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  1. Sorry my mistake this Link will tell you whos talking who is really CO Admin!
  2. 90% of the time I will have a Waas signal so my error is next to nil. On the other hand, the geocaching functions of the Garmins are superior to that of Magellan witch leaves all the Magellan’s in the dust. "Come on Magellan get with it". If the price were to drop drastically on the 60cs I might consider converting but it wont anytime soon. Also the automatic routing feature is awesome too. The main problem with it is my friend’s sense of where he is and direction to go is warped. Meaning that if he doesn’t have a waypoint in his gps and it tells him where to go he doesn’t know how to get there. lol (He will admit to this freely) I have witnessed it in many occasions. He says that it kind of takes the fun out of the hunt. I tend to agree somewhat. But, if you where in another state and had know idea where you were that feature would come in handy. Other than that, I wouldn't use it for caching. One thing I have discussed with my friend was a possible feature would be, when you are routing and when you get close to the cache you need to manually tell the gps you are going of road. Our idea is that when you get within .10 of a mile to the cache it will automatically switch to of road. That would make the ease out of the manual switching.
  3. I use to never come in here and the reason why is there are sooooooooooooo many posts and it would take me several months to sift through. I have a few posts. I have been caching since april 04 so I am still new but I hope to be above 200 finds by the end of the year. A bit about me, I am a joker. I like to poke fun at G@#$% users. lol But keep in mind that it is all in fun. I dont do it for demeaning pourposes. It all in fun. I am from utah and In our association we go back and forth and it is all fun. Any ways I am starting to post some so I will continue to lurk untill somthing worth a post comes along. Like this thread. lol MT
  4. Its because its a garmin!!!! lol My SporTrack map dosn't do it. I cache with a friend that has a 60cs and somtimes he is about 30 ft off from where I am searching for the cache. Not all the time. MT
  5. $5.00 lol. I just forked out $359.00 for a new pda because mine got wet when i fell in a river caching. lol MT
  6. I may or may not have a false sprinkler head in my front yard!!!!!
  7. This cache isn’t really a scary cache for most people but for me being claustrophobic it was. Here is a copy of my log witch should explain my fears. August 11 by Mazellan_Trailblazer (117 found) Boy did I enjoy this one. I enjoyed it so much that on the way up to the cache, I decided to take a dip in the river. lol jk. As I was attempting to cross the river, I slipped on a rock and down I went. I was soaked from the shoulders down. I franticly grabbed something to stop myself from being swept away by the water. Little did I know that I had injured my tailbone and a sprained wrist. I was so cold and in shock that I didn't feel the pain until minutes later. I got my self out of the water and stood for a moment debating on proceeding or heading back to the car. I removed my palm pilot and cell phone; luckily my Gpsr was safely strapped to my wrist and completely waterproof. I handed my palm and cell phone to Bunkerdave who was watching the events on the other side. He having long legs he was able to leap the river with ease. As I stood on the wrong side of the river I continued to debate my course of action. I decided it couldn’t get any worse. Bd had put a medium size log across the river to aid my crossing, but I figured what the heck and I stepped into the rushing river and used the log to balance. I was already wet it didn’t mater. We continued up to the cache, the hard way as usual. After some grueling hiking on the very loose rock we reached the top. Apparently we walked right past the mine and the first cache. Neither of us had sat signal and no lock. Bd hiked up one of the sides of the small canyon to see if he could get a sat lock. He was able to and it said right where I was standing on the upper hole that went nowhere. He found a spring up there and decided to get some water. He has a water-purifying device that kills any bacteria in 15 min. He finished up there and hiked down. We enjoyed a fresh cold drink of water. It tasted great. We continued our search. On our way down we searched every spot that was in the hint. Finally I spotted the mine. I told BD that I had found the mine. He came over and as I was looking for the first cache he spotted it right away. Attempting to concur my fears I decided to brave the mine. I am HIGHLY Closter phobic. I squeezed into the entrance and into the main body of the cave. It was tight due to my over weightiness. lol I yelled out to Bd and told him he had to come down in, that it was awesome. He came down. Just to be safe, I tied one end the rope to myself and jammed the spool of rope under some rocks. We forged our way into the mine. It was so cool in there. We got to a point that there was enough water to soak through shoes. Bd had a problem but not me. Remember? I was soaked from the shoulders down. We forded through the water and finally found the second part of the cache. We read some of the logs but decided it was time to go. Thoughts going though my head of an earthquake causing us to be buried alive or killed but I shook them from my mind. We looked down the mine and wondered how far it went. It would involve wading through knee-deep water but it would be fun to explore it more. Well it was time to go. We forged our way back to the entrance, and forged down the canyon. I have to say however, that the trip down was cake. We followed the canyon rocks all the way to the river. We searched for the original crossing spot, I spotted a shallow slow moving area and I stepped right in and forged my way across. About 20ft or less I hit the road. We were on our way. Cold and shivering, I contemplated the adventure we had with this cache. It was the most exciting adventurous cache I had completed and alas deserves this detailed log. Thanks very much for the adventure. Finding the final cache was well worth the pain in my tailbone, sprained wrist and wet clothes. Some bad news however, is that my palm probably wont make it. My cell phone seems to be working properly, but we will see when I plug it in to charge. Thanks again for the unforgettable adventure. TNLNSL Mazellan_Trailblazer MT
  8. I was asking a friend just the other day what PI looked like. I have seen pictures of it but never come across it in the wild. Now that I have seen live pictures of it I have seen it in my caching adventures. I believe that I am immune to the stuff as well as my children have inherited the trait. So I guess I am one of the lucky ones. MT
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