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  1. Some cachers started BEFORE there were charter members.
  2. The best method to solving puzzle caches is.... ...send a note to a previous cacher who solved it. lol
  3. The secret is....... Go Really Fast !
  4. Me too...me too! I want a flag thingy too.....
  5. I'm sure you can use it without the optional maps for now.
  6. It's quite easy to grab ONE cache per MINUTE, when they are all on the side of a road, visable as you approach, and only 528 feet apart. I know that seems crazy....but I'm not gonna discuss why anyone would want to do it.......it is quite easy to grab 50 or 60 per hour. So....60 per hour and 10 hours of daylight = a bunch of finds.
  7. No personal attacks please. Let's stay on subject. I have experience at power trails....and I love them. However....that certainly doesn't make me a good 'finder'. In fact, I'm kinda poor at spotting caches in bushes....and therefore I don't like bush hides. Anyways.... what I meant to say was.... last weekend I found 650 caches on Saturday, and 850 on Sunday...without much effort (other than focusing on the gps). However, now that I'm home, I am struggling to find 50 in a day. The density and difficulty of an area dictates the find rate. We consider any day with over 40 finds as a 'good day' of geocaching.
  8. I suggest you attend a group event, or go on a group geocaching hunt. You can see how everyone does it. My friend likes to use her android phone....that's it. She is paperless.
  9. The SD card is usually for storing additional maps. I buy the city street map and load it. That's all I ever need. So...for me.... the sd card is not required.
  10. I download the pq to my computer. Then I open up GSAK and load that file into it. From there, it is easy enough to use GSAK to drop the file into the gps.
  11. I use a Garmin 62S. It is totally paperless. You can see the entire cache page with the description, the hint, and some logs. I use a program called GSAK. It makes the loading and logging easier on geocaching.com . The only thing it lacks as of today, is the ability to see the attached pictures. You could use an android phone and just load an application called CGEO or geocaching.com for paperless caching, and you will get the pictures. I have 5 gps units now. I will probably get a Montana next, but for now I prefer the Garmin 62S.
  12. one log? hmmm.... I just add another sheet of paper and leave the full one. If it won't fit, I take it out and toss it in the trash....assuming I know the hider. If not....then I would send a quick note to the owner saying it's full...by clicking on their name on the cache page. I do NOT log a needs maintenance log ( my personal choice).
  13. I'm actually not interested in other peoples opinions. When I enter the forums I'm interested in banter, discussion, and clever debate. I'll normally count the number of cachers on each side of the discussion and side with the underdogs. If it seems they are winning the debate/discussion, I will switch sides. There is some entertainment value to the micro-world of the forums....and sometimes....albeit rarely...I learn something of value. In order to NOT get anyone a time out for personal attacks,... please replace the word "I" with the phrase " a geocacher I know". Thanks.
  14. When we go on a crazy speed caching run, we don't stop to eat...we bring an ice chest along, and take turns eating and snacking. Bathrooms are a different issue. We usually take a few minutes to stop somewhere for that. If you rotate 'jobs', you can easily keep up the pace for a couple of hours. However...after 5 or 6 hours, we seem to go thru a low point... a wall some say... where we are all kinda 'down' for a bit. When that happens...we drink a soda and wait for the sugar to kick in...then it's up again. The one minute finds only work if the run is set up to be fast....all on one side of the road...all point one mile apart....all hidden the same method or quite obvious. It's not for everyone!
  15. That's not a dumb question ! I hook up the phone to the pc and use mass storage mode. When in that mode, you can drop the file onto the sd chip (storage memory). Once there, you can pick it up using cgeo....and that's not easy either. It may be easier for now....to just run the querie, and then use cgeo to look for the querie in your geocaching account (geocaching.com). To do that, you just pick the option 'search for pocket queries' in cgeo.
  16. If the caches are quickly identified, and easily opened,....I think it's possible to get one every minute or so. Be sure to put the same cache back in the same place.
  17. Garmin 62S unless you want a camera...then make it the Garmin 62SC. safe and proven to work. You get paperless caching, a compass, and field notes.
  18. I see tons of logs that are being sent from phones...that don't have any log at all....blank....just blank. I also see tons of those acronym logs...it's a preference. Play the game any way you want. Don't take anything you read in the forums as the 'one way' to do things. Have fun out there!
  19. OK, I'll say it. Stop telling on people. Some guidelines have changed over time, and others are stretched a bit. If those situations are brought up, then the geocaches get archived. Some great caches have been archived due to this 'buried' guideline, and the 'pointy tool' guideline. I'm not saying I agree or disagree with the guidelines. It just happens.
  20. The fun part of puzzles is the effort put into trying to figure out the coordinates. If you are just going to copy down the final coords, then ya might as well just hunt for traditional caches. However....I do like the geochecker function that some hiders have included on the cache pages....so you can try out your solution, and see if it is correct.
  21. ...and for a small extra fee....you can create your own icon for your geocoins. It's fun to try to collect all the different icons.
  22. Think of them as baseball cards. Some are moved around and traded, some are bought and saved in mint condition. I suggest you design your own geocoins, and get a couple hundred minted. Then you can trade yours for others that you want (at a geocoin event). Geocoins in geocaches are rarely kept. They normally have some sort of a goal, and are owned by someone. They should be moved into another geocache.
  23. We love to use cgeo on an android phone....however.... when we are down in a canyon out in the desert, the phone doesn't respond well. The accuracy is bad, and the unit hangs. We usually just give up and use the Garmin 62S gps. In the city, the phone works great....however....sometimes it is off by hundreds of feet, so we use the Garmin 62S as a primary unit, and the phone as a fun toy. After a couple caches, the phone seems to become quite accurate...just not in the first one or two caches. If you are not frustrated by delays...then the phone will work fine. Also... each phone has its own accuracy...the old droid X worked great...the new droid X2 is lousy.
  24. I was one of those "I don't need a compass" votes. Now, I have a newer unit which has a compass built in. So...now I am getting used to having it on. Each time you change the batteries, you need to re-calibrate the compass. You don't really need the compass to get to the geocache, nor to navigate, because the arrow points to the cache...and you really don't care what direction you are travelling.
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