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Who Are The Lurkers? Introduce Yourself.

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I think I'm a semi-lurker. One of my unofficial goals is to keep my found count higher than my post count.

Another reason is that when I'm reading a thread both sides have usually put out their arguments, and I don't really have anything to add to the discussion. I don't want to clutter up the post for subsequent readers with a bunch of meaningless "Huge block quote--I agree" type posts. This is especially true when the thread has taken a hostile turn and it's pretty obvious that no-one is interested in debating, they just want to bash each other over the head with their opposing viewpoints.

I think the forums should be kept to caching related topics. My reply to the people who want an off topic area is "There's already an off topic area--it's called the rest of the internet."

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yes i am a lurker :P i have been a member since oct 02 and the only times I have posted have been when there was a question asked, or to support another member of MiGO. I have got alot of usefull information from the forums but i perfer to post in the smaller state groups.


Cache on

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I also am a lurker. When I have something of value to post, I do. I often get disgusted with the ongoing rage against everything that so often is found in this forum.


I am just happy that I can get my pocket queries loaded into my Pocket PC and get out and find a few caches now and then.


I don't care if I can't mine the site for data,

I don't care if I cant express myself with an all singing all dancing sig line,

I don't care if there are lame locationless virtual micros spreading like a plague,

I don't especially want to meet many of the others in the community,


I just like to get out in the woods and find useless junk in a leaky container.


Thanks for listening,


Aladin Sane

My vote for "Best Post of the Week". Thanks Aladin :P

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Also a bit of a lurker. I have posted a few posts on the UK forum section, but I tend to adhere to the general Usenet tradition of lurk for while and get the feel before ploughing in with a post. Plus I try to shy away from some of the threads as they encourage me to spend money on gadgets which I can't really afford but would adore. Hoping Santa buys me a Garmin Forerunner... :rolleyes:

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I suppose you could consider me a lurker. I'm almost always logged into the forums but my postings are ususually limited to admin issues. That's not to say that I don't enjoy (or avoid) certain threads.


Crow T Robot - the helpful approver who never won a walking stick contest but is in no way bitter about the whole thing because I have much better things to do with my time anyway and it was probably not a very good walking stick to begin with

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Iv'e been doing a lot of lurking lately; searching the forums trying to see if there is anyone else out there having trouble getting their cache approved. SilverHare and I have been actively geocaching since early September when we were introduced to the sport while vacationing in the northern Wasatch mountains. We have around 180 finds and have placed two multcaches, one of which was submitted four days ago but has not been approved yet. We put a lot of effort into making a cache and we have received a lot of compliments on the one we did get approved. Just seems like four days is a long time to wait. Probably seems silly to some but we have been accused of being a little obsessive with this sport. I guess we would like to know from you all if this is the usual thing. Guess it is a priority issue and we need to be patient. Sure hope the Admins understand what kind of ownership some of us put into these things.

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You were sent an e-mail on this topic last night. Please check your Geocaching.com e-mail.

Along the same lines your PM from last night could not be answered because you have a "&" in your name and the PM server will not allow that character.

You do not have to remove it. but currently you can not be sent a PM if its there


Thank you


Sure hope the Admins understand what kind of ownership some of us put into these things.


Yes we do, its the same kind of ownership that led us to become cache approvers.


again, Thank you


[edit-I resent the email to the account listed on GC.com]

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...we have been accused of being a little obsessive with this sport. I guess we would like to know from you all if this is the usual thing...


  • My friends consider me obsessive.
  • I consider me obsessive.
  • I have heard tons of geocachers ask if they are obsessive.
  • You are probably obsessive.

Welcome to geocaching! :unsure::rolleyes:

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I guess I thought I was a lurker until I checked my message count! 71, you folks somehow pulled me in. I hope my posts to date have either offered fresh ideas or a constructive comment.


I like the interaction that the forums bring, but I hope people don't let the discussions define the sport.

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I qualify for lurker status on this board, and several others that I frequent on a daily basis. I apply one simple rule to my participation. It is the same one that I use for my work. What quality do I have to add to the proecess. I read the original post and as many of the responses as time will allow. I only post when I have a perspective that has not already been covered. I guess it's one of the disadvantages of participating in a group with so many talented contributors. There is usually very little that I can add quality to. So by nature, I lurk.

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Yes, I'll admit I lurk the boards. I've been saddened by the unrelentless bashing of everyone by a few. It really has felt nasty/evil to even read some of the last 2 weeks of messages. I used to enjoy reading and sometimes participating in the forums (back when I had more time at work). Now I have a hard time even finding a worthwile thread to read all the way through.

I even do searches for particular cachers who spend more time on these forums to find what threads they are posting in. There are a few posters who tend to be non-fighters and usually stay out of the threads that annoy me so I just look for their names and avoid threads that have certain other names associated with them. This has worked well for me as I don't usually have a lot of time to lurk anymore.


But I must take this chance to say I like some of the new features of this board. The one where you can see who is reading what thread is kinda cool.


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I am out here at least once a day. As a relatively new cacher, I spent/spend alot of time caching-up (pun intended) on all of the threads, trying my best not to create another markwell (not that they're bad).


I try to post when I have something to contribute but tend to stay out of the 'politics' of the site, unless the thread is constructive.


I am appreciative of GC.com, it's dedicated staff and volunteers and all of you on this BBS who contribute to the good of the sport and this site.




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Hi, my name is rusty_tlc, I'm a recovering lurker. I have been reading the post' on this site for most of a year. You might be sorry I came out of the wood work.

Why have I stayed in the background so long?

This is a way more aggresive group than I have seen before, and I wanted a few caches under my belt before I started sharing my opinions.

Why now?

It just struck me that I might have something to contribute, at least to the forums. For instance I might mention that tounge in cheek humor is best reserved for after you been exchanging post with someone for a while. Or that not all of what looks like flame wars is hostile, sometimes it's just banter. Or I might just ask if a point could have been better made without a slam! If we police ourselves maybe MOD will take a step back.


Or I just might have some bit of knowledge or piece of advice that someone else might want to hear.

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I lurk around the forums a couple of times a day during work. I do not want

to post from work however. When I do have the time to post 8 hours later at

home I find most topics are already well covered and I do not have any thing

to add. One thing I have not seen mentioned and is true of myself is, I

enjoy the solitary nature of geocaching. Part of the appeal to geocaching is you do it on your own terms, people do not see you do it, if they did they would not know it, and you

can just do the parts you enjoy. I think lurking online and geocaching

appeals to the same type of person. I also lurk around in the most recent

logs, especially ones with pictures. I enjoy reading the posts to gain a felling about places I most likely will never visit. I really enjoy other peoples pictures as well. When I look at say pictures of caches in Europe I feel I am viewing what it really looks like there not just a glossy travel ad. I find viewing the logs like a mini vacation to any were in the world I want to go. Then there is the real reason I do not post it just takes to long for me to type this out. Dave, of The John Lee Supertasters.

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Hello Geocachers!


I'm a lurker. I post when I have something to contribute or when I have a question.


Started caching in August and love it. Usually cache with my husband and son, but have also met several area cachers and have gone caching with some of them. I've been to 3 cache events and look forward to more in the future. I've met alot of super people, gone alot of places I would never have gone if not for caching and look forward to hiding some of my own.


I'm happy with GC.com and don't like the constant sniping and criticism of the GC.com staff and volunteers. I've participated in many forums over the years and long ago made a few guidelines for myself:


1. Never post when I'm angry. I take time to cool off before I post so I don't post something I'll regret later.


2. If i don't have anything nice to post, i generally don't post. (I've found that there are positive ways to get my point across without offending anyone and i was taught that I could accomplish more by expressing myself nicely than I could if i was a jerk.


3. If I make a request or voice an opinion, I can get my point across by making one post. Repeating myself over and over accomplishes nothing.


4. If I have a problem with someone, I take it up in private with them rather than trying to garner support on the forums.


As for all the points of contention that are brought up over and over and over, here are my opinions:


1. I don't care about stats


2. I don't care about sig lines and sig graphics


3. I am happy with the GC.com site, staff, etc.


4. I don't like to see the volunteers and staff being insulted and ragged on.


5. I joined gc.com because i discovered a wonderful pastime that I enjoy with my family and new caching friends. I pay every month because I want to support GC.com's efforts. If I was unhappy with GC.com, I wouldn't send them money every month. .


6. While I like to read varying opinions and viewpoints, I dislike seeing the nastiness i've seen from some of the posters. When someone treats me that way, I usually dig in my heels and don't cave in to heavy handed tactics such as threats and insults. I think hostile forums hurts geocaching and gives new people and others who may come here a bad impression about geocachers. Remember you don't get a second chance to make a good first impression


7. There are many places for off topic forums. If GC.com has chosen not to implement an off-topic forum, I can live with that. I read the gc.com forums for information about geocaching.


8. I'd like to thank all the cache hiders, caching software developers, GC.com staff and approvers for the many hours of happiness I've had since i started geocaching


Well I think thats quite enough of a post for a lurker such as myself! *goes back to lurking*



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edit-I resent the email to the account listed on GC.com


My dear Co Admin. Now you have me really confused. Here I am posting on a topic designed to bring folks out of the woodwork. I have a concern that can only be addressed by you. I am not sure how to reach you. I try an email on what is it "GC.com"? And now you tell me you resent it? What am I dealing with here?

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Resent as in to send again, I sent you an e-mail to your email account listed on Geocaching.com yesterday. I then re-sent it to you today to that same e-mail account. I re-sent (resent) not resent as in "To feel indignantly aggrieved at." Please excuse my lack of hyphen in the typo. I understand how this would cause confusion.

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Well, I have become a lurker(ie no posts) since our team includes my husband, and he wasn't voicing any opinions, in fact was not even involved in my fight against Admin's policies. I became afraid that our Team might be affected by my argument with Admin. Also, my objections to Admin were not having any results, so I basically have given up trying to have them listen to me. So, it's a wonderful Website and hobby, even though run by a benevolent dictatorship. It's their Website after all, I will follow their rules from here on. Hussah to the frog, may he live long and prosper! :blink::unsure::rolleyes:

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Resent as in to send again, I sent you an e-mail to your email account listed on Geocaching.com yesterday. I then re-sent it to you today to that same e-mail account. I re-sent (resent) not resent as in "To feel indignantly aggrieved at." Please excuse my lack of hyphen in the typo. I understand how this would cause confusion.

And all this time, you thought we resented you! :rolleyes:

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As far as lurking goes, I'm not the biggest geo enthusiest but some of my good friends are. This seems the only way to communicate with them since their phone lines are usually tied up because they are logged on to this forum all night long. If I want to talk to my friend I have to, against my will, talk via this medium. The addiction to this website has gotten so bad for my friend that he doesn't even respond to emails anymore or return phone calls unless they come via this geo site. I hope that you see this post, you 2 slappin dirty jig jugger..... YEAHHHH SEEEEE......



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I browse the forums for entertainment and sometimes news. The San Diego Thread during the fires, and then the new Wildfires thread, was a powerful image of people living in the face of disaster. At least two Geochachers lost their homes. I would not have known that from the TV.

I post if something stirs me to do so (like this).

Mad Scientist

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Yeah... I lurk.


One thing I learned about the internet is that one of the best guages of the type of people and the caliber of company that you are dealing with is to listen to thier conversatioins. This is accomplished online via these forums. I've used this philosophy before and have found some great friends online and have freely paid my hard earned dollars to buy the product of these companies.


Of the fun/successful/happy forums I've visited and hung around in the past there seems to be one thing in common. Yes, you guessed it, an "Off-topic" area. We all live in a world with enough politics and stress that, just like this sport does for our every day lives, we need a chance to get away somewhere. I was thinking today at work (yes this stuff has kinda been bugging me) what it would be like if every single conversation you participated in while clocked in had to remain 100% work related. It would be hell. However, what makes work "fun" at best is the "off-topic" stuff that goes on. Come on GC, this isn't that hard!


I think most everyone can agree that personal attacks, vulgarity, and the like have no place in any forum. Moderation in moderation will certainly cure that ill. But give me a break. Really, GC, give us all a break and let us have a stinking miniscule percentage of your forums to talk, discuss, grow and be what we all are... people.


I don't expect to post much here... Its a shame really. I love Geocaching. I would love to eventually contibute here to this sport. I will continue to be a Premium Member (for the PQ's) for now. I have said my part and will now return to lurking... :rolleyes:


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I suppose that I too, am a lurker... for the most part. I have posted with questions and suggestions, and very rarely into a heated topic where I thought that I might have a dfferent POV than had been stated. I usualy check out the forums every day, mostly to see what's going on in the 'caching world when I don't have much time to get out there and find any myself. One thing I have really enjoyed is the uniqueness of the geocaching community - in what other sport/activity does one find such a diverse group of people, in background and especialy in interests outside of geocaching? I find that some of the "off-topic" topics bring this side of the sport and it's participants to the forefront, and are most enjoyable. Like many others have stated, I'm not a fan of the "flame-war-of-the-week" topics, although there is often some interesting insight therein.

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The repetition (ad nauseum) of the gripes get old very quickly and waste what little time I have available.


In addition not being as eloquent as others leave me on the sidelines.



Your post is quite eloquent. The Latin phrase you used is one I've felt but couldn't recall. :rolleyes:

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What I think needs to happen is not limiting what people can say but limiting how much they can say. It seems to me that a person can post a post as long as my arm. Maybe if we limit the space a person is allowed to type a post in we we would get more interesting and to the point post instead of long winded whining gripes about this that and the other thing that is the hot topic of today.

Just a thought...

Please don't hurt me because my opinion is different than yours.


Yet another great idea by a "lurker". Unfortunately, this idea would generate exactly what it's trying to prevent. :rolleyes:

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Well, I would consider myself a lurker. :rolleyes: I registered quite some time back but have only made relatively few postings. While I would often read the forums, I have only recently taken to actually going out and geocaching. Lack of time in the past was mostly what kept me on the sidelines. I now use geocaching to help maintain sanity during my search for new employment.


I mostly like to read about funny or interesting things that have happened while out on the hunt to others. I like the adventure of it all.


I have a number of different hobbies of which geocaching is just one. Of the things I like to do, it seems that someone somewhere is somehow trying to spoil my fun. Whether I go 4-wheeling, hunting, shooting, gold dredging, offroad motorcycle riding, metal detecting, operating ham radio or now, geocaching, someone is trying to stop me from enjoying my chosen hobby or sport. Ahhh, I didn't mean to turn this into a sob story. Sorry, just an observation. I had thought geocaching would be the one benign hobby that I could get away with without having to look over my shoulder at every turn (other than to ensure geomuggles weren't spying). Maybe it will be. Maybe the idea of regulation gets blown out of proportion in these forums. I hope that is the case, anyway.


Happy Geocaching,


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Nowadays, I'm here to check on caches, and to pick up new cache ideas to add to our local supply - I probably spend more time reading through event caches and mystery caches in other states that I do the fora, yup, that's the plural.


I guess I do wonder about how much personal responsibility people who're constantly freaking out about gc-inflicted heinous outrages have in their lives. Seems an awful lot of spleen is vented here, when it's all pretty simple when you consider what life is throwing at you.

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This is an extremely interesting thread. I am no lurker, that's for sure, but I knew there were quite a few out there. People I would meet at Geocaching event caches would meet me in person and go, "Oh yeah, I've seen your posts in the forums."


Mostly, these individuals did not post, just lurk, so I would not have known of them but for their statements. This put a new perspective on my own posting and actually slowed me down a bit. In fact, it has made me check in to the forums less and less, and post less than usual.


I think that is amazingly healthy of me....LOL.




P. S. - Oh yeah, and the new motorcycle has definitely cut into my forum browsing...heheheheh.

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A recent post on a topic I thought I knew something about has convinced me I need to become more lurker-like. That and Mrs. CC reminded me of a policy I had to adopt years ago; one that has probably saved my job more than once. That is, the instant I feel compelled to reply to something even remotely based on opinion rather than fact, I need to unplug the keyboard for at least 8 hours. I'm too quick to judge. I make my mind up and never look back. Not good, especially in a forum such as this. If, after the "thought time" I still feel compelled to post, I can. Usually I don't feel the need, and on the rare time I do, I end up saying something far more constructive and to the point than I would have.


As a result, I will sit back and attempt to listen. My hope is to watch an evolution here. I'd love to see something positive for all come out of this open discussion, one that I might add the TPTB seem willing to foster.


We recently turned a couple on to GC.com. It saddened us when we had to warn them about this forum. I don't think any of us want that.

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Big-time lurker here! I check these posts many times each day but, other than testing my avatar, have only posted ONCE up til now. Been geocaching since August. I can sit back and watch the fights taking place in the forums as long as it looks like the 'good guys' are winning. If things start to turn in the other direction, I struggle with whether to jump in and help 'my side' or not. If they seem to have things well in hand, I prefer not to add fuel to the fire. Just so you know, to me, the 'good guys' are the folks who provide this free service and devote untold hours of their own time to it. So there! :rolleyes:

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1st, I'd like to start by saying this is one of the best topics to pop up on the forums lately, and I was pleased to read all the great posts.


I've been geocaching for around 2 yrs now, and have been around the forums for almost as long. I'm not a big poster, but I almost always read the forums weekly, if not daily. I hardly ever get into a thread where things are likely to get heated. I enjoy posting to the ''How to'' type questions, if I know the answer and somebody else hasn't already answered the question. I also have asked a few technical questions from time to time and have always received a helpful answer. My other favorite types of threads to read are the ones that make people think about themselves for whatever reason. For example, the ''Why do you..." or the ''How has ??? affected you'' type threads. I really enjoy personal reflection, but not the argumentative type stuff.



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I have been lurking around for about a month or so, trying to educate myself in the sport of geocaching. I dropped a hint to Santa Clause that I really needed a gps unit. I think she ordered a Garmin e-trex Legend from Amazon last night (hope

that,s a good one?). I will continue lurking and learning, looking forward to Christmas and hopefully finding my first cache. So far I haven,t seen the negative posts or feedback that some of you mention. My first impressions of forums have been good and I look forward to visiting often. Thanks to all who contribute!

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I'm a lurker, no question about it!


I add a post to a thread when I have somthing to add that hasn't been besten to death 100 times. :rolleyes:


As to the anger etc. expressed in these pages, doesn't bug me at all. It seems like a acceptable place to let it all out.


As to any comments back to me, no problem. I'm not married to you, don't work for you or worship you, so how can you harm me? :unsure:

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I lurk in the forums 5 days a week because I don't have much else to do at work. I often find it very amusing to read the same topics being discussed time and time again... but while I find it interesting to read about people and their hatred for admins, micros, virtuals, pirates, and each other I would much rather be caching. If only I could find a way to retire... I would never visit the forums again if I could go caching every day

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Yes, I am a lurker. I'm on the board a lot on Fridays & Saturdays. I think I'm considered a lurker because I view a whole lot more topics than I find. That's because I can't really stick my head into anything....I'm in seventh grade.


It sure does make me feel grown-up when I speak up in a...."cyber room" filled with at least 50 of those elder to me.


Just a random comment, I'm curious why GPSaxaphone is GPSaxaphone. I mean, the saxaphone part. I'm curious because I'm in my Junior High's Jazz band (trumpet), & we kicked some serious booty in our Holiday concerts the past three nights. (I marched at Disneyland with our marching band, our high school's jazz band won first place of the Western US in a comp. in Vegas, performed at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, & will be performing in Hawaii next year, we aren't just any Jazz Band)

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Lurker here!! I rarely post my coments or questions in the forums. My reason is because you usually do not get a straight answer, what you usually get are responses like "oh god not this again" or "this has been discussed before, do a search and you will find lots of info". Well I feel if you don't have a positive response to someone new asking a question, hit the back button and don't bother with the sarcasm, it leaves a bad taste in peoples mouths.. "We" as new people to the forums don't know if you are just joking around or are thinking that we just asked the dumbest question ever asked at GC.com, we can't see your faces to know if you were laughing :) when you typed your response or rolling :P your eyes at this question. I for one usually email my questions to local cachers near me instead of being belittled on here.. I hope this doesn't sound like I am a big baby with thin skin, It is meant to shed a little light on how I see the forums..


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I'd like to thank every one of the lurkers who have decided to post here. After only a couple of days I have seen many new perspectives that are at once wise, enlightening, and humbling. Keep em' coming, there is much to be learned from the mouths of babes, er... tadpoles. :P

What he said!


This sheds new light. I hope this keeps going for awhile.


I lurk more and more. Unless there is a Snooganesque opening to respond, I hardly bother.


Sn :):bad: gans

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Yep- I lurk... I also cache alone almost always, sometimes Jerry the Wonderdog joins me. I've gotten a LOT of good information from this forum over the years, but really don't post. It's funny- in the real world, I'm somewhat outspoken, but I hesitate to post as it seems there are always those who will reply just to attempt to make the original poster question the validity of their opinions. I get nothing but joy from geocaching, and hesitate to do something that could place an albeit small, but black cloud over my feelings toward my hobby.

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