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  1. I've seen all manner of stuff written and drawn in log books from muggles and cachers. At the end of the day I just pack it all away and call it a day.I don't have time in my day to to be the police for other cachers and log books in caches which may or may not turn to much after a heavy rain anyhow.
  2. I live in an area where vacation caches are placed with some regularity. Here's what I found. The maintenance plan never works. Non-cachers really don't see the importance of maintaining a cache in a timely fashion. Shoot a lot of cachers don't see that importance. But people without an interest in the hobby really are less likely too. The ever popular "but I visit there (in our case the cabin) a couple times a summer" is also thrown out as a plan and from the looks of it usually accepted. Except when people vacation finding caches and do other fun summer hobbies like fishing take precedence over maintaining that cache they threw out into the wilderness that went to pot a week after placement. I used to occasionally assist these wayward cachers in maintaining their caches. Some used to be at some really neat places. I even secured a new ammo can for one that was still months of disabled even after the reviewer said you have a couple weeks to fix it (assuming the cacher said they were coming back). Next time if a spot is that important to me I'll be waiting until the cache is archived. And really at this point I post NM and NA on these caches now as I found that a lot of caches placed on vacation are of the "out of sight out of mind" variety.
  3. Finally looked at the cache page in question. Honestly I don't see a lot of whining occurring on that page. Just noting it's a bush hide, that the area has been torn up and the general area of the cache is not that rewarding. Oh and the hint was deliberately misleading. Otherwise it appears to be generally average logs on the cache. Don't see what the big deal is. People voiced their opinion on the cache in and of itself in a pretty polite fashion. I didn't actually see any whining. Just voicing of ones opinion on it. Honestly if there are few redeeming qualities to the actual area of the cache and ground zero is getting torn apart due to bad hints or whatever it looks bad for caching in general. I've been to many such places and walked away because I don't want to make it look worse to the general public.
  4. I walk away from film canisters or bison tubes tossed into bushes or pine trees at this point. The tedium is too much for me. Plus I'm not a fan of the damage that searching for one of those does does to the plant life. I've seen more than one bush that was absolutely demolished from eager finders. I don't necessarily need a cache handed to me on a silver platter and it doesn't necessarily need to be easy to find. But I'm really not a fan of film canisters in general. And I'm really not a fan of stuff shoved into bushes anymore than I am with a tiny cache stuck into a pile of rocks. And I'm certainly less of a fan if there isn't much other redeeming quality in the area of the cache.
  5. Seems to me that the OP did and was disappointed the cache owner didn't. Hence the "which are placed in great locations full of history, but make no attempt to mention the spot." I go to that back fence micro and go, "meh". I go to the multi/info and go "oooh". If I did research on the meh and found a treasure trove of history I'd feel just like the OP. I kind of feel like the OP. I've been to various places where there is some history where a cache is placed and there is no mention of it. I did a couple at one point by the same owner in a pretty historic spot here. I couldn't even find much in the way of written history for the area. I wouldn't have known anything if not for the chatty older person on the trail. I thought it was sad that none of that was brought up on the cache when apparently it's common local oral history in that area. I've been to other caches where there was clearly some historical connection but couldn't find any information on it beyond the sign on site or whatever. Sad reality is for many historical places (at least where I am) the only history is oral history. So you get a cache page that says something historical happened but with no other information. I dwell on it but I do find it sad especially in comparison with people who put a lot of effort into noting why a place is significant on a cache page.
  6. We had severe local flooding this year. There was no massive archival afterwards. Some caches were disabled by owners until they could be checked on post flood. But the NM and NA trickled in. There were bigger issues post-flood to deal with by cache owners and finders such as rebuilding homes, streets and parks.
  7. Wow. You know honestly if someone intentionally moved my cache I would probably step back and look at this as just being a hobby/game shrug it off and decide if I want to put another one out or just let it be and call it a day. Even more so if it was a kid who allegedly did it. I guess for me there just isn't enough time in my day to get all in a knot about these things. Knowing me I would probably even go so far as to laugh about the whole scenario. I also agree with the numerous other people who have suggested maybe offering to go with the family and do some geocaching. Shoot even help him a hide a cache so he learns to appreciate that aspect of it. Maybe even rehide the missing cache with him and show him how to "watch" it. Geocaching shouldn't be negative interactions like this with incessant head butting. People of all ages, physical and mental ability and just generally sorts play this game. Laying down expectations that all people will act just like you will only lead to constant disappointment. You can either butt heads and be upset and negative about it or turn it around use it as a learning experience in a positive way. Being at the receiving end of a really peeved cacher this summer over a trespassing issue and the subsequent cliquey rumor line has turned me off to local caching probably forever. I hope this incident didn't turn off this kid or his family to geocaching. More over I hope it didn't get him all fired up so he goes off and steals a bunch of caches in retaliation.
  8. I don't enjoy caches like that much. Nor do I enjoy the tip networks that develop around them. But that's just me. I've done a few caches that required special equipment to find or get to that I needed to go back and get. I think what bothered me most about those was that the rating was low balled on those ones. Other caches have just be hard and I've returned a few times. And at least one of those (at least the one coming to mind immediately) required working through all the steps each time. Until the last time when I used google earth, found the cross trail we had ended up at (short cut into it) and proceeded to work with that bad coordinates for the random object that was thrown in the brush which was one of the steps. I refused to go through all those steps again. I stop looking for a cache the second it ceases to be fun. This means a lot of puzzles in my range go unsolved. I've found a bunch of puzzles to be more like inside jokes between friendly cachers and if one is not in on the joke it becomes exponentially more difficult. As for physical searching I stop when I'm not having fun there either and sometimes I never go back. If the area I'm in is not that engaging or special it decreases the chances of me going back.
  9. They have been "in" for the several decades I have played them. And with alcohol they are even better. I've done it as an alcohol game in my younger years. Hadn't heard boo about them in forever. Then I noticed this summer it seemed to be all the rage with geocachers this summer. Not the other couple summers.
  10. Are poker runs the in thing now? I've seen a few of them popping up here and there.
  11. I'm a content person with my hobbies and my partners being different and separate. If someone wasn't into caching I'd just let it be. It would be like my partner trying to make me fish. I don't enjoy it and it would suck the fun out of his experience. Instead usually when I'm with someone we usually share our hobbies but mutually respect each others personal space.
  12. Regardless of how attractive it makes your cache you cannot tell people they have to trade trackables. When I see a cache like that I liberate all the trackables because it simply becomes a prison. I cringe every single time my trackables end up in a cache where it is encouraged to trade for trackables because I know they will sit and stagnate. My trackables' purpose is not to make your cache look nice to people. Its purpose is to travel. A cache that is interesting on it's own does not need trackables to make it attractive. Most big caches are attractive all on their own I find just by size alone.
  13. I've held two events and I used the keep it simple method. I checked the park schedule to see what was scheduled out in the pavilion I wanted to use because you can either pay fees or take a crap shoot method with those buildings there. But realistically most of the bigger events in the summer are scheduled well in advance. So no issues there. I actually use that method for non-caching get togethers as well and never had an issue. So didn't spend any money there. Trying to figure out the prize thing. I can't afford to supply prizes for events for the most part. And I guess I just don't see them as that important because I was one of those silly people who assumed events were for getting together not coming around to see what kind of swag I could bring home. Not having prizes supplied by me has never been an issue. I didn't even know prizes at events were a "must have" until I saw it repeatedly mentioned on the board here. I brought a dish to the pot luck I threw (as did everyone else and if they didn't we had plenty of food for all so it didn't matter). I also noticed most states have some sort of state wide organized geocaching group. Some of those groups have a slush fund. Some of those groups share that slush fund. I would hope those that find themselves putting a lot of money into their events are contacting those groups to help out. I guess maybe if it's costing so much that one needs to ask for donations maybe it's time to start scaling back the events and moving more towards keeping it simple.
  14. Now that I'm not placing 100's of caches, I have time to find some! See, now, if you're still finding caches and haven't archived anything, that's not considered a geocide. We'll have to come up with another term for it. Tantrum and/or power-struggle.
  15. I didn't read the entire thread. I do our local teen curfew laws are applied extremely selectively and there simply so there is some recourse to deal with the teens causing trouble. I also know that a lot of local parks "close" after about 10pm. And that too is there simply to rid the area of trouble makers and applied selectively. I've only been hounded in one local park after dark. But I'm all tattooed up and except reasonable hassle when out at odd hours. When I worked afternoons it wasn't unusual for me to walk the dog later at night around town and in the parks and on those occasions they knew I was there and paid no attention because I wasn't hurting anything. Kids regularly play some foot ball game well into the night in the park across the street from my house. Not hurting anything and never bothered by the police. Personally if I had people running through my yard being chased or chasing another person at night or speeding down the street erratically chasing someone I would certainly be calling the police. That being said these curfew laws have been around forever. Hasn't stopped caching yet. Doubt it will now.
  16. If it is truely city property, then the railroad trespassing laws obviously don't apply. But be prepared to prove to your reviewer that the land really is city (or otherwise not railroad) property. I went through that when I first started to hide caches. There was a paved city walking path and chainlink fence separating the cache from the railroad. Once I provided photos, the cache was approved, but not until then. It may just be our state but I had the same experience as you. We have rail roads all over here right next to public property. When I placed one of my caches I gave a detailed description to the reviewer knowing he would see the rail road near by. Explained not only it thoroughly fenced off but there was no potential for a cacher to possibly accidentally wander on to that property and trespass and that the coordinates are far enough away so people won't be hanging by the fence and in fact the cache is over a big hill as well. There were ample barriers between the public property and the railroad property in that case. I'm fairly certainly I'm within about 100 feet of that track.
  17. I cache with people and without people. I'll go with my mom on easier terrain caches or generally ones I think she can get to as she has mobility issues. Sometimes I'll cache with my friends. They're both fun in their own way. For a bunch I just like to do them alone. Sometimes it's because I'm one to meander to a cache on a trail and not just power hike through the bush to get one like my friends do and I know I slow them down. Sometimes the terrain is too hard for my mom and I don't want to put her at risk. And sometimes I know I'm going somewhere special and I just want to experience it without all the chatter.
  18. When I started premium with my card (not paypal) I had to go digging to find out how to turn off autorenew. I just manually renewed and it defaulted to the autorenew option. I had to scroll through the list to not have it be that way. I like to have the option to stop my subscriptions without hassle.
  19. I worked with 2 communities to place caches on their public properties and continue to work closely with one of them when discussing placements as they like to let their maintenance crews know so caches in areas of potential maintenance won't get demolish.
  20. Depending on the tone of an email I don't respond either. Personally if my bugs are lIke yours is I simply ignore it and go on with life. The more bugs you have out the less you'll dwell on any of them.
  21. I seem to remember there being a complaint about the hotel reservation thing in the forums here not so long ago. I wonder if you did a forum search if you could find it?
  22. I like to look at them but I won't move them. Honestly these days I won't move most anything that I can't shove into a peanut butter jar since people just don't out a lot of big caches and it becomes difficult to find a spot to rehome these guys.
  23. Most people on here are going to tell you not to leave buisness cards because they will just end up becoming a soggy mess in the cache. My business cards are stamped aluminum. Stamped aluminum? Cool! Where to get one for those that are interested.... Like me??? I trade for any calling card by another cacher. I have quite a collection. Here is mine: That's cool! I would grab your stamped logo and attach it to my swag bag. Definitely tradeable. One of my most exciting caching moments was finding a snoogans smooshed penny in a cache (and then trudging through the mud back to the car). I still have them sitting around. I'll leave those tags we can't talk about in caches in a lot if they'll fit. I've thought about doing a card like thing with photographs I've taken but opted out of it.
  24. People look at souvenirs? I forget they exist half the time.
  25. I've written at least a couple logs like that. You get to ground zero and without even finding the cache know exactly what you're looking for.
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