76 new cache sites.


We have graduated to totally paperless using Pocket Queries with GSAK, HP ze4430US laptop, GPSmap76CS, and a HP5555 PocketPC. We've come a long way from the reams of paper and inkjet ink that we use to use. We have many large binders full of our paper with notes from the good old days. I still miss my paper, but paperless is faster, cheaper, and easier.


Here's kind of how we do Paperless Caching. It changes every week as we learn new, faster, and better ways of doing it.


We're hoping to go to Omaha, NE this coming weekend. It looks like a goldmine of fresh caches.




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We're lurkers. We're really interested in geocaching, but we're not interested in being flamed. However, I don't think the flaming is unique to this web site. In general, this problem occurs on most discussion sites. It seems like there is always a group of members who are impatient and angry with newbies or with anyone who feels "differently" than the group. I don't worry about it, and it won't stop me from participating -- when I think I have something meaningful to add. However, the flaming does stop me from being more involved. I have enough stress in my life, GC is my fun.... I'm not willing to let it become another stress.

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I'm new (to geocaching and this forum). I just bought a gps from a friend and am waiting for him to send it to me. Since I'm in Alaska, I live in a prime place for it. I hope to get some found before snow fall though, which could be any day now. I do a lot of hiking, back country camping etc.


Also just thought I would add that I have been a member of different forums, my first was when I was pregnant several years ago. Nothing like 400 pregnant women all on one site to send the bickering to a whole new level. Other places like this...the people who post meanly, seem like lightweights lol. :blink:

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Guess I can't be a lurker since this is my first visit to the forum. We've had a GPS for 7 years but just got a new one and found geocaching...what a fun and addictive sport!!


I'll have no problem posting as long as I have time to spend on this forum. I already have a number of Jeep forums to peruse daily too.


Look forward to getting to know folks and get some great ideas!!



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i, too, am a lurker. still a noob. still getting the ins and outs of everything. i enjoy reading the posts and sitting back to marvel at all the different people and the trememdous amount of creativity that many ppl here have.


this is one thread where i feel like i can contribute, because i do lurk. lots of great info in these forums and it enables my newest addiction. i spend way to much time on geocaching now! :blink:

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Hi, I'm a lurker :lol: Not really, I've been lurking for about a week and just now registered. I'm not much of a poster usually but I'll try to contribute as much as I can. I just started caching last week and I'm addicted already. It's nice to meet you all.



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OK, here's my $0.02.


I am relatively new to this great game/obsession, so you can disregard this as you will. I think that the very nature of geocaching - and therefore geocachers - is 'lurk-like.' Seems to me it is rare to see 15 or 20 people loudly spilling into a grave yard or charging up a hiking trail, mindless of others who may be watching, pulling out a cache, and tearing through its contents in a boisterous frenzy.


Rather, how many of us go out alone or in a quiet pair, sneak an occasional peek at our GPSr, look guiltily over both shoulders, then scurry in, grab the cache, and quietly ponder the past life of all the little wonders held within.


It is our 'secret agent' personalities that cause us to lurk in the shadows, quietly observing, while trying desperately not to be observed.


Or am I just full of cr*p? :lol:

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