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  1. I too, have ordered various articles from GPS Central and have never had any problems. Once received the wrong piece but after discussing over the phone, replacement was on its way before I had chance to return the wrong one. Typically I have received my orders within 24 hours of ordering. I wouldn't hesitate to refer anyone to them.
  2. The changes to "My Cache Page" looks great. Thanks for this much easier to use format.
  3. I got my GPSr (G12XL) for Christmas 2001 before I had ever heard of Geocaching. I like the outdoors and am very knowledgeable with a map and compass. My wife thought I would get a lot of enjoyment out of it. My son pointed me to the Geocaching.com site and I was hooked. In those days there were only 13 caches in Manitoba but we are getting more now.
  4. I guess I'm going to have to admit it right up front. I'm a lurker, I am a lurker, there, that's said and now I feel so much better. I have been watching this board for a couple of years and really enjoy most of the content. I normally don't have a lot to say that someone else hasn't already. I have received a lot of assistance from others on this site and for that I am thankful. There is an incredible amount of info here if one takes the time to read it. Lots of great contributors, which make it a fabulous pastime and game. Thankfully we're not all lurkers.
  5. Thank you, that solved the problem.
  6. I recently downloaded Cachemate onto my Palm IIIxe. And I actually got it working. I manage to get all the cache information. However when I get my PQs from Geocaching.com and load them up, the hints are always decoded. I have to manually select each new cache and recode them all. Is this normal operation or have I missed something?
  7. My daughter thinks my birth certificate was etched into a stone tablet. I'm not really that old tho.
  8. I have just gone paperless with a Palm IIIxe. I downloaded Cachemate and have it working well. It gathers all my PQs as requested, however, I notice all the hints come already decoded. I recode them manually before reading them. Is this the normal receipt or am I missing something?
  9. Fortunately, Geocacheing hadn't been found yet. And some still wish for the "good ole days"
  10. This might scare them off...
  11. The start of the tailgate party.
  12. This one comes prepared for anything.
  13. Like most posters here, if my logs show a few cachers having trouble with coordinates then I would review them, otherwise they stand. I quite often leave my GPS (12XL) turned on for days at a time powered by AC and with remote antennae connected. It is interesting to go back and look at the track after 4 or 5 days and see how much my house has moved around in that time. When I place a cache I will let my gps average the location for about 15 minutes and use the number provided. Above all else remember it is a GAME, a very interesting and enjoyable one at that.
  14. And my wife wonders how I can sit and read these threads every day. You just never know whats going to crop up. Great writing Criminal.
  15. Congratulations! This is a really good looking site. I hope outsiders will be welcome to visit often. Boy, I sure wish this activity had been discovered while I still lived out there. I lived in lower mainland for 25 years and would have loved to have had this sport while our kids were growing up. We always managed to have fun but this sport is great and out there the the choice is almost unlimited. Here in MB, it is beginning to catch up. Albeit slowly.
  16. I really don't mind the virtuals, and I don't see anything wrong with listing them on this site. I will make up my mind if I wish to do them or not. I know of a few NORMAL caches I have chosen not to find for various reasons. As stated here earlier there a number of people who like to do the virts for whatever reason and many like to do puzzles. Leave them listed here and we can make up our own minds if we wish to locate or ignore them.
  17. We have a cat with attitude we call GIZ, hence the name damgiz. A friend sent me that photo last month under heading " Things to do with spare time". Make helmut out of melon for cat, we both like cats but we also have a demon side we have fun with.
  18. I believe most people rate caches as they are when they place them. That being said I'm not sure how you could rate a cache for all the varying conditions which may occur in many of our areas. Early spring it may be easy with lack of leaf cover but 3 weeks later it could be very difficult. Whenever I go cacheing (not a lot in our area yet) I tend to study the cache page and area before I go out. One item I watch for is the date of placement of said cache. This will give some clue as to what conditions existed at the time. Half the fun is seeing how accurate my evaluation of the area is. (I'm usually wrong)
  19. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO All and may the Cacheing God/Godess sprinkle GoodLuck Sand over your cacheing activities in 2004.
  20. It is interesting to see the comments here about GPSrs various accuracy. I quite often leave my 12XL turned on in my home with an external antenna and power source. What's interesting about this is the track my house (not mobile home) will make over a period of a few days. This of course will vary with time of year. If my home will move around in this manner I can't help but think my caches may well wonder off as well. However I will typically do a 10 min. average for posting.
  21. If you're not #1 you can't be too far off. We don't have the same coverage in Winnipeg (yet). May have something to do with the weather. It has been interesting to follow the map coverage of Geocaching over the past couple of years. The maps are becoming overgrown and in another year it will be difficult to locate new caches on the maps. Buxley's for example looks like one big mat now.
  22. I am trying out the same container here in Winnipeg. I took the guts out of the lid and filled it with parafin wax in hopes that it would seal it better. They were the right price and look to be about the right size. I couldn't pass up the deal. I also have one ammo can which is great but they are bit pricey out here.
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