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  1. New county souvenir: Ecuador! I'm not doing any traveling but I am racking up some souvenirs from places we have cached in the past. Pretty cool to stand on the equator: Had to dodge traffic in a busy street to get this: As for the souvenir artwork I think they should have included the Galapagos hawk, they were everywhere at Bartolome and fearless:
  2. I believe that Juvenal and Swift would recognize what the OP has called his "Modest Proposal"
  3. That is not true. If you type the name of my town (the "place" the post office recognizes) into Google you will see a place on the map so labeled. But there are no boundaries on that map because there are none. It has no government or any other hallmark of a "town" With the exception of incorporated towns (Woodbury, NJ would be a nearby example) "townships" are the bounded units of location with associated governments in my state (and at least one other that I am aware of) and those townships may contain several towns.
  4. I don't know any geocachers that live in a library (although, before the pandemic, I visited my local library twice a month) so they had to go outdoors to go to those events.
  5. Sure, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine ( as former faculty I have pretty good faith in their reporting with the caveat that given the woeful lack of testing nationwide no one's numbers are really accurate): https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/data/new-cases day to day numbers second graph (left side of page) One more day was added since I first posted, also slightly down from yesterday.
  6. I agree with your first point. As to your second statement, the USA suffered its greatest single day increase in reported cases four days ago. Each day since has shown a decrease from the day before. Is this the beginning of a steady decrease in cases? Too soon to tell, there have been several single day decreases in the last two weeks.
  7. The testing likely does NOT look for live virus as it does not, as you say, survive digestion. However, the likely testing target is the specific nucleic acid of SARS Cov-2 See:https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4434667/
  8. See this article in Nature: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41586-020-00973-x
  9. That still leaves the contents, including the log.. Even if the cache has been exposed to the elements usually the contents have not.
  10. Are you sure you are using the correct coordinate format?
  11. The old M258 contents are NOT like the resin system in the M291. If I had to use one of them for biologicals I would use the packet (there are two different packets in the M258) that contained a towelette prewetted with phenol, ethanol, sodium hydroxide, ammonia, and water if one were available
  12. "Add to list" on cache page not working for me Safari 13.0.05 MacBook Pro running 10.15.3 I was able to add an active cache to a list using the + function on the list page and manually typing in the GC number
  13. I am suddenly (changed within the last week) unable to add archived caches to a bookmark list. Tried multiple caches, none of them locked, without success. I tried the "add to list" from the cache page (the way I have added caches to this specific list 40+ times before) but nothing happens. I tried to add the GC number directly from the list page (something I had not tried before) but still nothing.
  14. Here is the url: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/coronavirus-guidance-on-access-to-green-spaces
  15. You might want to review your own government's website (I found it on www.uk.gov) "Guidance on access to green spaces" Updated today.
  16. This still leaves the mystery of why there is just Sandpig's stamp on the log. There were at least a half dozen finders before him and there is no mention of replacing the log. If anyone is wondering, as several of the logs do, where that water comes from it is part of the Navajo Irrigation Project.
  17. I just did a search for all of your caches and none of them show as "premium member only" on the regular search page or when reviewing your profile. Not sure what your friends are seeing. As an aside, when I ran your cache list I noticed that one of your hydrocaches (GCGVVV) got me over the hump for my Original Fizzy thanks!
  18. For those in the USA that do not want to handle geocache containers (I always wear full fingered gloves when on the mountain bike so I pick up all kinds of rusty, wet, dirty caches without a second thought) consider hunting benchmarks. You may have to move some dirt but it is unlikely to contain SARS-CoV-2 Anyone that decides to take this advice seriously (I am only half-jesting, I really enjoy benchmarking) just be sure the marks you go after are publicly accessible (some are not, please do not wander onto airport runways) and read the Me First! thread in the GS benchmark forum:
  19. I am getting the 500 error about half the time I try to open a cache page. This happened for a couple hours this morning and has been happening for over three hours tonight (I was out caching in the midday so I cannot report on that. Another souvenir, another weekend of server problems.
  20. This seems like it should be in the Off Topic forum Anyway, I'll stick to the bicycles.
  21. I bike and hike past many caches I have already logged and I do that routinely. My principle objective is not to get a +1 but to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise. If a new cache brings me to a nice place I did not know about or have never visited, great! But I am not going to stop visiting such a place if there are no more unfound caches there.
  22. Excuse this post if you were being facetious. That word isn't used as much around here as it used to be. Of course, these fora are much quieter places than they used to be. "Banninate(d)" was in common use when I started lurking here 13 years ago. The earliest use I can find here, in a thread discussing closing threads and moderator conduct (like a faint echo of the current thread,) was in 2004: Odd advice to give a noob I remember the term from a private board or two in the late '90s but I don't recall if I saw it on Usenet. (I know I did not see it on the ARPANET in the mid '70s)
  23. Given the frustration in some of those places over Brexit don't be too sure they will not be official countries one of these days!
  24. That does not change my philosophy. I have cached (by bicycle) in both those countries so I would not have a problem claiming that earthcache, except for the rather dangerous maneuver of taking a photograph on a bridge while driving!!
  25. Yes, I am aware of your original premise. I will also point out that tort law is, in most cases in the United States, based on the individual state law. So that makes fifth I am aware of you original premise. I will also point out that in the United States tort law is based on the individual state law. There are lots of similarities, of course, but there are 50 different civl codes to consider. As an example, trespass laws vary.
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