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  1. So, sounds like no chance for bonus points if you log your finds via the website rather than the app: "When you do find one and you log your find in the app, you will see a banner message in the app, similar to the message that appears when you earn a souvenir. " We hardly ever use the app, we log all our finds from home at the end of the day. Anyone have any insight on whether bonus points will be available via the web as well??
  2. I"m having the same problem. Site was running slow, logged me out and now can't log back in. Receive the error Your password or username/email is incorrect Of course I'm using the correct username/password combo. I believe a problem very similar to this one surfaced a few months ago.
  3. It's been this way for a few days now (reported in another thread) and still no change.
  4. So, are are the engineers actually working on this, or it is just going to be forgotten about?? Still having the same issues.
  5. It appears that the "select all" function is now working, at least it is for me, at least for now!
  6. I filtered for all mystery w/in 200 miles, not found by me, with corrected coords, just over 300 on the list. Check "select all" , add to list, and just spins.... Hope it gets fixed soon.
  7. Same here, can't use the select all checkbox - for me, just over 300 solved with corrected coordinates. Still waiting for a fix.
  8. WadeH

    More problems

    Still massive lag and time outs here - most likely related to the souvenir today, but doesn't seem any better than it was before the engineers made their tweaks.
  9. And... here we go again. Is it gonna be like this every weekend? A slow or completely unresponsive website?
  10. Seems like it will work for a page or two, then ... waiting for literally minutes for a page to load - IF it loads. Then you may get a page or two to load again before the next down time.
  11. WadeH

    PQ page sluggish

    Also having problems here. Using Chrome on Windows 10. Very slow and frequent time outs on the main site.
  12. Most of the comments I have on the new maps have already been made, but the biggest issue I have is that the ability to change to the leaflet maps is gone. None of the maps offered allow to see county borders which is a big negative for me as I do a lot of county based caching and challenges.
  13. The points are beginning to roll in now... slow but sure....
  14. Same here. Just logged 21 caches - no gold for any of them yet. The web site was running very slowly as I was logging them, so hopefully thats the issue and the points will appear soon.
  15. Just clicked on my 'dashboard' then trackables "yours" as I always have to check on my trackables, and now the links to the individual trackable does not exist. I can only link to my profile (as the owner) or the profile of whoever has the trackable at the time. Anyone else seeing this?
  16. Nooooooo! This would make the map completely useless for planning caching trips! How can you zoom out and search for caches along a certain route if all you see are collapsed icons? This makes the app completely useless for me: looking at the road network ahead and for caches, and only seeing collapsed icons just doesn't work for planning trips! A toggle to chose for either option: collapsed or non-collapsed is something I'm fine with, but only collapsed items is a big no! I agree! The map (as it was) was our primary tool for planning our road trips. As it is now it's all but useless to me. Collapsing icons would put the nail in the coffin!
  17. I am in agreement with the majority of posts here. I do not like these changes at all! Yes, I'm yet another color blind cacher who uses a GPSr and computer (only rarely use a smartphone) and the map is now nearly useless to me. Please change the icons back to the original ones, or give us the option of which to use!
  18. WadeH

    Old search

    I may be the only one, but I still prefer the old search to the new 'advanced' search most of the time. Just noticed today that with the new holiday theme page, the link to 'take me to the old search page' is gone. Anyone know if it's gone for good, or just left off of the new themed search page? (or if there is another way to the old search page?)
  19. Fix is now released. Please let us know if anyone continues to see problems. Back in business! Thanks!
  20. We are aware of the bug with the caches along a route form. The engineering team has already fixed the issue and it will be released ASAP. Any idea when ASAP may be? Still having the same issues here.
  21. All is back to normal now.. must have been something temporary.
  22. Yes, I even logged out and logged back in just in case...not sure what the issue is. OK.. well... seems to have been something temporary... all is working fine now.
  23. Yes, I even logged out and logged back in just in case...not sure what the issue is.
  24. Just noticed this morning that when I pull up the page for an individual cache, it doesn't display the logs or the maps. Anyone else having this issue? Hopefully it's a temporary glitch.
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