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Who Are The Lurkers? Introduce Yourself.

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Like others who have posted here before, I too, read the postings religiously when I first started this hobby. {Or should I say compulsion.} I found the postings informative and helpful. However, I was put off by the individuals who post remarks slamming others, being offensive in their replies to fellow geocachers. I found the postings to be not only boring, but counterproductive and unnecessary :laughing: to the furtherance of everyone's enjoyment of geocaching. This is the first time I have been back to the forums in months and I only came here as I have a question about service. My word of advice to others, if you don't have an inquiry, or you have a response that is less than helpful, don't waste the bandwidth with your garbage. It does not belong here. Admin- your job is to see that the threads don't lose sight of the original objective. Thank you. :bad:

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I'm not really a lurker, just a new guy. But, I'm typically not too prolific when it comes to posting on a forum. As a new guy I won't have much to add. But I will be absorbing all the information that I can.


I went after my first geocache at lunch today. I searched and searched then finally gave up. I got back to the office and found that I had put the waypoint coordinates in wrong. Duh! I'll try again later. So, does this actually count as a "didn't find it"? I mean looking in the wrong place and all. :D


EDIT: I stopped by again after work and found it. The correct coordinates really help. My first find. :o

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Hi. I am an occasional lurker. :rolleyes: I learn much while hanging around the outskirts. I am brand new to geocaching although I have a GPS. I have yet to log my first find, although I have several around me at work. I am trying to find the time away from the office to run out at lunch time.


Thanks for inviting us to join in the discussion.

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Good day all, I'd thought we introduce ourselves. We are a family team who try and get out every weekend. The team includes my parents,one of my brothers, myself, and any other friends or sibilings that are in for a good hike and a new experience. We have just started and have three cache finds under our belts. We aren't trying to break any records, just trying to have fun as a family.








et all

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:) Lurker???? I am more of a 'nearly clueless' observer. I have just recently gotten involved in geocaching with my Jr Girl Scout troop. Man, we LOVE it!! But I have had some issues working out the finer details of geocaching. I am not really interested in the pages of disgruntled cachers because frankly, we are still having so much fun that I don't have anything to be disgruntled about!!! LOL. All in all, it is a fun site and I have enjoyed the info I have recieved.

Thanks all,

The GeoGirls


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I´m an outdoors person. I go fishing, ride motorcycle and enjoy finding beautiful spots. I bang my own drum. If you think it´s noise then it´s your problem.

If the outdoors part of a cache doesn´t promise to be fun, I don´t hunt for it. My leisure time is too short to be wasted on things I don´t enjoy or pointless griping.

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I guess you can consider me a lurker...although I don't.


The DuncanClan is new to geocaching, and loving it! My kids are just old enough (4 and 5) to start enjoying and understanding how it all works.


Back to the topic...I don't post just to interject my opinion (unless its a really strong opinion). I would like to think that I post to answer questions (with my limited knowledge) or ask questions (much more common).


Yes, I puruse much more than I post... B)



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Yes, I am a lurker and probably always will be. I belong to several other sites with forums and am a lurker there also!!! If I need an answer to a question I would post, however I would much rather spend my "free" time outside geocaching, running or walking. Maybe I'm just a loner as I do my running alone also. Actually at work I spend about six hours a day hunched over a computer so I really don't care to sit and type when I get free from there. Do like to read some of the posts though ;) .

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I'm Richard, and the three bears are my wife, Kate, and our children, Anoushka (8) and Zeppie (5).

We live in Hampshire, England.

We are new to geocaching, despite having owned a Yellow Etrex for a few years, to compliment which I have just purchased an Etrex Vista for me, the kids have nabbed the Etrex!, and the kids love it. Trying to get them to go for a walk is nearly impossible, but suggest geocaching and they're waiting at the door in their gumboots.

I hope to have the occasional constructive comment, but you never know!


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;) OK, I guess I'm a lurker. I'm pretty new to geocaching and I have been checking out the forums to learn a little bit more about the the sport, game, whatever it is. Anyway, I am enjoying it. I went out bought a new GPS after my first weekend of cache hunting. Actually, I stumbled in this quite by accident. I was looking at a web site about the "Tail of the Dragon" where I recently went on a motorcycle ride and noticed a reference to two geocaches being along the route. Having never heard of a geocache before, I followed their link to geoaching.com and was hooked immediately. Now if I can only get my first hide reviewed and approved (It's been 5 days now and no response at all).



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Former lurker, recent poster ... soon to be flamed I'm sure. Relatively new to Geocaching and having a blast with my 4 year old.


Enjoy: Hiking with a purpose, the thrill of the chase, spending time with my son and seeing his eyes light up when we find a cache (regardless of what's in it).


Pet Peeves: "Elitist Cachers" who flame McToys, Narrow Mindedness, Prejudice and Laziness

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Often when discussing features of the website, the point is raised that many of the people who might feel one way, or another about a given topic never actually say anything because the forums are so hostile.


Another good point that often comes up is that the forum is where people come to learn about caching, and we should try give the best impression we can.


I'm curious to know how many people are out there quietly taking it all in.


There really is no topic here, so you can't post off topic. And since there is no topic, there needn't be any arguing either. :anibad:


Feel free to use this thread to say "Hi", and introduce yourself.

Hello all,


Well you want to know why I am lurking. A short while ago I had never heard of Geocaching but I came across the web site while I was searching for information about water towers. On part of your site there is a wide range of information and pictures about water towers and I thought with this knowledge someone out there might be able to assist me to identify the location of a water tower shown in a painting I have recently bought which is thought to have been painted around 1900 and may be a north european town. I first asked your administrator if it would be OK to post on the forum and I appreciate the opportunity. If you have a look at my profile you will see the painting of a railway station with a large round distinctive water tower in it. Incidentatlly I do have a GPS and the idea of geocache does appeal to me so I may well give it a go soon.


Many thanks

PS if this is not the right place to post this request then please accept my apologies.

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:anibad: hi everyone...new to this, yes, i'm probabley a lurker...and i think most are, until they feel comfortale enough posting...i found this site doing some research on finding gold...i've been hooked since my first find, and its not about whats in the cache, but in the getting there...this has taken me to places, i would've never found on my own...so thats why i enjoy the sport
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Alrighty then. Time to stop lurking and finally post something. I've been watching the boards for a month now and really wanted to post something significant as my first, but ah-well; there are some new additions to this topic, even though the original post is over a year-old, so why not?! I've only found a handlful of caches so far, but have enjoyed every minute of it. The thrill of the hunt is what does it for me, and more importantly - it truly gets my mind off of work!! :D Happy caching all!

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Im trying to record my first cache find on my cache page. I cant seem to get it to log. What is the procedure?



Use the cache page and look in the upper right hand corner. You will find a link there to log your find. If you have questions, drop by the getting started forum and post a question.


Oh and welcome to caching!!!! ;)

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Yes, I'm a lurker. My first post was today and it was a question I had in which there was a quick response. My family and I have found 9 caches to date. So far my wife and I just borrow her dad's Magellan Map and I think we use the GPS more than he does. My wife doesn't read the forums, but I'm usually lurking about once or twice a day. Eventually I'll graduate from a tadpole. :(

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My first post ever. It says it's my 2nd, but my memory doesn't serve me well... I've been lurking for a while now. Feels like I know some of you very well, after reading the different forums. I'll keep lurking, and maybe posting, prn.

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Hi - South African cacher here.


I respond to posts in the various forums only if I can offer a positive contribution.


But I must say that some posts, written with the best of intentions, and questions asked with a genuine need to get an answer are often replied to in pretty harsh terms.


I don't understand why.


Surely we're all here to contribute to the sport, not get verbally abused for stating a valid opinion or asking a simple question.


That's why I lurk more than I post!


Great game though!!!!! :laughing:

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I am a lurker, and proud of it. :laughing: My basic desire is to use the vast knowledge base of the members who have encountered and conquered similar situations I have run across. For that I simply read. My 50 plus years of life have taught me there will always be those compelled to criticize the actions, thoughts, and/or ideas of others. They are not bad people. Several years of psych classes have also taught me that no one is wrong in their unique perceptions. We are individuals because of the differences of actions, thoughts, and/or ideas. If we all thought and acted exactly the same, we would still be in caves painting stick figure animals on the walls. Our society's progression is basically reliant on our unique individuality. I am not one to openly state my opinion of others, hence, I lurk..

And what have I learned in the short trip through this thread: pater47 is right, if there are 50 or more posts in a thread, the subject has been exhausted, and other agendas are being pursued.

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By post-to-find ratio I am definately a lurker and always will be. I have 8 finds so far, 4 with the (you are here style) GPS feature on my phone, second 4 with a borrowed Garmin 12. I post when someone asks for opinions and I have one or to ask a question, otherwise I read and learn...........or better yet try for my next 4 finds!

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Feel free to use this thread to say "Hi", and introduce yourself.

I visit the forums every time I visit the Geocaching website, which is at least once per day. I love geocaching and everything that it stands for. In some ways it has taken over all of my other outdoor activities and made them better.


Just for laughs, I'm posting a pic of myself next to my latest travel bug project which I hope to be out traveling soon.



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Forums are definitely the best way for geocachers all over the world to talk and discuss geocaching and related subjects. Though they are sometimes hostile they are also informative. for all those who think its to hostil in here do not be set off from putting valuable information in here. If everyone was afraid then the forums would come to a stand still. B)

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