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  1. Pulled the old Triton 400 out of the closet to give to a friend and I wanted to load some Topo maps on it for them. All the links I've come across from previous times this was brought up have been dead or sketchy sites. Anyone know where I could find a topo for it?
  2. This came on TV again tonight. I thought it was pretty fitting seeing them open the ammo can only to discover there weren't really any trade items left.
  3. I've shared it to the BCGA forums and VIGPS forums just in case it catches someones eyes there. I've never really stayed in any hotels here so I unfortunately can't help on that part. The Longwood Brewpub, like you mentioned earlier, is my favourite pub in town and is quite good. They could potentially host the pre-event dinner as long as it's not too big. I would also recommend their raspberry ale!
  4. I've seen plastic preforms attached to a bag of rocks, it worked ok, water still got in after awhile. Another good idea is to have something that can be clipped/unclipped from something (usually a buoy), though the ones I've found like this were dive slates. Water will make it's way inside the first layer for sure, but you could dry containers within containers for added water protection.
  5. My advice would be to spend some time picking out caches with higher numbers of favorites points if you want quality, and look for groups of caches if you want numbers. It's a lot easier to do many caches in a short period of time then say the same number of caches spread out over an entire day of driving. I did a 1500km cycling trip across eastern Canada just over a year ago, and one of the most important things I found was it's really important to stick to your route and to not spend too much time searching for a cache. Make bookmark lists of the caches you want to get, ensure they're all active and do not have 2or3+ DNF's in a row for recent logs, then stick to those caches. Also, if you can't find one after 10 minutes (for example), move on. You'll probably have time during the evening to do some caching too, so load a bunch of caches near where you're staying. If there are a bunch around there that you want to get it may be a good idea to not do as many during the day of driving. Sounds like you have lots of time in Cape Town so look for those most favorited caches if you want to find the best of the best.
  6. Lots of scuba caches around here, the dive slates seem to work quite well.
  7. I'm getting the same thing on Firefox right now.
  8. If you're in the Vancouver area there are plenty of small power trails to do, check out the map. I've also had lots of fun on here on Vancouver Island doing the Island Spirit Legacy caches near Cowichan Lake. There are lots of series/trails all around BC, check out the maps and you'll see there are plenty of great places to go.
  9. Dakota 20 owner here. Would recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind a small touch screen. It's like a cross between an Oregon and an eTrex, with features like the eTrex laid out like the Oregon. Nice little GPS if you ask me, I've had mine since 2011, still going strong.
  10. I see a new Challenge Cache in our future. I don't think such a Challenge Cache would get published since it relies on a percentage rather than a milestone. A Challenge Cache based on lifetime DNFs logged might. "What kind of DNF-based Challenge Caches would be acceptable under the Guidelines?" might make a good separate thread. GC28NB6
  11. 2013: 38 / (38+599) = 5.9% Overall: 239 / (239+2800) = 7.8% I'm honestly quite surprised about this considering I log all my DNF's and then some.
  12. The fied notes you created can be found in a text file called "geocache_visits", you can upload that file to the website like mentioned above, or you can see the simple text file by locating it and opening it in notepad. Here is where you'll find the file:
  13. Do you have anymore pics of the flower? I've looked through 2 plants of BC books we have at home, but haven't found anything that matches. The leaf margins are similar to that certain mint plants we have on the coast, but the leaf pattern is whorled (at least it seems to be). The flowers almost look like Beach Morning-Glory.
  14. Yup, that's a Lion's Mane Jellyfish (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lion%27s_mane_jellyfish) , not sure about the flower though. I have a plant book I'll check out later tonight, I'll let you know if I find out.
  15. There should be a text document located in the Garmin folder of your GPS called "geocache_visits". If you open the document in notepad (or similar) it should give you something like this: GC Code on the left, date/time, log type, and any comment you made is on the right. You can also upload this file to gc.com and view all those field notes here: http://www.geocaching.com/my/fieldnotes.aspx This is a very handy feature!
  16. I had someone named "souvernir_bot" (or something like that) log a Mega Event cache that's still on my watchlist. I think they've been dealt with...
  17. I hate when these types of cachers hide a whole bunch of caches and never take care of them, really annoying and clogs up areas you may want to hide a cache. My guess is that they just lose interest in the whole thing, or get turned off after a bad experience dealing with one of their mal-maintained caches.
  18. The best place for you to find other local cachers would be the BC Geocaching Forums or the Metro Vancouver Geocachers website.
  19. I'm also getting the error trying to get to my profile. Public profile works fine though.
  20. I was thinking the same thing, as I too have noticed a bit of a slowdown. Personally, I haven't been holding back finding any caches, I don't really care all too much for these souvenirs (they're don't really seem that special).
  21. I've decided to go with your advice and stick with regular Alkaline AA's. I can pack 10 of them in the place of a charger, and know that I do not need to constantly charge them every time we reach a destination with an outlet. Leaving tomorrow morning, cycling for 19 days from Ottawa to Halifax, will be fun!
  22. Yep, same here, keep getting an error today.
  23. Thank you for all the replies! Looking at the rechargeables I have right now, I have 5 2300mAh Energizers, 5 2000mAh Energizers, and 4 2500mAh Energizers(older,don't seem to work well in GPS). I was thinking to bring 4 2300mAh ones and a pair of 2000mAh batteries, would this be a good decision? I don't really know why I only have 5 of each... I'd rather go with rechargeables, and I do have a lightweight charger.
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