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  1. Actually as a long time 60 series user I find the buttons on the 78 way better. Does this have a quad ant.,.......it appears to. It appears to have the same hard case as the 78 and not the horrible rubberized overlay found on 60 series that would fall to pieces.
  2. Project-GC does not exactly match with what I have in GC.com......not sure how to get the list up on GSAK.
  3. I've used GSAK for years but just to put caches on my units and to combine PQ's.........I will see if I can figure out how to do it.
  4. A long while back I made almost all of mine PMO and found that it helped a lot regarding maint. and TB Hotels getting cleaned out. I also get far less of the annoying " I can't find it so it isn't here " logs. I'm sure every area is different but its what I've found in mine. It's a different game that in 2003 that's for sure. Regarding GPS use I MUCH prefer my dedicated units to my phones.
  5. The site lists milestones up to 10,000 caches then doesn't pick up again until 20,000. What is the best ( fastest ) way to find what your 11-19 thousand milestone caches were ?
  6. You can't beat a quad.........I had a signal geocaching in a volcanic crack about 10 feet wide and 80 feet deep......great in deep woods......I have dozens of GPS and all but 2 have the quad.
  7. I have big problems when jumping from auto to caching mode often. Re maps a new unit does not solve anything as you still need to buy maps....I like the Garmin Streets & Destinations on the mini sd card......you can swap it to another unit if you want.
  8. 1. Garmin 78S 2. Garmin refurbished 62S I have dozens of GPS units and the above are my favorites......the 78 series has a great case unlike the 60 series whose rubberized cover can be destroyed by sweaty hands.
  9. Regarding compass calibration.....battery voltage is critical. If you use Eneloop batteries and a quality charger like a MAHA your initial voltage will not vary and you will not have to re calibrate every time you change batteries......I've gone around a year with 20 or so battery change outs and the calibration stayed perfect on my 62S and 64S units( I check it each time )
  10. Rarely does a " do it all " device do a specific task as well as a device dedicated to that single task. My wife and I both have phones in Otter Box Defender cases.....you could drop them all day long in the woods and do no damage. Still caching 8 hr plus is a pain with battery packs, etc. Then in bright sunlight it is VERY difficult to see a phone screen. Re finding caches, accuracy, etc. I much prefer our 60 and 78 series units ( or just about any other dedicated GPS ) to smartphones. The phones are great for spur of the minute caching or if I need info. I can't get on the GPS.
  11. I think you should use your Meridian Color......with the latest firmware installed it will take a 2G card with maps of the whole US plus over 1,000,000 caches stored as waypoints. I think the maps were Mapsend and would be old but very usable for caching.
  12. I use Panasonic Eneloop Pro 2450 and a high end MAHA charger..........I always run down before my batteries do at about 12 hours, I don't know how much longer they might go beyond that......I can't remember the last time I had a GPS quit because of batteries.
  13. I have dozens of GPS and was an early fan of the Magellan Meridian series. These days my wife uses a 62S and I use a 78S.....in our bag is a spare 62S and 64S. While I am a big fan of the 60 series I don't like the rubberized covering which can be destroyed by sweaty hands.....the 78S has no such covering and the button orientation I find better than the 60 series. The 78S has a patch ant. and not the gold standard quad but I have had excellent results for years now although its been a long time since I've cached in narrow canyons and cracks. The 78S is marketed as a marine unit and sells new for around $200 and refurbished for around $110. The 78S is basically a 62S in a much better case but with a patch ant. If I broke mine I'd get another 78S hands down.
  14. Your 62S is a great unit......as said use the Eneloop Batteries, I always run down before my unit does. Every outing I install freshly charged Eneloop Batteries and can go over a year or more and never have to calibrate the compass....the voltage is very steady. Its also important to use a good charger.....I like MAHA. With MAHA charged Eneloops your 62S problems will be over.
  15. I vote for the Garmin 78S.......I like the case better than the 60 series.
  16. I agree......go with the 64S. The only thing wrong with the 62/64 units is the rubberized coating which can be destroyed by salty, sweaty hands.
  17. What a great series.....I have at least two of every model and several of the Platinum, many new in the box. I still think the Platinum had the best three axis compass ever. I used to cache with a friend who was cripple and couldn't walk much but with the Platinum he didn't have to.
  18. You are correct.....its the 60 series that has the quad and it was the 62S I took back into the crack ( didn't have the 78S then ) ......and in that same situation I would want the 62S. That said on an extensive trip out west along with the forest and swamps of LA and Fl the 78 has matched up well with the 62........I guess you could say a 78 is a 62 minus the quad.
  19. Yes I have....its all I use now, my wife uses the 62S and they read pretty much the same as you would expect. I've always used units with the buttons on the bottom going back to the Magellan Platinum so at first the 78S seemed awkward but in no time at all I began liking the buttons better. Seems all new firmware is buggy so when a 62S ver came out that that performed great I put it on all 3 62S units and saved a copy. When I bought the 78S rather than taking a chance I replaced the firmware with the one I use on the 62S ( I think 6.8 ) Once in a great while I will turn it on ( I may have just been using it a few min earlier ) and it will do a re-set...don't know why.......I tweak my settings and its fine. I use GSAK and from time to time a file glitch will cause me to do a re-boot of a locked up unit ( happens with ALL my units ).....a good friend with a 62S running the exact firmware and map has NEVER had a lock up.....they only download direct from GC.com ??
  20. Years ago we were caching in the cracks by Mono Lake, CA and the 62S did great.....when the crack closed to where I had to turn sideways to get through I would lose sats but as soon as it opened up a bit I would pick up again. Once at GZ I marked the location and while my wife stayed below I exited the crack and climbed on top and walked over until I was just above her ( about 90 feet ).........with an unobstructed view of the sky I had GZ at exactly the same place as when I was at the bottom. I can't say enough about the 62S and quad antenna. As I've said elsewhere I now use the 78S as its the same as the 62S but in a better case.
  21. I would vote none of the above. I own a 60 CSX, 3-62S, 1-64S, an Oregon and a slew of older Magellan's and have used most all others in the field with fellow cachers. The 60 series cases( 62 on up ) are covered with a rubberized covering that when exposed to sweaty hands will literally shred to pieces ( my old faithful is held together with tape )...my wife who doesn't sweat has a unit holding up fairly well......I've seen units that looked like they were dragged 10 miles through briars. A few years ago I decided to try a GPSmap 78S......this unit is marketed as marine but it is a 62S in a MUCH better case. The case is hard plastic with thick rubber on the side edges and covering the battery and ports......the buttons are on top making them much easier to operate esp. when driving. I removed the firmware and replaced it with 62S software 6.80 which has performed so well in my 3- 62S units. I see these are running about $239.00 Anyone wanting a unit for trail or boat should check this one out.......even if there were no rubberized coating issues I would still much prefer the 78S.
  22. Get a 78S.......its a 62S in a much better case that won't fall apart. I have 3-62S, 1-64S, Oregon 450, and several Meridian units but the 78S is the best.
  23. Perfect response, can't add to it. I also use the 62S, 64S, and a 78S. The 78S is a 62S in a much better case that won't fall apart like the 60 series.....great unit and the buttons are easier to use as well.
  24. Get a 3" round extension mirror ( I've tried all types and like it best ).....I've probably used it on 90% of our micro finds. Micro's are not usually in plain sight and you usually have to look over, under, or behind something......it also really saves knees and backs. Along with hat, boots, and hiking stick its always with me.
  25. You are preaching to the choir, thanks.
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