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Most caches found in a day: what's your record? :)

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So, I can easily believe 100 in a day... but seriously, how do you get 400+ in one day??


My personal best so far is 15. I've only been caching for a week and have done 15 in a day twice.

It helped that I was out in NJ for a work trip and had nothing to do after 5PM but cache with trag_cachers!

I recommend caching with an expert if you're new--made my first week way easier.

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101 in White Rock BC. There was a cache machine but we really did not pay too much attention to the route. (2 of us)


Definitely the #s matter if its power trail or not. Getting 101 in a city you are not familiar with is a lot different than a power trail. Most likely will never cache 24 hours straight again, too crazy for me.

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31 for me. I had a full day free after a meeting at Google in Mountain View. I spent the day meandering towards SFO for a late flight back home. It's interesting to see a few 500+ daily finds. With the proliferation of PTs I would imagine that there are quite a few with totals that high. Prior to 2009 when the guidelines changed the number of geocachers with 100+ daily finds was probably pretty low compared to the number of geocachers with 500+ finds that we see today.

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35 on a loop from North Lake Tahoe up through Quincy, back down the Feather River on CA-70, then Sierra Nevada Brewery for dinner in Chico, then back down to the Bay Area. We didn't even try to stop for all the caches on the route, but had a PQ for all of them. Then just stopped whenever we felt like it and a cache or two was coming up. We'd gotten 24 or so the day before on our way up to Tahoe. That was really about my limit. I probably could do 50 in a day, but after a while it's too much for me. The power trails just aren't my bag.


Most on foot was probably 10 or 12 on a 7-8 mile hike.

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We found 1157 in one 24 hour run. We also found 824, and 566 on 2 other runs. However, the most caches we found NOT in a row, was 413 near Denver, in one day. A normal day for us is around 70 caches in daylight.


1157 in 24 hours is almost 1 per minute (48.2 / hour). How do you travel 528 feet per minute while caching? Call me confused...

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