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Who Are The Lurkers? Introduce Yourself.

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Well, I tend to be a lurker for awhile... then once I get to know a few people or have a good handle on the issue at question you cant shut me up! I enjoy looking over the forums once a week or so. Im always amazed by some of the questions and some of the umm odd answers. lol Hey I'm more of a get out there and do it kinda girl than a read about it person...

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Not really a lurker, just very new! I've been checking out the forum for about a week now as I get enthused about getting over this tonsillitus and getting into the woods! My son (5 years old) is very exited too, this is going to be something that will get both of us out of the house and having fun together. We'll have my wife converted soon I'm sure, and it's only a matter of time before the little girl (nearly 2) will insist on joining all the adventures. I'm glad my local paper ran a big story on Geocaching recently, I'd heard of all this before but I must have been too busy at the moment to really let the concept sink in because I had forgotten all about it until I saw the article a couple weeks ago.

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I have only been caching for a little over a month but knew that I would become addicted after my first cache! I was right :D I have been checking out the forums or "lurking" for a little over a week now. I was a little taken back by some of the hostility at first but realize that this is an activity that alot of people really enjoy and sometimes strong feelings will be shown. I have a great time reading about peoples caching experiences but even better of a time caching :wub:

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This is the first post I have made in a year (almost)I have been on here maybe a few times to look for a gps for a friend and that's it. Simply I think that too many people cry and complain too much on the forums so I do not use them. If I want to hear people complain I would go back to work. That's just how i feel. sorry if i offend anyone. squints, east bay

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Hi folks,


well I just started to check out the forums today, although I am

geocaching since 2001. I never bothered with the forum, well I am

not much into webforums in general -- oldfashioned as I am I read



However, today I was curious about the forums and I thought I start

lurking now. :-))



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Hello, we are new to geocaching, and just beginning to lurk. My husband and I live in Sudbury, MA, and have so far found this to be a fascinating activity, with well thought-out caches with interesting puzzles, all of which make getting my nose out of my computer and into the fresh air exercising and hiking extremely enjoyable. :(

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I am Topotracker from the N. Idaho area. This may be my 1st successful reply or post in the forums. The last time I tried the system would not accept me even though I logged in. I'm in the "gaining familiarity" mode. My wife (Foxtail) and I just broke the 100 mark of cache finds and recently planted our 1st cache hide. We really are enjoying geocaching but our friends, kids and relatives think our chains have slipped off our sprockets. We intend to keep on keeping on and will likely sign up for Premium membership to help support the great work that goes on behind the scenes.



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:D  :D  :D  :D  :P  :D Hi from Bahamas Bob in the sunny Caribbean-year round spring and summer, a lovely sunset each evening!



Yeah, yeah, go ahead, rub it in! :D


Here in Michigan it's either summer or winter...hardly any in-between...and it can be BOTH in the same day!


Anyway, Hi Bahamas Bob, from Donna/Chev of Team CoyChev in good, ol' Roseville, MI, USA.

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I guess I am a lurker too, but I can say that it is because I am trying to figure out all the different topics that seem to tie together from forum to forum. I hope to be doing less lurking and more involved comments as I learn the ropes for both this forum stuff and for geo-caching. We've only been at this for less than a month.

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Hello Everyone. We have been geocaching for about a month now. I have been in here reading some of the posts mostly to learn about this fine activity and really don't have much to offer in ways of information. I am just reading to gain knowledge. I am probably dating myself, but one of my nicknames in school was The Hart Foundation because my last name is Hart. Anybody remember early 80's wrestling? Anyhow, I just thought of that when creating our account for my wife, son and myself.


Thank you all for the wealth of information in these forums. I have really learned a lot from the posts.


The Hart Foundation


Dan, Terri, Joshua

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I've been lurking for a couple of months. Mostly I've been reading the forums to gain more knowledge of the sport. My husband, 14 year old daughter and I began caching a couple of months ago and we're totally hooked. We live in middle Tennessee.

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Hi. I don't mind speaking up when I have some constructive offerings. I don't much go for the flaming of others and have activly chose to not chime in to those ... so you may call me a lurker.


I have more caches in my area (within 100 miles) than any other cacher AND I keep them up. I have Launched many a TB from my location because of the novility of it. Glad to help when I can and like to meet / share with others who think likewise.


Take care out there,

Northern Trekker

North Pole, Alaska

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I am mostly a lurker. I guess I never really have much that I feel is interesting to add. I emjoy reading the forums a lot and have been known to put down a thing or two when I feel in the mood. I love Geocaching...although my friends think it is really dorky so I don't mention it to them often. I go out caching a lot by myself, but have to be careful since I am a chick <_<

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I got involved in the forums because of a local Geocache (Just Forum You). I track specific topics throughout the week and scan the new ones about twice a week and post replies whenever I have something to comment on.


I have seen some "not so friendly" comments and have had them posted anout caches that I have placed, but tend to ignore those comments because I can't please everyone. I guess I am lucky because everyone in the Central valley seems to be pretty cool. (West Coast, CVC group) We all seem to help one another there and welcome all newbies.


I always try to remain positive and NEVER leave negative comments about any cache. I appreciate ANY effort they went through to place it. It's a great hobby and am really glad that someone introduced me to it.


Happy caching! (And posting!!) :rolleyes:

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Hello, I am a lurker. I love to lurk. Lurk lurk lurk, it's so fun to hear what everyone has to say. I suppose that when I get some more experience, I'll have some things to say also. I've only found about 5 caches and have hidden none yet, but I have plans for some (hopefully) fun and original caches. I live in southern Wisconsin, I use a Garmin GPSIII+, and I like caches with interesting things in them.

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The NEW system requires you to "go fish" and find one of your own caches and your stats. How do you navigate this forum? :rolleyes: [/size]

If I have a specific topic I want to know about, I use the "search" bar on top of the forum. I have learned to "re-word" items that I cannot find right away. It does seem to be particular in the spelling and such...For the topics I cannot find, I have posted a "new" topic and wait for the responses. In most cases, someone has pointed me in the right direction when I post a new topic, and ALWAYS, it has been extemely helpful.

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Hey Cachers!


I don't really have all that many posts, but I have barely been in the game. So I guess I am not a lurker, but perhaps a newbie...a neophyte.


But I do use the forums a good deal. Rather than post questions which have already been asked many times before(I assume) and tie up the forums, I just mine through the forums until I find the answer to my questions. The FAQs have been a big help, as well. I sometimes just see things that peak my interest and go there, and have been surprised by what I have learned after "lurking."


That's my story! And I am sticking to it! THIS TIME...I am being honest with you :(


Happy caching to all!



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Hey everyone. I'm new. I lurk. Been caching for a few months now (20 finds). I'm a moderator on a major backpacking site that scuks up most of my time, so I don't get to come here that often. Caching is slowly sucking me in and I expect to spend a lot more time here this summer. :D

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My husband and I are relatively new to geocaching...I went on my first cache in February while visiting friends in Colorado. Now one of those friends is here for a couple of months and we tag along with him. We're looking to buy our first GPS and I lurk in the Garage Sale forum for good deals.


Not that I try to be a lurker...I'm usually the chatty type! I'm just too excited and can't wait to get out of the house on the weekends for another hunt. We're also military and are interested in caches in so many different areas we've been to. I'll be heading home to Florida for a week next month and am already scoping out the possibilities. My husband left for Germany this morning and even managed to take a TB with him...I just hope he finds a friend of his there with a GPS so he can plant it!


We live in a semi-mountainous area (El Paso, TX) and I am pregnant, so I'm limited at the caches I can go on. Lots of hiking involved in many of the caches here, so it'll be a happy day when we can make it out there together without fear of me causing any harm to the little geocacher-to-be.


Take care all,


Paula :D

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I've pretty well given up all aspects of Geocaching just because of the evilness and tone of the threads....


It's really sad - when I started, all you heard from newbies was "wow everyone is so freindly here" etc etc etc... not it's waaaaay too much trashing each other.


I still think Geocaching is neat, but I tend to TNLN and not bother logging the cache or signing the log book


Sad, really.

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I've already delurked in a few other locations, but I guess I'll make it formal here. I'm new to the geocaching thing, but I've been an avid hiker on and off over the years. Right now, I'm sitting back and soaking up all the Lore. I pitch in to the discussion when I have specific equipment knowledge.

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I am not so much a lurker as one the can't find the topic to post a question to. Like the old system had a way to see your stats as others saw them.

The NEW system requires you to "go fish" and find one of your own caches and your stats. How do you navigate this forum? :(

Go to your "My Cache Page" and click the box w/ the geocaching logo that says "view my profile."

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Well I'll delurk for a short as I am normally not one to post in most of the forums that I frequent. Had been looking at GPSr's for a bit to ease my work travels i.e. flying to a strange city and driving to a strange hospital and hotel etc. I picked my Sporttrak Pro up from the incentive catalog from work for 15 yrs. After looking at the various websites about GPSr's found this and thought what a great way to spend time while stuck out of town waiting on parts. also looked at it as a way to have fun with the neice that comes to visit summers.


Have had a few finds and looking forward to more and as always with me I keep a low profile in the forums.

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Well, I've actually been around a while. A very active member here, Huntnlady, is my mother. Unfortunately, I've been pretty stagnant since I've been stationed in South Korea. I must say, there's very little caching opportunities around here :unsure:

-CattyCache =^..^=

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Hi - My handle is golem3. Live near Kalamazoo Michigan. Started geo-caching a while ago, but there weren't a lot of caches near where I was living, so dropped out for a bit. Moved down here, and got back into it. Lately, I've been dating a couple of women and we go caching a lot. It is great for learning about my new environment. I am hoping to start my own cache sometime after finding my 20th cache. My thanks to everyone who has a cache I've found or have yet to find.

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:D I am new to geocaching as well and have been lurking for about two weeks. I am very interested in the developments being made with New York DEC to allow caches in the Catskill and Adirondack Parks and other state lands. I am hoping that the State will come around and make the process legal and easy so this great past time can continue without problems. I want to place a cache myself but there is no place I can find that is legal to place it.

I'll keep watching and see what developes. In the meantime I am searching out all the caches I can find before they possibly disappear. :D

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I'm new to geocaching and I love it. I've lurked on the boards for about a month now. Reading these boards as a guest is what really got me going with the whole geocaching experience. I still mostly lurk, but I'll speak up when moved to do so (and when time allows - for some reason they don't want me on the forums at work...). Thanks for all of the helpful information that shows up on these boards.

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Lurking about for a few days- just stumbled onto the site and after reading a bit looks like great family fun. I think we are going to give it a try if we can get any free time. I wonder how many of you I've seen and not known what you were up to until now that is. B) I'm a DNR Police Officer (Game Warden to most) so I'm out and about with my GPS on everyday anyway. Since I love to ride motorcycles (ride with Motorcyclists for Christ) and the outdoors I have another reason to get out and ride.

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I am a major lurker :lol: . I usually don't have enough time to keep up with the discussions.


I will step in if I see something that needs to be asked. Speaking of that... how about a leader board to recognize some of the amazing exploits of our fellow geocachers... just an idea :o




After looking agound some more I saw the thread discussing it :bad: There are sites inking to this one that use the "users stat" icon. Since people want to know and some people are trying anyway. maybe a formal board should be established. I would hate to lose my stat tracker... it inspires me :o

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