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  1. I actually think this is a great idea and was actually thinking about this a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I don't think Waymarking.com is robust enough to actually use a list like this. I did a little research and found this app http://www.stayingalive.org/en.php which can be used to find and report AED locations. Your idea certainly wasn't a bad one!
  2. Couple issues I've noticed with the dashboard: 1. On a PC, this picture isn't what one sees. I'm on an average sized monitor right now and this is basically chopped in half. Here is what I'm seeing on my monitor. Note the number of features that are remaining from the old dashboard: 6 + 2 from the dropdown bar. Here is what I see when looking at the old dashboard Count the number of features there, 19! That's with extra information being displayed at the top (unpublished and waiting for review caches) I'm using an standard version of Chrome. 2. I would say 95% of the time when I'm going to the dashboard I'm going to either my Stats or my Lists. Stats are fine but Lists are way under Trackables and Friends. While Trackables are important, you can access them from the Dropdown bar, for the List page you have to go to the dashboard. Either make a Lists button in the dropdown or move Lists up the page. If the empty space is decreased over the avatar then you could probably see the lists right off the bat under geocaches. 3. Recently Viewed is the very first item on the left toolbar yet it's already taking up the majority of the page so it's pretty redundant. Maybe change the header for the Recently Viewed caches into a link?
  3. Overall I'm not convinced this will be an interesting category. Essentially it will this website https://www.antennas...er-locator.html with pictures of towers which are basically the same. "I see no problem in requiering 2 photos. 1 showing the whole transmitter the other one the ground facilities. Or the second one showing an information about the transmitter. Is there a need to explain excactly which photos you have to take? " Yes, if waymarks are going to be denied based on not having a wide enough angle or some other reason, it should be clearly stated in the instructions. These instructions should be clear to people so that making a waymark isn't confusing or frustrating to newcomers.
  4. May I ask what the reasoning is for excluding only cell phone towers. Seems like this will only force the creation of another category in the future to fill that gap. Also what is the reasoning for requiring two pictures? Could you provide an example of what you would like these pictures to look like? Would the one in the OP be considered a Close Up shot?
  5. That is not accurate. The reviewer asked for more information, ripraff refused to make any changes, knowing that decorations are not accepted. Moonpie I was quoting ripraff and the public shaming that he apparently gave which Manville is crying about.
  6. I've found a bug where the refreshing the page will delete a bookmark list. Steps for the bug to happen: Delete a bookmark list. (For this example "Bookmark List A") Back at the main bookmark page you'll see a message "You successfully deleted the 'Bookmark List A' bookmark." Edit another bookmark list ("Bookmark List C") Hit back on your browser to go back to the main bookmark list. Refresh browser Pop up to confirm resubmission. "Bookmark List B" deleted. List B is next in the list of bookmarks after List A This was with Google Chrome
  7. Ripraff did not publicly shame you. "The reviewer based on no evidence other than there are flowers around it is claiming it is decorative. " He didn't name you at all. The only public shaming going on here is coming from you being condescending to ripraff and rude.
  8. I'd be in for this! Almost every city seems to have one now.
  9. Correcting Milestones on the Statistics page is not working correctly. A. Typing in the name or GC Code doesn't seem to work at all. B. Trying to switch pages and selecting the cache manually will eventually start glitching out. Tried multiple browsers (Chrome and IE) and on mobile (Safari and Firefox) with the same results.
  10. Since the Halifax GPS Adventure ended back in January, does anyone know if it is being moved elsewhere in Canada? Or has it gone away much like the US GPS Adventures?
  11. I assume that the clock icon represents a recent search. It is also my assumption that this list doesn't erase and builds up and then when 7 or so fill the screen the "oldest" one will drop off or they drop off after a certain time (like a day or something). This feature is also on the Location Search.
  12. So you could have 10 different NG waymarks for the Leaning Tower of Pisa? My argument stands, Too Prevalent.
  13. Thanks to both of you for your prompt and detailed responses. So my suspicions were confirmed, I'll just use a puzzle for the final and have a Wherigo elsewhere in the series. Very interesting, thanks again!
  14. I'm thinking of doing a series of geocaches that ends with a Wherigo where you have to enter a number from 3 different caches which would then direct you to the final. My question is how hackable are Wherigos? Could someone open up the cartridge file in another program and somehow get the final coordinates? Thanks.
  15. Some of my favourite Brantford caches: http://coord.info/GC1H227 http://coord.info/GC1H234 http://coord.info/GC1W33H http://coord.info/GC1W4YZ http://coord.info/GC33104 Definitely must do caches!
  16. That's exactly a problem this category would help avoid, do we really want 10 different waymarks for one sign? I don't. I'd rather the sign stand on its own with its unique design and then have links to the various waymarks related to the organizations, example: "Soroptimist International - Created and maintains the Soroptimist Memorial Garden on Esplanade Ave." There's the dual use of having the sign itself as a unique attraction and the utilitarian aspect of having links to other service club waymarks in the area.
  17. I'm looking at starting a category dedicated to Town Service Club Signs. Examples They are prevalent in both the US and Canada at least and vary widely in design as you can see (I've seen small towns with multiple signs that have completely different designs!) The current "Welcome Sign" categories only feature slogans or populations so these really interesting signs are left out in the cold. I like to make the category useful and interesting so in addition to the picture, I would require a small blurb about what each club brings to the community, example: "Rotary Club- Meets every third Wednesday. Rotary Park on Main St. is maintained by them. Freemasons- Started in 1949 and meets every week on Thursday." I would also require the sign must feature a community name. What do you think?
  18. To me this is too similar to postcards, for which there is already a waymark: http://www.Waymarking.com/cat/details.aspx?f=1&guid=5e452d4d-54cd-4e9b-ad37-5eb8aa112a18
  19. I'll admit to being a bad "logger", but to be fair, trying to come up with logs for the same object in multiple categories is tough. There's only so many ways to skin a cat.
  20. " It looks like they have created a group and it is in the peer review lets see how many want it as currently it is no looking like making it." Too be honest though the description doesn't look great. The best category idea ever wouldn't pass if it looks bad. I do think that Public Drinking Fountains are a good possible category if presented right with two reasons: 1. Possible Historical, Artistic, Cultural value. Fountains come in a wide variety of forms, just do a quick Google search of drinking fountain and you can see dozens of unique styles. Water fountains aren't a standard thing throughout the world like garbage receptacles either, they vary by region with many cities establishing water fountains only as public drinking water became widely used. This gives many cities or towns unique histories. As an example Hamilton, Ontario's water fountains were introduced only after threats of cholera epidemics. 2. Useful to Waymarkers Many waymarkers are on trails, parks or exploring an urban city somewhere. Knowing where a water fountain is can be extremely useful. Similar categories include Playgrounds, Trail Heads, and Parks. As for prevalence, I don't have statistics but I'd bet many cities are abandoning water fountains due to bottled water and maintenance costs. As I said above, it very much depends on the region. I walked around Toronto the past couple days and only saw 1 water fountain (a unique type that I had never seen before at that). In my hometown there are none. They are hardly "everywhere".
  21. I think there might be too much overlap between this, Scenic Lookouts (as you stated) and Look-Out Towers
  22. I feel your pain, especially for puzzle caches. My advice? Take a step back, take a deep breath, move on and try again. You can't win them all.
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