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  1. Geocaching is a nice way to play a game outdoors and has some mentally challenging aspects. Pokémon Go, on the other hand is a virtual form of catching roosters and engaging in cockfighting. It gets kids and young adults outdoors, but the base model is disturbing.
  2. I'm having the same problem. When I click on the "Sign In" button on the page, it just returns to the same page. You'd think that they would want to find a way to accept funds for renewals.
  3. Try Wickham Park in the northern part of the city. There are over 60 caches within a little less than a square mile.
  4. Cool! I'm envious how easy it is for some people to repel ticks. It sure doesn't work for me. I had to get serious: Full outfit of Permethrin infused clothing, plus max DEET on exposed areas. The problem is, if they aren't killed (which is what the Permethrin does), the ticks end up in the car, on backpacks, in the house, whatever, and I don't wear "repellants" at all times. Get a good sized lint roller and go over your clothing and gear before you get back into the car. That should catch most of them.
  5. I think the CO at least owes the homeowner a personal apology. I can't tell you how many of those I've had to render (not caching related) since I was about six (MANY years ago), but they go a long way toward smoothing relations with other people. I've made sure my children have learned that lesson, too.
  6. I haven't had the opportunity to try it out yet, but I recently received a BioLite camp stove as a gift. It burns kindling or woodchips. Packed, it's about the size of the common Nalgene water bottle, but fairly heavy. It has the advantage, though, of incorporating heat to electricity transfer to charge phones, lights etc. through a USB port.
  7. I have a first edition copy of said book in my hand at this moment. Well, actually it's on the table in front of me; I can't type very well with a book in one hand (ref: I'll take "Put Down the Ducky" for $100, Alex) . If I can work it in between doing taxes for all of my relatives, I'll give it a try.
  8. Ah! That means talking to more people! I kid. Thanks for the advice. My "parks guy" is out tomorrow, but I'll talk to him on Monday. I'll mention that I'll make no money from this, and that this isn't commercial and will really just be people walking the trails. I'll also offer to talk to the higher ups and find out the reasoning for the fee. That might give me an idea of the concerns. They might think I'm making money off of this. As far as a good cache... I hope it's a good cache! I've put a lot of time into it and spent a lot of time surfing these forums about cool caches and creating good quality caches. It's a series for families, so it'll be easy finds, but fun containers (that are waterproof, I swear!). I've got the hiding spots picked and everything. I'm just waiting on permission. While you're discussing the proposed fee, you might inquire if they have any other recreation specific fees: hiking, cycling, frisbee, birdwatching, etc. It seems that these activities might also take people into the park and are just as likely to cause wear & tear to the area. Why should geocaching be treated any differently? Especially when with a permit, they can actually know the person responsible for upkeep on the cache.
  9. The irony is that these joke finds aren't all that different from what some people consider acceptable "Found It" logging practices. I'm guessing Groundspeak didn't expect to see any find logs and therefore didn't bother to initially lock the pages. There is at least one that is in an area not accessable to the public. I know, because I'm there, too. Go figure!
  10. The night sky out there (70+ miles from Key West) is truly amazing. But you have to get on the side of the fort away from the light on the dock.
  11. I haven't been there since a camping trip with scouts more than 10 years ago. Seems like a good reason to go back. Where's my 10 gallon water jug.....
  12. Post a note at the bulletin board near the Purser's desk. There's one of those on almost every ship I've been on.
  13. Press the menu button on your phone (bottom left on the GS3). Then touch 'Settings'. The 'Units' setting should be about halfway down the screen.
  14. Over the years I've been stung, bitten and sraped by any number of critters. Mosquitos will definitely be your major animal hazard. Use a good insect repellent containing DEET. Ticks are also high on the list of aggravations. If you go into a wooded area, it's likely that you may pick up one or two. I recommend buying an inexpensive lint roller and using it on your clothing before you get back in your vehicle. It'll pick up the ticks from your clothing. You also need to be on the lookout for hazardous plant life. Florida is full of dangerous flora: poison ivy, poison oak, saw palmetto, sand spurs, sawgrass, etc. I've been bloodied many more times by the sharp edges and thorns of plants than by any critters. Also, you need to have a good sunblock and take more water on the trail than you think you'll need. Even in the spring it can get pretty hot in central Florida. I hope I haven't made you uneasy about caching here, but it's good to be prepared. There are a lot of quality caches near the Space Center, and if you get over that way I second the recommendation to visit "A Cool Cache". The cache and the store are 'must sees'. Enjoy your trip.
  15. Yeah, that sends a message (intentional or not): - light 'skinned' face = Found it! = smile = positive - dark 'skinned' face = DNF = frown = negative The Seattle area may be mostly homogenous, but in other parts of the country/world that might not fly well.
  16. Check out the video on the Geocaching.com Latitude 47° Blog.
  17. I, for one, feel no need for further governance. This brings to mind the futile attempt to apply rules and bylaws to the time honored pastime of bean bag. It started well, but ended badly at the last attempted championship. According to William C. Dukenfield: “ … it becomes very exciting at times. I saw the championship played in Paris; many people were killed.” Not quite the ending we desire for geocaching, I expect.
  18. Before getting into your vehicle, use a sticky lint roller to get the little devils off the outside of your clothing.
  19. I agree with that. I once encountered an irritated scorpion on the sixth floor balcony of a Cocoa Beach condo. And don't even ask about palmetto bugs....
  20. The launch window is 0810 until 0829. The launch vehicle is a Delta IV Medium. There is a 40% chance that local weather will violate the launch criteria at that time.
  21. I did an advanced search on the term "Cache to Eagle" and scrolled through the results looking for caches in Indiana. About 22 pages in, I found this one. More in the NW section of the state. Looking further, I found this one about 50 miles south of Indianapolis. It seems to be the start of a series. That's all I could locate in your state, but there are enough Cache to Eagle caches nationally to fill 34 pages. Good luck!
  22. Since this is a 'worldwide' (or national, at least) forum, it would be helpful if you would mention the specific council name.
  23. Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, which removed all caches in 2003, does have a "GPS Scavenger Hunt" for young people: "Students learn how to use a GPS unit and go on a scavenger hunt to find waypoints. At each waypoint students perform a science related activity. The refuge has 18 GPS units for loan and offers basic training in GPS use."
  24. On most cruise ships I have sailed on, there will be a bulletin board in a central location that you can attach a note looking for folks with similar interests (bridge, caching, dancing, etc.). That'd be one way to find cachers already on board.
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