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  1. Last weekend I had another great trip with high quality caches. It boosted my total to 86,110 Fav Points!
  2. Crossed the 60,000 FP line! I love to travel and find good geocaches!
  3. It is already a while ago since I last checked my score. The team is still going great!
  4. Project GeoXantike has been changed to Giga. Also the Gutenberg 2015 event in Mainz (GC50FTF) has been changed to Giga.
  5. Still going great. Added some new players to the team. My current score: 42113!
  6. The team is still going very well. My team did already pass my target for 2014! My current score: 31872!
  7. The team is doing very well. Did get some new players and reached my personal target on Sunday (20,000).
  8. Despite the loss of top player First Germany (GC77) the team is developing very well. Just crossed the 17,000 FP line! And still a few good caches with lots of favorite points to find closeby!
  9. Hi rdtorres3, I always ask for permission. I don't get turned down so often. In most cases when I get turned down there is a good reason, like it was a protected area which had no signes. No problem with that. Better be turned down than to get problems when people are searching for the cache. One issue with a cache can ruin more for geocaching than you can build up in 5 years. When you work with local gouvernement and you build a relationship you will see you can get a lot of coorperation of the gouvernement to get caches placed. It is much better than hiding a cache secretly. Same goes for national parks and nature parks. Although initially they were very sceptic regarding geocaching now a days it is more known and some rangers also do geocaching. Special attention needs to be taken so searching a geocache cannot damage nature. If you work with a ranger that should not be an issue. I even have very positive reactions from rangers and did get back suggestions where to place additional caches! There is even a new organization which contacted geocachers to make some caches to get the hikers off-trail! Private land owner in general are more difficult to get a permission. But in general if you explain what you do and they will not get trouble and they can contact you in case of issues you will get a permission. But again it is better to be turned down than to get problems later. Some tips: - Consult other geocachers in your area to find the right contact people - Work together with other geocachers - Try to get a positive on geocaching, like organizing a CITO event. BTW, you say you NEED to hide some caches. There is no need. Only hide some if you WANT to hide. No problem of you don't place a hide.
  10. You can find those caches in the polders. These are located close to sea, so you will not find them close to Eindhoven. I suggest you make a Pocket Query of the caches between Cadzand and Hulst in the Netherlands, load them into GSAK and retrieve the altitudes. There are some polders in that area, but I don't know if there are caches hidden in them. Another option is the island where Middelburg is located. In both cases you can take a small detour into the area when traveling to Brugge.
  11. It doesn’t happen often, but still too often. An old and special cache gets archived. Just because the owner does not want to keep it alive or the owner is not caching anymore and does not maintain the cache. Many other geocachers who want to adopt the cache to keep it alive, but still the owner or a reviewer archives it. A shame, since this way the history of geocaching gets lost. The latest example: GC77 First Germany At this moment the guidelines do not allow other owners to adopt the cache if the owner is not willing. Therefore I propose a change to the guidelines to preserve the heritage of geocaching before it is lost. Groundspeak would actively need to participate to keep a cache alive. Active by talking with the owner and looking for geocachers willing to adopt the cache. Even helping the CO if necessary by talking with the land owner. And if it was archived let somebody adopt it and get it unarchived. Caches to preserve: - All caches placed in 2000 and 2001 - The first caches placed in every country/state - The first caches of each type placed in every country/state - All webcam, virtual and ape caches This also would require a change to geocaching.com, so only Groundspeak can archive these caches. What’s your opinion? Should the guidelines be adapted? Should Groundspeak actively help to preserve the heritage of geocaching?
  12. I always use OSM maps when traveling to a city. Also in Paris the quality of maps was no issue. Going off roads onto tracks it strongly the quality of the OSM maps depents on the local GPS users. Quality varies, although the need to get a good quality map also depends on your geocaching plans. As long as you stay close to roads OSM is never an issue. Have fun in France! Moose61
  13. The name of the video is wrong. It should read: "How to give Geocaching a bad name..."
  14. My team just crossed the 12,000 FP line!
  15. Had a great trip to the US, doing some of the oldest caches and a lot of challenge caches. This was one of them. Here is an updated list at the end of my trip. I'm pushing the bar up! Greetings from the Netherlands, Moose61
  16. moose61


    There's a maximum amount of downloads per 24 hours. Totals are reset 24 hours after your first fetch. In GSAK go in the menu to "Geocaching.com access" and select "Get available download balance" and you know many downloads are still available.
  17. Try the Pitstop series. Also several other series nearby.
  18. During a recent weekend trip with another geocacher to Prague I hosted a small event to swap TB's and coins. Im general most the boxes in cities are to small to leave any TB's and this way we were able to leave some in the Czech republic and the Czech geocachers used it to let coins/TB's they had to leave the region. Also nice to meet some local geocachers, exchange idea's and make contacts for future trips.
  19. I was in Prague a few weeks ago with Mobee66. We found in total 40+ caches in 2 days. A great city to visit and great geocaching. Not expensive and most people speak some English. Prior to our trip we solved a bunch of mysteries. Although we do not speak any Czech many can be solved using Google translate. I can recommend it!
  20. Try to make something special, like the largest cache ever. Do you have a old barn which is not used? Use the barn as cache container. Or lost places. They also attrackt a lot of people (but watch the guidelinnes of lost places).
  21. And this is why everyone should attend the 3rd annual Going APE event on Aug. 19, the day after the Groundspeak Block Party (and sign the log!). We just got our Mega status after last year's event and want to keep it. That's no problem. Just get the APE cache out of the archive and you will get 500+ in no time! Sorry, still frustrated that it's gone...
  22. I have the same problems with the satelite view here in the Netherlands. I checked out the script you suggested, installed the latest version of Firefox (used Internet Explorer upto now), added Greasemonkey and ran the script. Five minutes of work and Google maps, Google satelite and hybrid views are back. Great suggestion! I can recommend it to everybody!
  23. After the last Forum update it is still not working. Should this topic be moved to the Bugs Report section? Regards, Moose61
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