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    Wow, someone actually agreed with my post . Like virgo91967 I know that things are unlikely to change....though I do miss this ability. As do the FIVE people that I introduced who probably would have ended up paying for premium membership(I thought only three), without me having this mapping ability though they never would have even heard about geocaching.com...and after this they wouldn't consider paying for it. I might one day(when I can afford it, the $30 I payed for my GPS was more than I can afford) still pay for a membership....but after this I wonder, what if the next part of geocaching.com that I use requires "premium+ membership". the 'map it' option seemed like just another basic part of geocaching.com. I don't use pocket queries or anything else, the 'members only' caches, I couldn't care less about them....but take away something that really should be standard; and the people that I have introduced to geocaching will not even consider paying...what will be next, only 2 caches a day for non-premium? Maybe 50 for premium? I wonder what the future holds for geocaching.com......My wife has already cleared our budget to pay the $30 a year, and as much as I enjoyed(note the past tense) geocaching.com when I saw this....I had second thoughts. Up until this point I couldn't imagine that there could be any site greater than geocaching.com....this was a very rude awakening to the true realities of geocaching.com. I've got more to say, mainly what my friends said when I told them about this new to me' development.....but I don't want banned. Thanks for reading this PS....I suspect that the person who gave me a link to the CA maps was being sarcastic, but thank you anyways....in the current dirth of services that geocaching.com left me...these are great. Thank You.(If it wasn't in sarcasm I apologize, It is quite useful in geocaching.com's failing)
  2. I'm not sure If i'm impressed that you biked from Tennessee to find caches in L.A.(God, that must have taken days)....or think your...(no nice way to put this(lying). If you really biked that far, I understand how my four miles seems wimpy, comparing almost any distance on a bicycle to what you say seems wimpy, though that is a really severe distance to a fat geek(me)......especially without a gauge of cache density. I would go over the maps and decide where I was heading based on the number of caches.....I wasn't going to bike all day(or in your case quite a few days) for a cache I probably wasn't going to find....or get closed to and decide that I couldn't grab it and turn around. your message astounds me, how long did your trip take....and why did you chose here?
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    (bleep), I had this capability...and had every intention of paying for membership when I was able....but now that it is gone, along with my current best stress relief, I wonder how much geo-caching i'll do. I bike to my caches, and without this...caching is much harder. This should not be a paying thing, I have already introduced several people to geo-caching who would definitely become paid-subscribers, but without those cache search systems they would never have heard about Geo-caching.com because I would never have told them about it. I would open this up to everyone if I were the people running Geo-caching.com. I bought a GPS based on this...my disposable income is non-existent and based upon this...I doubt I'll continue Geo-caching(despite the fact that I'll be able to pay in a few months)...my experience with this site has been nothing but pleasant until now.......I'm surprised at this Jeremy Irish, I understand making money(this IS America)..but you are making this hobby self-limiting. Sorry about the rant, despite my short time here I really love geocaching....and this is a terrible thing to do to new users!
  4. Ok, When I first started using the Geo-caching website I had no problem with the zoom and pan options under the 'map it' button. All of a sudden I can't use them and I notice that 2/3(pan and zoom) of the functions I use are mentioned in a box talking about premium membership...is this a new thing and why? If it hadn't been for these functions I would have found maybe 2 caches and thats it, I would NEVER have considered buying a GPS or joining the website without these features...I really hope these haven't become paying functions, I bike to my finds, I chose my bike trips by cache density and I can't see that anymore....if I can't see that I'm not going Geo-caching, it's just to much work to bike 4 miles to hunt one cache. Eventually I plan to start paying for premium membership..but I can't now....please tell me that my browser is having problems and not that these tools are only available to paying members!
  5. flame thrower...Yep, can't go wrong with that, and it's great for getting rid of P.O. edit: to anyone that cares that's a joke....though I can't help but in-vision clearing out the (bleeping) poison oak.....burn you(bleepity bleep bleeped bleeping bush!) BWahahahahaha!
  6. the problem is that I only have one side of the coords in lat-lion, the other half is in UTM...and my GPS is really old it only has degrees minutes seconds.....maybe someone else could enter it for me? Or tell me how.
  7. What is N 34 12.608 in UTM? And where/how can I do conversions?
  8. I think the arrows are neat, but the weird color separations are just that, weird.....when I saw them I started trying to figure out what was special about the colored caches, were they recently found, was there something special about them, were they really cool caches?......I also asked the 2 other people I introduced to caching they started working on the same thought process's I did.....I don't like the colors, maybe they would work long term but I would stick to one change at a time(cache size).....and long term I hope that you don't continue the weird colors
  9. I have some friends that are leaving for England 9/11 and I have a TB that wants to go to Africa....It started in IL and I picked it up in CA so going to England would be a BIG boost towards its goal...If there is anyone near Heathrow airport that would be willing to meet my friend at the airport and pick it up(and maybe give them some TBs to bring back) get in touch. Thank you PS sorry about the short notice.
  10. I'm sorry, my post is probably one of the more off-topic posts I've seen, I'm used to slightly more open forums...sorry. I'm glad that was cleaned-up before kids could find it. I'm sorry 5 I didn't really mean to offend you(or flame, that came off a lot worse than I planned it) I do want to PM you with what I was talking about (pre-Harrison Narcotic Act(1914) history) if you don't mind. Via my computer background I have worked with 2 "clinics" and my experience is the polar opposite with the "good guys" being the bad guys and vis-versa.(MY 2 CENTS). I'll shut-up about this now. I apologize again for being off-topic.
  11. No-one has ever seen a card like this? Odd....I know other people have visited the cache I saw it in.....I even think I remember seeing talk about a TB that vanished there....Is this a joke? I really hope that this "TB Exterminator" card is a joke but these days it seems that there are always people out to ruin a good thing. I guess this is a "bump"....I really want to know what this means
  12. Edited: This was off-topic and looking back it was much more offensive than I meant it be. I don't like that some groups should be blamed(drug-users) out of hand for things that could just as easily have been done by non drug users(though I did something very similar in my post). Sorry. note: I am a law abiding citizen...I don't do anything illegal that most people don't. P.S. If editing this to remove my original post is in-appropriate I can repost.
  13. the subject say it all......I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to search for nearest unfound cache.
  14. I keep getting errors at 12:00 pacific time when I try too bring up the http://www.geocaching.com/ site.....I'm trying to log finds and drop a TB. Is the site down?
  15. I ran into an odd business card type thing in a cache left by someone called the "TB Exterminator". I can't remember exactly what it said but it talked about how he had TB extermination service...and a TB was missing in this cache...does anyone know more? EMAIL: saturnine0@gmail.com
  16. WOW, I wasn't expecting much reply..esp. within minutes. This is a much faster reply than I expected...I don't mind people complaining in the forum. What I really am wondering is if YOU would play around with your GPS and change the setting to UTM.......and does geocaching.com allow you to post UTM only coords........I've always seen UTM coords on cache sites, but can you post ONLY UTM thanks for your quick replys. EDIT: Hmm, I wasn't aware that it was easy to convert UTM to LAT/LION......can you post a formula?.........I'm new to this, can you tell ..............?
  17. Hi, I'm a long time lurker(despite my recent posts)....once I have my major questions answered I plan to go back to lurking. My english is bad enough that I would have to feel VERY strongly to post beyond my basic questions(example: well, no-one cares about geocaching.com, if I don't get a reply I'm doing to convert it to a web page about flowers)....so once I figure out the basics about Geo-Caching, I'm gonna vanish into the void of lurking. Have Fun Everyone.
  18. Hi, I have an older GPS(Magellan Blazer 12) that doesn't have the the last digit of LAT/LION that most GPS's do, only .01.....not .001; It is great in UTM though and I have a cache that I feel MUST be placed, a location that has brought joy to my younger self and maybe 4 generations of "younger-selves" before me, but that soon will be destroyed. Right now it is my main goal to place a cache before this location is destroyed, though looking to the future I have several ideas that will be really cool as far as caches go....What should I do about coordinates? Assuming that I can't get a new GPS...should I look towards the community? Or should I just post in the most accurate format available to me?......So far I have met only one other (a couple)Geo-Cachers and they definatly seemed very distant, so the Geo-Caching community seems out. Also I won't be able to afford a better GPS for at least a year and by then this place/landmark will be gone. Would you hunt a cache if you had to switch CO-ORDS system...maybe to UTM/ will geocaching.com even allow it? Thank You.... P.S. sorry about spelling and grammar.....I'll fix it in the morning(as best as I can)
  19. To read this TB's tale of with emergence from the TB Void, and The Iguana Tummy go to: http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=6735
  20. QUOTE Your logs are fine, when compaired to most I'd say sublime, when you post you honor the host. /QUOTE WOW, sublime...I'm honored. Especially since those logs where written at 11+ plus beers and considering that I don't know what this , or this thing ; is called/'I'm not really sure how they are used......Thank you, I've always caught flak on my writing before. I will change my logs soon to remove any possible hints, I hadn't even really thought that those were hints but you are right that they may give something away(perhaps I'm too dense to tell those are hints ). Someone mentioned that: QUOTE Got to warn you, if you go lookin' for a complainer, you'll likely find one /QUOTE I have to say I'm very happy with the complaints I have received, compared to what I expecting they are compliments(and I even got some REAL compliments, WOW) Thank You
  21. Ok, Thanks for the help, I didn't notice how long this TB has been missing, 2002, wow that's a long time. I did some poking around and found the owners log on December 12, 2002 "This was a great hike - it's been a while that I've went on a GeoCache that took some effort. I hiked up past the Sunday Morning Coffee cache (which I've visited on prior occasions). I took a Pez Candy dispencer and left a Travel Bug thats bound for Arizona and also a yellow smiley ball. Thanks for the adventure!" Next visitor: December 29, 2002 by geo-ultragranny (16 found) "This was my second cache. A terribe time coming up from Rinaldi via Mission Peak because of adobe mud on road. Hard to hike or run wiht 10lbs.on each foot. Good hiding spot!! I took Do Wop hat & left a Snowman Stamp. Thanks. geo-ultragranny from GH" Three visitors later someone comments about the lack of TBs that should be there...No one logs taking a TB. I checked geo-ultragranny's stats and found that he last visited geocaching.com Monday, March 10, 2003. Also he has the TB britney, last seen in his possession 2/15/2003. From my lurkings I've noticed that it seems people with only a couple finds tend to *vanish* TBs...Not that I can talk, I have less finds in every way than geo-ultragranny. I plan to email the owner of this TB and see what he would like me to do....I also plan to clear-up the note saying that the "Go West in East Canyon" cache has the "Batting Home Arizona". Thanks for all the help...This is the note I left at the "Go West in East Canyon" as a start to clearing up the disappearance of this TB: "Never found this cache(haven't looked)...but I have the TB, found it in a different cache in Eaton Canyon. Right now I'm trying to figure out what to do with it...It was supposedly placed in the cache by the owner in...2002 and has vanished since, wow. I found it in the Eaton Up The Views cache, I went to go find a different TB and found this one instead...I think I'm going to email the owner and see what he would like me to do. Thank you to: Theseus, strikeforce1, and Eartha in the forums for helping me out with this, I'm new to Geo-Cacheing and really appreciated their help(and everyone else who has helped me in this great sport)" I really wonder how this TB ended up in this cache after so long...I hope it has a long and well traveled life after this set back. Thank you everyone I really wonder how this TB got back into circulation
  22. Hi, I just found ny first TB today(YAY), but when I went to log it in it wasn't the TB that was supposed to be in the cache. How should I log this? Also I don't understand the goal: "Batting Home Arizona: This travel bug is a mini baseball bat from the Arizona Diamond Backs. Please help this bat get back home to B.O.B" Does anyone understand the goal? This is my first TB, I'm really glad I got to see one but I'm not sure how to log it...esp. as it wasn't were it was supposed to be. Thank You. P.S. How do I post pics in the TB logs? And thanks for the info Theseus Edited to include Image question and thanks
  23. OK, ...what should I make more vauge(SP?)? I'm very new to this, and I'd rather not "irk" anyone in my logs. Odds are I'll do that in person, no need to do that in my logs(not that I mean to, but bad spelling and grammar...mixed with me in person(split tounge, pierced bridge, nipples, and "other"; and whatever tattoos I happen to be displaying) P.S. Divine...are the horns in your avatar your own?
  24. Sorry, No plans to build a Cruise missle(yet.... ) Though if you poke around the internet someone already has for under $5000 (though you probably already know what I'm talking about). My project is more along the line of "holy flying squirrel monkeys, Batman we are outta beer and 5 miles from the nearest town whatever will we do? I think I may have chosen the wrong forum and title for this Idea....But, I don't supose that you know the part # for that kit? I'm not completely clear(yet) on how GPSs work so one to destroy wouldn't be so bad either, but one that works(really cheap) would be even better.
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