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  1. You could search by lat/lon. Enter 21.0 & -86.9 for caches in Cancun area. You have to obtain the coords for the other areas you want to go to... Happy caching! JB
  2. WGS 84 is a "datum". Latitude/longitude info is what you're looking for. Lat/Lon is a coordinate system, as is UTM - they're just different. You want to know how far 2.84 minutes (of longitude) east is. This link explains it to some degree (no pun intended!). It's calculating degrees (arc) to distance (miles, etc.). In your case, your latitude determines the value of .001 minutes of longitude, due to convergence of the meridians at the poles. Try googling latitude/longitude calcualtions & see what comes up. Good luck. JB
  3. This site has an interactive map of the area. The coords (decimal degrees) are S12.53179, E131.13799 JB
  4. This article appears in today's tech news. Of interest to Safari & Opera browser users: JB Google Maps adds Safari, Opera support By Peter Cohen pcohen@maccentral.com In early February Web search engine company Google Inc. took the wraps of Google Maps, a still-in-beta service created as an alternative to MapQuest.com and other mapping services. When Google Maps first debuted in February, Mac users had to use Firefox or another browser to get the service to work, since Google Maps didn't support Safari. Now it does. In a posting to Google Blog, Google Maps product manager Bret Taylor recently announced that Apple's Safari Web browser and Opera Software's browsers are now supported.
  5. Sounds like a paranoid excuse to me... I've brought mine along on 2 cruises (Royal Caribbean) and on the most recent one, the captain looked at it and thought it was pretty cool... JB
  6. I've carried my GPSr & other gadgetry in my carry on bag on a number of occasions, and no one has ever questioned it. JB
  7. Not for me. I visualized spiders, snakes, sand-spurs, and other critter & non-critters going "up there", so I think I'll pass!!! JB
  8. Mine works just fine also. Did you check your browser's security settings? Mine gave me a warning initially about the site, so I placed GC.com into the allowed site list. JB
  9. I ran into other cachers on my very first cache, and more recently on my 40-somethingth cache. (is "somethingth" a word?) JB
  10. What do you expect from a Microsoft product? JB
  11. I wonder... Did this happen during your quadrangle map incident?? JB
  12. You could also have a friend or family member print them for you & put them in an envelope... ...or if you have one of those new iPod Photos, you could load them up on that & only look at it when you need them! :-) JB
  13. Depending on your computer/printer setup, I suppose you could print the photos ahead of time, and take them along with you. Good luck... JB
  14. Don't pay attention to the sort order in the waypoints list. Click on the Routes tab, double click (open) the route.This will show the route properties. You will see the list of points in your route. This is where the sort order matters. You have to put the points in the route list in the order you want them - click on a point, then you will see the yellow UP & Down arrows on the left side of the list window. Click UP to move the point UP the list, or DOWN to move the point down the list. Once they're sorted in order in the route properties list, then click the recalculate button... See if this works. "JB"
  15. I originally used a Thales/Magellan product at work a few years ago, and I don't recall the model, but it was slow, clunky, and a pain to use. I later looked at several GPS units at a local retailer, and found a couple Garmin units which were very easy/user friendly compared to the Magellans and I think a lowrance unit. I ended up with a Garmin (GPSmap76S), and have been very happy with it. I have required service twice - both times, Garmin's customer service was WAY above the bar, and they have yet to charge me for service! You can't beat that, in my opinion!! JB
  16. Yikes - Can't have those MIBs after my hide - we're outta here!
  17. If this had been an actual emergency...
  18. Look in the upper right-hand corner of the cache's page & click "Log Your Visit"... That's it! "Bassmedic"
  19. I just finished hanging up with the Garmin Tech folks. They had to walk me thru clearing stuff out my my register and temp files, then uninstall & reinstall my Mapsource N.A. that I got yesterday. Something on my computer got hosed during the uninstall of my old software which caused a problem with the new stuff... Anyway, the Tech guy was very helpful and everything works fine now - I would wait the 30 minutes! "Bassmedic" Ed: spelling
  20. It's a good thing that they at least knew how to operate their cell phone!! LOL... "Bassmedic"
  21. Try this site - it has lots of caching statistics... http://www.brillig.com/geocaching/ "Bassmedic"
  22. The only way to get your GPSr to show you at home, is to acquire/lock a GPS signal from home. It only displays where you were the last time it had a lock on the GPS signals, in your case, in a nearby town. Once it locks on the GPS signals again, it will update your display...Works every time! "Bassmedic"
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