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  1. Hi all, I am planing on going to the Birtha Brook event oct. 9th My question is are these events kid friendly? I would like to bring a few (bunch : ) ) of kids and couple would like to camp over night with me and my sons just wanted to find out if the event is ok day and night for kids or .......... thanks for any help you can give me. Terrere
  2. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm..............
  3. Hi all, Justa avatar test
  4. Terrere

    A Bug Idea

    There are sevral places that will take the ashes and use them to make items such as: golfballs, fishing lures,pens, keychains. Have a lure or one of the others made and send it on its way nobody will know and she can get in the traveling. I know a friend who had bullets made so he and his grandfather could still get out for one last duckhunt.Another made several plastic fishing worms with his fathers ashes and usees them once in awhile to keep his memory alive. HAVE FUN AND KEEP IT CLEAN!! Terrere
  5. Excellent site, I will be looging my finds to the site from now on too heklp out anyone I can. Have found couple that are perfect for varies reasons for the site and am logging them in today. HAVE FUN AND KEEP IT CLEAN!!!
  6. My appologies, Was informed that the user was just starting trouble and beating a dead horse. Again sorry and to all have a good hunt! Terrere HAVE FUN AND KEEP IT CLEAN
  7. Wow, New cacher AVID hiker and backpacker and several 30foot circles of trampled wetland grass IS A PROBLEM! There is a reason Michigan and several states have inacted wetland acts to protect what is left. Most if not all wetland (designated) have simple rules STAY ON THE TRAILS AND DO NOT TRAMPLE the wetland grasses which are needed to keep the wetland area stable. Pretty surprised at some of the responses on this because I would have assumed the majority of cachers out there were more envirmentaly friendly. Although I think the original poster should have given a bit more info... I would suggest contacting the DNR and letting them look into it no way to tell if it was geocachers or kids or animals but the DNR could look into and watch the area to make sure whoever did it does not do it again it can be devistating to a wetland!! The grasses and the roots are what hold the small amount of soil together and help stop the wind from destroying the remaing earth in a wetland. There my first official VENT in the forum Again HAVE FUN AND KEEP IT CLEAN Team Terrere
  8. Hmmmmm.... I have had no problems when I explain what I am doing think it would have been a much better idea to just let him know what you were doing there. Alot of people seem to think this is big secret but it is a community activity the more the merrier I was introduced to this by asking a couple what they were up too and they explained it to me, I helped them look and now am doing it myself. Think there will be more problems with people trying to avoid answering questions then if they just explain what is up and give the people the link to geocahing. Anyway HAVE FUN AND KEEP IT CLEAN! Team Terrere
  9. Wow, After seeing these caches I see the I will need to keep my eys open wider Thanks for the ideas Have fun and keep it clean! Terrere
  10. Using the Garmin V and the GSAK program to download and manage the coordinates. I also have the Mapsorce program which is Great!. I have been using the GPS for few years for traveling and site marking just getting into the geocache and so far its a excellent setup. Have fun and keep it clean! Terrere
  11. Hi all, So far team Terrere is Paul,Patti,Cody,Mason,Luke,Lin,Sarah,Lynn,Kyle,John and still growing lotta the parente are shipping the kids out with me to get them out into the woods for some exercise and I always say more eyes can only help! Team Terrere Have fun and keep it clean!!
  12. Hi again, Just wanted to thank you 2 for the help just got back from the cache hunt.Seems if ya type the coordinants in right it works out alot better . Will be taking the kids there tommorow to let them give it a go. Have a good one. Have fun and keep it clean! Paul Gallagher (aka Terrere)
  13. Thanks amillion for the help Going to go check it out again in few minutes have a feeling that I did enter the coordinates in decimal when should not have been. Hav a Garmin V I've used for 3 years but this geocache stuff has got me doing some stuff I had no idea it could do. Thanks again for the FAST HELP much appreciated. Going to go check it out now will post how I do. Again thanks for the help. Have fun and keep it clean!! Team Terrere P.s. will be placing my first 3 caches hopefully within couple days and plan to make my first couple good ones so good luck to all who try for them!!!!!
  14. Hi all One of the newbies here but will fast become a pro Just wanted to say hi and good luck to all newbies out there don't let anybody get ya down always some bad apples in a group this size but so far nothing but good has come out of this for me. Great group of people and pleasure to be part of forum and cache-ing Team Terrere Have fun and keep it clean!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. HI to all Just posting in here to say bring on the chat. Team Terrere not afraid of llittle hostility Just remeber HAVE FUN and keep it clean there are kids about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paul R Gallagher (aka. Terrere)
  16. Hi new to the game but getting into very fast. Already have a few finds but have a question about the muti stage caches. For example the cache called "Surprise Finding" after finding stage #1 me and the kids enter the next coordinates for stage #2 and it shows the it is 29.9 miles away is this correct?? This is the second multi I've tried with the kids a both show the second stage as being 20+ miles away is this common to place these stages that far apart or am I miss entering the coordinates?? Any help would be MUCH appreciated this is fast becoming a family and friend event already have Lin,Like,John,Cody,Kyle,Patti,Sarah,Lynn,Paul in "Team Terrere" and growing fast the kids are loving it and the parents are loving me for getting them out to the woods for some exercise! Please any help appreciated on these multis. Paul R Gallagher (aka. Terrere) You can email me at getit_done@hotmail.com
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