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  1. Personally I would like it either brought back where it was or just during that one weekend or a single day during Ape event. Hope those two do not siphon votes off each other as much to make a travel bug option win like a 35-30-30 kind of thing where 60% of the folks want the cache back some how but had to choose. I think many folks who chose either the 1 day would be happy with it back in general vs keep it as a trackable. My vote anyway. Hope to see it out there again. Was fun to be part of the team that found it while looking for it.
  2. Do admit the idea of bringing the cache out for one weekend or one week a year and have a mega event associated with it sounds very intriguing. For a week or weekend, we could easily have enough cachers camp out and protect the cache. I'd volunteer.
  3. Course, all this talk of voting is not quite accurate. The survey right now is to get suggestions. The actual voting will occur once Groundspeak has gone through all the surveys and come up with candidates to vote on. This was clarified to us when we were talking to Bryan that day of the podcast. Will look forward to voting on it soon.
  4. I would gladly wish it was reactivated so others can find and enjoy it. Never should have been archived in my opinion anyway.
  5. Perhaps, and the fact that Groundspeak probably does not need to advertise worldwide a tiny little 6 hour event in a small town in Washington state as opposed to a Mega event where folks will travel to it. But yes, if it was advertised more, it would likely get more virtual logs. There are a few other ones out there active right now, but I generally just post the past ones.
  6. Yeah we just did this one, does not matter what airline you take as long as you are past security. We just took a detour to this terminal as we did not need to use this one for our flight.
  7. Here are some local ones we had not advertised on the main labs one https://labs.geocaching.com/Adventures/Details/8f020654-e2b8-4405-93da-87b0ee1cdf3d https://labs.geocaching.com/Adventures/Details/93eff2b9-3684-4299-96ab-259baa62cb95 https://labs.geocaching.com/Adventures/Details/f6d9f374-3f3f-449a-80b9-e395ce97e40e https://labs.geocaching.com/Adventures/Details/8792c6bc-ba40-4893-849f-12780d849f1d https://labs.geocaching.com/Adventures/Details/28eb9d9b-a85e-40eb-b3bd-8b99e7bd807d https://labs.geocaching.com/Adventures/Details/e62d1a13-a5e8-4487-92fb-2ee974387d59
  8. Um, at least 3 of the 8 caches had no log from him on them and all (including the one with the calling card) the caches he did are in the same area / park. Its very likely the same person discovered them. I remember being the first person to find like 10 caches in a row gone on the way to GCD. Was not a fun walk but I felt I needed to make sure they were all gone, one by one and then I posted a DNF/note on each one, I guess I was the culprit by that logic. Am not saying this person is not the person but there is not evidence here to say, yeah, he did it.
  9. Yeah, I logged one as well because I wanted to see what happens. The fact that the caches are awarding tons of souvenirs from all over the world, will make this experiment interesting. I was awarding a Finland souvenir on the one I did so I stopped there, not wanting to have all of them on my profile.
  10. Looking forward to new challenge caches coming back in some form. I know some of my friends have talked about a few ideas for new ones. We will have to see what is looking on the horizon. Personally I think some challenges were great and some were lame, but I could say the same thing about many traditionals around here. Would rather see them around than not even if I have to suffer ignoring some I do not care for personally.
  11. I've run to caches before I knew folks were there, but once I see others, I just like to be cooperative, not competitive. However, have had folks run by me as some do not feel the same way.
  12. The lack of the communicator working with my Garmin GPS is incredibly annoying and its frustrating why a solution can't be met. If not for GSAK, this annoying problem would be a more dramatic one for me. Its annoying but thanks to loading them via GSAK, I can survive with my existing methods for the most part.
  13. Statistics have increased my caching goals...whether its to increase types I enjoy like Wherigo, webcams, counties, states, grids, old ones, elevation for a challenge... I like ones that help me explore. Without the stats and quantification, I would have probably tailed off long ago.
  14. There is a multi that starts in Seattle, then goes to Germany and finishes up back in Seattle, WA. Course, doubt a single cacher has been to both waypoints, it was meant to encourage collaboration.
  15. I'd just log a find and move on. If I really knew for sure that the cache was not the intended one, I might drop the CO a note or make a reference to the hint not matching the container and letting the CO deal with it. Yes, throwdowns can be annoying, but generally one does not know if the last person or a recent person did it without permission. Let the CO handle it. Have had some remote caches that I know friends replaced without permission given the CO never logs on. Am not a fan of that but really, I will find better things to get involved than that.
  16. I am not after FTFs as a general rule and I have no problem in the world with people who get them more than others. Its obviously something they enjoy. Greedy is hoarding 400 trackables in the area and not dropping them timely. Greedy is taking all the good swag and leaving pennies in return. Greedy is an adjective outside of Geocaching. Getting FTFs a lot just means they are good at it. The only thing that would annoy me about FTF hounds was if you met them at a GZ and they were really competitive and unfriendly about finding it first to the point of knocking people over, blocking people from searching a particular spot or willing to share if two people effectively found it together.
  17. Have put myself tentatively down
  18. One thing you can do is find a challenge in your state or region and hopefully someone will have created a bookmark list there. I have one for Washington State for example. There are challenge caches without the word challenge in it and there are unknowns with the word challenge in it that are not challenge. For example, the last poster showed British Columbia, it would not show you Tulameen Alphabet Soup for example but that one is listed in a list I saw when searching for challenges in BC.
  19. Don't have any caches within 5 miles of my flight to dinner path so won't be today for me, but I would have no problem getting one otherwise.
  20. There was one for Feb 29 2012. There were no souvenirs in 2000, 2004, 2008. (IE, there really weren't souvenirs on the site at all...) Souvenir for Feb 29, 2016 has not been announced as yet, as far as I know. Seems likely. February 2000 would have been interesting given there were no geocaches hidden before May. I can go either way personally.
  21. I used to delete my DNFs after making the finds but then realized it was kind of silly, it was deleting a bit of my history of my adventure so now I leave them.
  22. There is this one in Seattle. Only one I have found it would seem. https://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC5GT6J&title=spaceflight-academy&guid=d0911a64-47e1-4697-b776-e00ff56e3f76
  23. Maybe he is playing a different game, who knows and why do we care? It does matter though. Twice this person has logged caches and that gave false hope the cache was not there and in fact, it was not there. So empty logging, logging just for the sake of logging can make it more difficult for folks. If a cache is indeed missing and then they falsely logging, its annoying to go out and then realize, nope...cache was not there after all, its just due to someone "playing their own game" as you say. Not coming up with a solution, but these kind of cachers can actually affect you sometimes too.
  24. We have one cacher in my area that my friends are pretty sure rarely finds their caches....caches that are very hard to find, caches that are missing...we have occasionally checked logs and do not see that person's signature. Heck, once I was at a cache that was on my watchlist and that person logged it as found as I was logging the log book. Nope, definitely was not in there. I occasionally have tried to think why, its not like this person is high on numbers or doing challenges and I am not going to just ask them. So, sometimes one just never knows why folks do it.
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