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  1. The presentation is on the 24th in Oregon so I do have a few days to wrap things up
  2. The last info I have is that in Aug of '13, there was a little over 2.1 mil caches but I can't find any updates
  3. Been looking for info to use during an upcoming presentation I have to give. Have looked all over the Groundspeak site but haven't found what I'm looking for. Probably there someplace. How many active caches are there world wide? How many active cachers are there world wide?
  4. "What do you do in those instances?" We take the stance of would we want kids to find it and if we don't, we remove it. Most items are good stuff but we have found broken tv remotes, bottle caps, a crack pipe, condoms, candy, ammunition, bare fish hooks, filthy pictures, and the list goes on.
  5. Yuma style could mean under a rock or in a bush. Another style of hiding is putting out decoys around GZ so you might find two or three fake caches before you find the one with the log book.
  6. Thinking about doing a power trail and am curious about an easier way to submit rather than one at a time. Is there an easy way or do you have to do them one at a time?
  7. If we are going to cache out of our normal area and we see a cache that hasn't been found and has a bunch of DNFs on it within the last 6 months, we log a NA. This is the only way a reviewer will get involved,make a post which will possibly make the CO do something about it. We also look at the activity of the CO. If they haven't been active for a year or so, they probably are not going to respond. Bad part is, most cachers won't log a DNF as this in some way says that their caching ability sucks
  8. We consider one of these as a needed tool Grabber
  9. Are you using the term to refer to glue? I've used altoid tins in the past, in protected locations. Never used glue. With a neodymium magnet you don't need glue. Just put the magnet on the inside of the tin. One caveat about altoid tins, even in a protected location expect to do a lot of maintenance. They rust up quickly. A baggie will not keep the logbook/sheet dry for very long. The OP is from CA where it doesn't rain much so no biggie about rust. "Booger" is one of those green electrical cabinets you find around shopping centers and just about anywhere.
  10. 3M 5200 or 3M 4200 works good also. It can be had in fast curing or regular. Can be found in WallyMart or marine stores.
  11. We have been caching on the Oregon coast for a couple of days and have found all kinds of junk in caches. Who wants an expired subway stub or a movie ticket, expired coupons from a local store, candy, condoms, beer tops, candy wrappers, rocks,and any other trash you might have on hand. If you can't leave a non moisture absorbing item, don't leave anything, especially if the cache is in an area where there is a lot of moisture aka rain. I guess my thing is, if you don't want your kids to see it, don't leave it.
  12. You mean we are supposed to sign the log book? All we do is drive by to claim it. So far we are about 550,000 caches behind in logging.
  13. On a Nuvi 50LM, how in the heck do you delete the favorites? It isn't fun doing them one at a time
  14. Still trying to figure out what the big deal is about being FTF. It really doesn't mean that you are the hot shot cacher. It most likely means that you really don't have a life or anything better to do
  15. How come all the pix of nude cachers are guys? Lets see some female nudies
  16. August and September are the crabbing months where we hang out. So you have to ask yourself, what tastes better, a crab or a cache
  17. On the GPSr go to "setup" then select "geocache". Now you will be in Geocache Setup where you will see Geocache symbols. Highlight the "Find" box. (Most likely yours will have the flag). Press enter and now you will have a page of symbols. Find the treasure chest and highlight it, press enter. There you be. You can change the found symbol the same way.
  18. Well, not sure what you're asking specifically but I have a JEEP with the in-dash factory RNAV multi CD/GPS/Bluetooth/Sirius Radio/DVD & rear seat monitor. I see no need for a nüvi when using it. Ok, do you use a sd card to put POIs on the GPS?f not, how do you get the cache coords on the in dash unit?
  19. Just bought a new Jeep with all the fancy stuff including in dash GPS. Has anyone put data on the in dash unit and used it for civil (no off road) routing? It would be nice to not have to use the Nuvi. Still using the trusty 60csx for the nitty gritty
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