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  1. I recently bought my first Gore Tex Jacket after 20 plus years of being too cheap. I bought the Tenacity Jacket from Mountain Hardwear and I LOVE IT! Check it out I got it from www.backcountry.com on sale for 260 well worth it!
  2. By far the best looking geocacher I've seen... good luck to whoever finds her first.
  3. EVERYONE on the planet knows what a 12 gauge jacking in a round sounds like!
  4. I've thought about this off and on, but what's always stopped me is imagining what could go wrong. Suppose someone like the park weirdo I mentioned before approaches you. (He's half naked, and he looks crazy.) You pull out your firearm, and tell them to stay the hell away. He's crazy, so he doesn't listen, and keeps coming towards you. You shoot him, he dies. So when the police arrive, you are standing there with a firearm, and a dead, half-naked guy. He probably doesn't look crazy any more - just dead. Now if the guy has a record of violent crime, or is carrying a weapon, your story is pretty believable and you probably get no-billed by the grand jury. (At least here in Texas where there's still an acknowledgement of the right to self-defense.) But what if the guy doesn't have a record and had no weapon? You are likely to be in a LOT of trouble. Maybe you get out of it, maybe you don't. In addition, if the guy has any surviving relatives, they are liable to sue. Problem is, you never mentioned that the guy did or didn't have a weapon, (disparity of force) did the guy do anything threatning? Attack you, assult you, batter you? Did you feel a threat of an immediate battery? Or did you just bust a cap in a half naked mentaly unstable guy half baked on drugs? I personally have a rule about pulling out my pistol and shooting someone with it. I will defend my life or in the defense of a friend, family member, innocent victim,etc. Hopefully I never will have to. But I will tell you this, EVEN if one is FULLY justified in defending themselves with deadly force, even if they are so FULLY JUSTIFIED that they aren't charged by the police with anything, the shooter will most likey still have to defend themselves civilly, from the dead guys scumbag family, who see past the fact that their relative was a scumbag criminal and will see only dollar signs. AND, EVEN if one is to be found not guilty civilly, they will still have to shell out thousands of dollars to be defended by a bloodsucking lawyer! Either way, you lose., ( but at least you'd be alive).... take your pick.
  5. My only advice: Springfield XD .357 Sig and training on how to use it. Have gun, will cache. (wherever I want BTW)
  6. I've been a paying member since the start of this whole thing, and I still don't know what the heck a pocket querry is? help with that one please?
  7. Thanks Fireman78, My Favorite areas would be Balboa Park, Old Town, La Jolla, and Mission Trails (if you like hiking). Here's one of my favorites from each area: Old Town: GCG5GH Balboa Park: GCG7K2 La Jolla: GCG2PT Mission Trails: GCJ99C Have fun! Duscwe! THANKS!!
  8. Hey folks, I driving out to San Diego next week for a 5 or 6 days of relaxation / caching/ swimming before diving into a year of Paramedic school, any suggestions on some really great areas, and or caches to do????
  9. Lets face it guys, human beings can injure themselves with just about anything, in just about anyway. Just ask any Fireman thats been on the job awhile and he'll tell you that stupid people and alcohol are the main reason WE have a job. Any object, under the right set of circumstances can cause great bodily injury or harm via that right person and set of choices..... my 2 cents ....
  10. MSR makes great tents that are fairly priced and are expedition proven. I LOVE my MSR Ventana. It's a bit tight for two people, but I mainly use it by myself. The entire tent is mesh screen, with a bombproff tarp if weather dictates..
  11. I'd rather have the lines seperating, and leave the difference in color to finds, and not finds..
  12. When you take the entire engine crew out for "excersice" , to get the newest cache when your on duty!
  13. People are different, skills are different, views are different, guidelines are not exact, nor is the terrain of good ol' Mother Earth. (oh ya, I'm a little different too I think)
  14. Oh ya, serious A.D.D. here, can't stay on target..er uh, topic
  15. The downside is that you risk being bitten or being immobilized yourself if the wind is blowing the wrong way. If you're in a situation you can't escape, as described here, I'd rather have a lethal weapon. If you can escape, then you don't need either (why harm the snake at all). I have the Kahr PM9 - it's very light and easy to carry. Highly recommend it! I carry a VERY small Kel-Tec .32 cal. It's very small, lightweght, and carries 7 rounds. Good for backpacking..
  16. I have to admit one of the truly frightning times in my life was about 6 or 7 years ago I was canyoneering in southern Utah with three friends and we were swimming through a flooded chamber that was ?unknown? depth, and with 400 foot walls on either side about 6 feet apart. I was the lead swimmer and came across a RATTLESNAKE in the water, his head above the waterline, I started thrashing about and yelling with TRUE fear trying to swim back with my buddies not knowing what the ????? Needles to say nobody got bit, but I will NEVER forget that as long as I live....
  17. Now with the 1994 Clinton crime bill blowing away in the wind, we can now carry much more ammo per magazine for entire snake dens!!!!! (Just kidding). I would never shoot into a snake den, I would however, carry a hi-cap mag... way to go with yet another tale of a gun saving a life..!!!! (ps, I am NOT being sarcastic, I am a lifetime member of the NRA if anyone asks)
  18. Hey 3 bucks a month ain't bad considering I pay 35 a mo. for a gym , and I get a whole lot more from geocaching..
  19. After living in New Mexico for over 10 years, (NM is an actual state in the USA, for all you folks on the east coast) I can honestly say that the real attraction here in the southwest is the ability to go into the wilderness and literally not see ANOTHER HUMAN BEING for days at a time. There are places out here one can get lost for as long as he wants, yet still go home when he wants too, truly the land of enchantment.
  20. Read "The DaVinci Code" and you will be at one with the force (of code-breaking)
  21. I think the site runs very well considering the number of users and the HUGE number of pics posted to it
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