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    Need Help

    That doesn't help me there is no listing of android in the drop down menu.
  2. TK7464

    Need Help

    How do you download a WIGO cartridge to an android phone using a WhereYouGo app. I am new to smartphones and need lots of help on such matters. Thanks in advance
  3. How do you download a WIGO cartridge to an android phone using a WhereYouGo app. I am new to smartphones and need lots of help on such matters. Thanks in advance
  4. The 365 days number should be 366 days to accommodate leap year. Yes it only happens every 4 years but Geocaching has lasted longer than 4 years.
  5. I have created a EXCEL spreadsheet to assist in this endeavor if you would like a copy just let me know and I'll get it to you ASAP. You still have to do all the work but you won't need a calculator to do all the math.
  6. The "Send to GPS" function doesn't seem to be working on the maps page. It says "Garmin Communicator Plugin NOT detected" (I do have the most current Plugin) However, When I go to the cache page itself the "Send to GPS" works normally. Does anybody else have the same issue?
  7. I noticed that I am getting some notifications from 2 days ago in my notification folder today.
  8. Is this happening to anybody else but as a paid subscriber I'm supposed to get instant notifications about published caches however, lately I have been getting the notifications about 24 hours after the cache being published. I click on the link a couple of minutes after publishing and see that it has already been found by a number of cachers that are not BETA TESTERS. I have my email program to check for new emails every minute. So I don't know what's going on.
  9. This is what a cacher replyed in the logging of my cache just the other day. While searching at dusk, a couple H.P.D. officers pull up to me. I'm thinking oh crap now I got to explain about geocashing, they're gonna check my I.D., run my name for warrants and what ever... So the cop rolls down his window, smiles at me and says "your right on top of it!" and the other in the passenger side says "yeah, the coordinates on this one are off by about 20'", then they drive off.
  10. All the Geocaches just disapeared from Google maps I shut off the page and reopened it and still no geocaches is this just me or is anybody else having the same issue.
  11. TK7464

    GC.Com issues

    Is there something going on GC.Com it was working fine then everything went blank and now all I get is IE cannot display the webpage... this applies to maps as well as cache pages.
  12. let's not forget that there is a micro ammo can now. If I placed it I would make it a unknown container size and say you are looking for an ammo can in the description and I would not be lying about it...
  13. OK Here we go Plug in the GPS into the computer Go to "Your Profile" on the drop down menu Scroll down to "Field Notes" and click it Then go to "Upload Field Notes from a handheld GPS device" Then click on "Upload my field notes" You will then select the Geocache Visits from the garmin folder from the GPS you have and then you can download your notes You will then see what caches you have found or DNF in the order that you logged them then you can log the caches one at a time. If you use GSAK you can ignore below However, I use GSAK and I can publish all the logs at one time from 1 find or 100 you can create a template for your finds and DNF or write notes ect... you can also log trackables and upload photos all at one time with one push of the "Publish All" button.
  14. I have been using the GSAK to open the URL's for established unknown caches to solve the puzzles. However, as I have been doing this throughout the morning it was working fine then for some reason I started getting the "Unpublished Cache" page on several different attemps of several different caches. What is going on? Is anybody else having this issue?
  15. Under the "Seek a cache" you can search by city , county, GC code ect... but is there a way to filter a search by D/T rating I would like to seach for 5/5 caches but I would have to download everything near the search GZ
  16. I know of several accounts that belong too cachers best friends.
  17. Does anybody know the record number of finds by a SOLO (single, one, uno) cacher in a 24 hr period. I disregard record number of finds total by a team(s) because they can easily trade off caching duties. Making huge number of finds possible. My record thus far is 161. However, that will most likely increase when I go do the Rt. 66 and ET Series.
  18. I was a cubbie crossed over w/Arrow of light but didn't go much further now I'm a Geocaching Merit Badge counsoler
  19. Do you use GSAK if you do you load the PQ into a database then you can uplaod it directly into the GPS I have a oregon 450t and a 62st and it works great.
  20. Someone said that he will be either playing steel drums or rooting in the mud for truffles oh wait a minute were geocachers we already root in the mud to find that elusive tupperware in the forrest.... Get well soon.
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