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  1. 1) The icon on the website will change color if you log your find online. It will either change or disappear on your Garmin screen- depending on how (or if) you write your PQ's will dictate if it continues to show up on your Garmin. 2. You can monitor an account for your child, or use a Trackable that you visit to every cache he goes to with you and then later when he has his own account he can log them.
  2. I've done both. I even sent one out by itself and had someone attach something to it! So, your choice.
  3. He should if he hates the business model of GS so much.. To me if would only fuel the delusion that everything should be free! I commend your willingness to step up to the plate but I'd save it for the true person who would benefit from it, not a so ck puppet forum troll. Truer words have never been spoken. At this moment I'm not offering, just wondering if they'd actually stick to their philosophy.
  4. I used to own three or four, four stage multis, my recommendation would be to let people know how many stages and total distance traveled. And expect hate mail about it along with lots of maintence and very few finds.
  5. I've done a few passport style ones, they've all had a free coin for finishing and the option to buy a differnt finish.
  6. Assuming you live in Alabama, there are over 5000 active caches (all types) that are small, regular or large. Project-GC is amazing.
  7. You can preview it on the map to get an idea of how far it made it away from your center point.
  8. Great. Thanks. I just got it and I am having to learn to use it. I used an old yellow etrex when I started. This is a big upgrade for me. Have you looked at GSAK yet? (one time charge) Project-GC? (annual 30$) Those two things can really help you get the most out of that unit.
  9. The GPS doesn't have in the field logging capability. Your GPS will hold plenty of PQs, you don't need to switch between them.
  10. DanceGypsy is wrapping up her Peace Corps journey, she organized a GeoTour as part of her outreach. Kinda cool, and it's nice to have a passing mention in the newspaper that isn't a bad or incorrect.
  11. Panther&Pine


    Were you on the map and playing with the hide/show options by cache type?
  12. I always thought the pq was at 50 miles, and along a route was something like 300 miles. I use project GC and GSAK instead of the regular PQs when I'm going more than 50 miles away anyway.
  13. I'll pick them up if I see them, and recognize them. I have quite a few signature items, when I had wooden nickels (all out, haven't had new ones made) I left them in caches large enough to leave them in- so that usually included caches I'd hidden.
  14. Are you familiar with the system Markwell describes for splitting up multiple PQs based on date ranges? It is available here:http://www.markwell.us/pq.htm#tips It doesn't seem "next to impossible" to me. I don't really see the sense of having a dozen of PQs of an area splitted by date. For me, this sounds a bit cumbersome, because i have to look on different PQs, because there might be caches in my circumference, which a splitted on different PQs because of the publish date. To have all in one would be great, or as an idea, every cacher could create exactly one PQ with 10.000 caches once a week or so. Project GC can help, if you are willing to try something other than a magic solution that requires no work on your part.
  15. Maybe a smart phone app will work for you? Depending on what part of Washington you live in, you may have 4g or wifi all over the place.
  16. I also use that as a chance to re read what I wrote to make sure I didn't make any weird spelling errors. Once I realized I'd dropped myself off in a cache instead of a visit! And I put the car in the cache too. I wouldn't have noticed if I didn't get copies of my ownemails on caches/trackables that I own.
  17. While I agree it seems silly, I'm not sure the cost/time it would take to write that check into the code is worth it.
  18. I don't have an issue with this ruling. But I'm curious ... how is this situation different from, say, a state or county park, where one may have to pay a fee in order to enter the park? (And by "park", I mean "park" ... y'know, the places with the big old trees and walking trails and stuff like that. ) Probably the for profit aspect of the rv park vs the non profit aspect the other.
  19. I wonder what the actual percentage is that get stolen... I'm betting it's greater than 70%. I would probably never actually buy a geocoin because of that. The first thing to do to figure that out would be to figure out what percent of activated geocoins are released into the wild. Without that info it is hard to know.
  20. No thanks. Nagging doesn't do much positive. I generally check on my own trackables every six months or so. I've even misplaced my own coins, I as the holder don't need a reminder to do anything about it, they'll turn up eventually. Plus half my inventory is coins that never leave me- I don't need 12 emails tellin me I haven't been caching in a while (cold oh so cold right now in Colorado, plus the six days a week of work...)
  21. I've had two folks claim a blank log book, but it turned out one signed the true front of the log book and the other had the book turned upside down and backwards and signed on the back page. I've since moved to using log books with very clear fronts. On your note, I just don't see the purpose of being that sneaky.
  22. You can reuse the code, and send that out.
  23. The night cache attribute will help, but you may find bookmark lists a good place to work from.
  24. You see ads? There a a few tweaks I'd like, but for 30$ a year I'm okay.
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