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Who Are The Lurkers? Introduce Yourself.

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Hello =)


I'm Marquoz, I'm an alchoholic, and I don't post.


Seriously, I'm a slight cachaholic, and I read the forums for interesting and useful discussions, but by the time I read them, there's so many posts that there is not too much point for me to post something that has been beaten to death.



If at first you don't succeed, destroy any evidence that you ever tried.

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Well, I'm lurker. I'm not ashamed of it and I'm not proud of it. It is what I am and will continue to be. Welcome to my first post. I'm introducing myself as requested. I've been caching for a few months.


I almost posted earlier today to a thread involving most elusive cache experiences. Probably was going to because I'm going to be to busy this weekend to be planning a new cache hunt. I decided not to post mine when I read my comments and they seemed like I was bashing the owner.


I find that on most threads everything I felt was worth saying has already been said so I just keep on lurking. Oh yeah this has already been said here too!!!!! Interesting in a black hole sort of way. Help I can't get out.


"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."

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:huh: Lafrog here

Spend hours a day lurking for info. I have 'quietly' learned very much about this game, sport , hobby, pastime. Although I have a few posts, I don't usually put my 2 cents in. Just a thought--If they charged 2 cents per post, some of you would be in serious financial trouble by now. B)B)

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I guess I could be called a lurker. Every once in a while, when I have time, I'll look at the forums, but I've only posted a couple of times. It looks like some people practically live in the forums. :D


I also know at least three cachers that are another kind of Lurker: They go to caches, but rarely, if ever, log online. They just like to find the cache, TNLN, just for the fun! They don't want anyone to know about it, though. :o

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Being a lurker isn't so bad. :D I read the forums infrequently, and don't take time to reply. I'm trying to hang out in the forums a little more often. There are things I can learn here, or at least find some cheap entertainment. :o I simply haven't felt that I have anything to add to the discussion. Now that the ice is broken, maybe I'll comment more often.


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I'm a lurker. Got into Geocaching (kinda - I'll explain) with a friend a couple years ago. We didn't have a GPS, but he'd heard about it and we'd messed around on this site. Both of us had some pretty extensive mapping and orienteering skills, so we used satellite and topo maps correlated with compass bearings (and maybe a little luck) to find a few caches. Dunno why, but we kind of quit after that - many of the caches are just too much work to figure out with map and compass by hand. But now I have a Magellan SporTrak Map on the way - this will be the first GPS that I have ever used, let alone owned! So I should become more of a regular here before long. I really like this community (or what I know of it, seeing as I have been a very infrequent visitor until about the last month or so).

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My name is Britt. I live in oregon and I have been doing geocaching with friends for a couple of months now and i did orienteering before that. I usually read the forums about once a week when i am getting ready to do some weekend caching. I love the spirit of geocaching and thats what prompted me to join in the forum groups. I have been hesitant before, to post ,because i didnt feel i had anything significant to add. I would love to see some regional discussion on some good caches in the area, I am constantly searching for beautiful weekend trip opportunities.

Thanks for starting this thread, it is nice to see who is around.


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:P Hi! ...Lurker here...I'm so new to geocaching, I haven't even been on a hunt yet. I've been lurking around here for several weeks, just gathering information (some of this stuff has been wa-a-a-ayyy over my head-need to really study the basics more)... Ever since this website was posted in another forum I have visited, I have been fascinated...and excited about becoming a 'regular' geocacher instead of a neo-geo...('tadpole' is kinda cool, tho' - makes me feel younger!!!)


No equipment yet...I am in the process of trying to determine what kind of gear I need (and trying to save enough $$ for it), and have been recruiting some of the rest of my family in hopes of making geocaching a regular family pasttime. :D I can see how addicting it could become!!!


I have seen some of the negative discussions, however, when reacting to stuff, I always consider the source :DB) ...everyone's bound to have an off day and need to let it out...I also believe that a lot of it is tongue-in-cheek... especially bantering between 'regulars'...


I've learned and laughed a lot through my lurking and reading here...I'll be back into posting when I have something of value to contribute... or need more info!!! ;)


Thanks for this thread...

peach B)

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I am new to geocaching and have been visiting the boards for about 2 weeks now. Finally posting to the boards for the first time today. I came across geocaching by searching for cub scouts on google.com. (I am assistant Cub Master.) We are in NW Kansas so all the caches require planning to go to them as the closest is 32 miles away. We only have 66 within 100 miles so we are hoping to put a change to that soon. No caches in our county (yet). We were very surprised to find out that our first cache we visited was Mingo which is the oldest cache that is still in existance and were very luck to find a TB at the cache that had not had time to be logged in!


:o Our kids love going "treasure hunting" and really do love any small toy that is in the cache including Mctoys. ;)

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Hi Everyone.............I'm TinyDiny and I'm a lurker. Bought my husband a GPS for my b-day, and have been lurking ever since!!! I have gone on a number of caches with him and have actually found some myself. I am hoping he will buy me my own GPS for his birthday! :( Oh well....I can always hope!! :lol:

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Well you can add me to the Lunkers. Like other lurkers, I'm fairly new and still watching and learning. The forum is great for us newbees, I have learned so much from it. I haven't seen what all the talk about rudeness is though. Everyone seems pretty friendly with an occasional friendly jab. Thanks for the topic and hello from Jersey.

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I'm obviously a newbie when it comes to geocaching, and as such I will read and learn while I await the delivery of my latest toy (GPSMAP 76S)... I'll then get my feet wet searching out one of the thousand or so caches around town... I lurk more to learn the intricacies of something before I go and humiliate myself by speaking out of turn! I am on other forums where I have over a thousand posts, and I know how little patience I have for new folks asking questions I’ve hear a million times before…. Search people SEARCH!


BTW – Someone owes American Scientific Magazine… They ran a great article this month on geocaching, which is how I first heard of this fine pastime.



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I am still trying to decide why I feel like I should post here. I doubt my post will make any significant contributions. I don't think I have any entertaining, creative writing talent. And I don't have a desire to increase my post numbers. With all that being said, why then do I still feel a need to post to this thread? Maybe I'm a closet forum junkie and this is my first line of forum-crack. Yup....I can feel the need for more postings as I type. Where can I get a cool looking avitar? I need a signature line that shouts something profound and witty. Wouldn't over 1000 posts make me look so much smarter and experienced? :ph34r: Whoa!....glad that feeling has passed. I think I am a postaholic....I better find some support and go thru the steps before I ruin my life. Thanks for the eye opening experience. I will go back to lurking now. :ph34r:


Ca$hing Out

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Bought my husband a GPS for my b-day...

You bought him a GPS for your birthday? I need to have a serious talk with my girlfriend!! :ph34r:


Welcome, everybody! Only post if you want to, but there's no reason to feel like you're not adding anything significant. Everyone's contribution adds something worthwhile... :ph34r:

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I am not a lurker, I usally jump in with both feet........in my mouth. I actually kind of like the differing views of the posters, but then again I like to watch two guys in the ring beating the crud out of each other. I like to see a good football game with lots of hard hits and even an occasional fight. I like to see two people in conflict over a point, it seems they bring out the smallest of points to prove themselves right.


Besides, if they are fighting with each other they are leaving me along. It is kind of a self defence issue with me. I just look to see who has the most valid point, and discard the other.


Thumper :rolleyes::lol::D


This board is just a small snippet of life.........get used to it because it will probably not change too soon.

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QUOTE (sept1c_tank @ Jan 8 2004, 11:55 AM)

Welcome, CycleGuy. 

I have done more than 50% of my caches by bicycle.



...My other goal is I also want to meet a cute lawyer from Nebraska that likes to geocach...


I know her address!   


Thanks Septic....I am planning a self-contained trip on skyline drive this summer and I have already located a couple of caches that may be within reach.


I was only joking about the the Neb. Legal Gal...I just liked her Avitar and kept seeing it all over the forums. 


Boy am I slow! I just saw this today! :lol::huh:

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I don't know if I qualify as a lurker or not. I am a new geocacher and only discovered this forum a couple days ago. So if reading for a couple of days and not posting counts as lurking then I qualify :lol:


I have learned & laughed alot reading these forums the last couple of days.


This will be my first posting so hopefully I'm doing this right.

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