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  1. I make my own bullwhips and know how to use them. If you pass a guy on a Washington trail dressed like Indiana Jones, well, it is probably me. Feel free to say 'hello.'
  2. Question concerning the 'Thermite' Versipak: Will an Etrex Legend fit into either of the side holsters? Actually, I'd be interested to know if it will fit into any of the holsters on the 'Fat Boy' Versipak as well. Thanks.
  3. Hello, While I may have only set up an account last December I have been lurking the forums for over a year now. I was researching GPS units and during that process stumbled upon Geocaching and this website. It was the only place I could find lots of different GPSr reviews. (In case your curious I ended up buying an Etrex Legend early last year. Love'n it!) I don't post because I honestly do not have anything to add to the discussions. I just went GCing for the first time this past weekend so I'm definitely a newbie. So, if you find yourself out on some trail and a fella wearing a fedora, a satchel, a tomahawk and a bullwhip is hiking along don't be afraid. It is most likely me, The Edge. Feel free to say, "hi."
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