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  1. I log my own even if they are a bust. I've seen a few seemingly associated with very short layovers at a port terminal on a cruise ship. "Any Nicaraguan geocachers? WE will be at the Port from 11:00AM to 11:05AM" (I know there's a minimum time, but that seems to be the intent)
  2. I like the groups that get 5000 in a week, suggesting that they cached 20 hours a day, every day, and got a cache every sixty seconds, averaging an unbroken clip of six miles per hour.
  3. I was in Canberra in November -- got the Virtual at the War Museum and one small magnetic one on the north side of town. Here's looking toward Mt Diablo, from the Berkeley Hills -- Gateway Valley in the foreground, then toward Orinda, Lafayette, Walnut Creek
  4. There was an FTF just a 1/3d of a mile from my house on Thursday or Friday -- a quick walk from my house -- decided I might as well head up there. Made the find (I think only my 10th find this year) around 7:30 a.m., and on my way back down the hill was a group of five people caching together. I guess they had their separate cars, but it seemed ill-advised. We chatted, albeit from a socially appropriate distance.
  5. I go on caching trips with a couple of friends about once a year. We did the first 25 on the ET trail and that was plenty. If I ever make another pass at some giant , I'll probably just do the Fibonacci sequence. 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987, 1597, 2584... and call it a day.
  6. 5,578 in a day? Every 15.5 seconds? At 161 meters, that's about 22mph for 24 hours, non-stop.
  7. GC437 - in Berkeley, CA, is original from March 2001. Don't see anything that suggests it's not still original. Only ~250 visits in 18 years.
  8. I was down in Australia for work, but had a couple of free days to get some caching in there. I noticed on my Project-GC stats, though, there are these codes after the names for various counties in NSW and I don't know what they mean. Yass Valley (A)(1) Sydney (C)(1), etc. What is A1, C1 etc
  9. Everybody gets stopped by the police eventually. I think I've gotten stopped three times in about 3000 finds.
  10. I've been looking at that cache now and again (I like to poke around the site for caches in faraway and dangerous spots) and hadn't noticed it being locked before. Now I see that all caches in Syria (about 10 of them?) are locked. Probably for the best, but I hope I haven't prevented someone from risking their life for an FTF smiley!
  11. Not quite as old as some, but the political and safety challenges make this FTF opportunity an interesting 8 year old opportunity on the Syrian coast. https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC2NTNN
  12. I used to buy stacks of Zimbabwe Dollars -- never the 100 trillions, since they were a few bucks a piece -- but you could get 50x 50billion for like $20. Always make for good trade stuff.
  13. This is a *great* age to go geocaching. For starters, try to find some ones with a whole lot of favorite points. Those are always favorite'd for a reason. But mostly, incorporated it into something else. A nice hike with a lot of geocaches is great -- but just use the geocaches when they ask for one or get bored. It's sometimes tempting to let yourself be the focus of the day's adventure. If they want to chill out or slow down, do that. I've been caching with my kids since they were 4.5 and 1, and they're now almost 15 and 11. It's been a terrific recurring theme in their childhood and they shift to and from it over time, but it's definite part of who we are. Go for it!
  14. The 6x6" post that holds up the Welcome to Wyoming sign at GC1H2XX (https://coord.info/GC1H2XX), I found a jelly jar full of 420. I figure some dude from 420-friendly Colorado realized he was heading into 420 not-so-friendly Wyoming and ditched the stash. I was with my then-8 year old and didn't feel like explaining, so I tucked it back in its hidey-hole.
  15. BTW, can anyone tell me what the "!" marker is for me, roughly center frame, south of the freeway. Never seen that before. (San Francisco is about 20 miles WSW of the center of that picture)
  16. Geocoins make me sad. They were once something you could find now and again and watch their progress. Now they get hoovered up almost immediately by people holding them in their collections. No idea how these people justify this behavior to themselves.
  17. I've never cached with Alamogul but he's local (or was until recently) and bumped into him quite a bit. Hard to talk to him on the trail since he's in a rush for the next one. But he really is out there all the time and I have no problem accepting his on-going pace of 35-45/day for years on end. That said, I have no idea how the logistics of some of the cache runs I've seen where a group gets 8500 caches inside of two weeks. 600/day for a sustained period simply beggars belief. One every minute for ten hours a day for two weeks? I did the first 25 caches on the ET trail inside of 30 minutes and it was completely ridiculous. That kind of pace for more than a day or two may be within the realm of human endurance, but I don't begin to understand it.
  18. As you may be aware, Google has upped the fees associated with using the API for Google Maps. This has nerfed a few fun map-related sites such as www.thetruesize.com, but it's also ruined one of my favorite websites, www.mob-rule.com, a site long devoted to folks trying to visit all 3142 US Counties and County-equivalents. I'm wondering if, for folks like me who try to nick off counties in our caching adventures, if you've found a good alternative to checking potential caches and cache routes to see that you can grab new counties. The next-best solution seems to be using Google Earth, but I find that pretty ungainly for cache-trip plotting. Suggestions, comments, and/or gripes most welcome.
  19. I like that they replace the blight of a hidden geocache and improve the scenery with graffiti. What cache was this? Curious if there were logs suggesting an irate neighbor.
  20. And, weirdly, having taking 48 years to get to Canada in the first place, I'm going to have about five hours to kill this Wednesday in Detroit after a meeting and before a flight, so I might as well nick off Ontario, as well! Canada twice in two weeks!
  21. Yeah, I'll be in Vancouver with my family for a couple of days. Maybe get up to Whistler. Mostly just the novelty of going to Canada. Flying to PDX, then driving through Seattle (seeing HQ) and then up to Vancouver. Seoul was great fun. I hiked in Dobongsan which was fun but -- man oh man -- Koreans are serious about their hiking and they'll blow right past you on the trail. I got nine going up this hill and a few more in town.
  22. Not nearly as exciting as all y'all, but I'll finally get country number four - Canada - next week. US, South Korea, and Costa Rica so far.
  23. My rule, such as it is, is that if the folks in my group are all actively looking for the cache at GZ and one of us comes up with it, if it's inconvenient for one of us to all slide down the hill to where one of us has found it, then I'm not going to worry too much about it. In my mind, that's a fair team find. I'm immune to poison oak, so if the last 20 yards or so are through a PO field, I'll plow right through and sign for the team or bring it out and back for them to sign. Where I draw the line for my ownself is that the group has to be working on *that* cache. I'd never claim any sort of leap-frogging in my total. But that's me.
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