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  1. Thanks! One would think that having been doing this since 2006, I would have thought of that........
  2. I live in the U.S., and just loaded caches located in Greece and Italy for an upcoming vacation. When I click on "geocaches" on the GPS, it says none are found and to adjust parameters. So, is there a mileage limit as to how far away caches can be before they will show up? I've loaded similar caches in the past to a Oregon 450 and don't recall this issue. Thanks!
  3. I'm working on a new mystery cache, and want to use one of the code tables in GeocachingToolbox. But, when I try to do that (cut & paste), the entire table shows, not the individual symbols. How do you copy/paste just one symbol at a time? Thanks.
  4. This may have been mentioned, but what irks me is the apparent reluctance to post a "needs maintenance" or "needs archived". I see quite a few caches that have several DNFs, yet after 5 or 6 DNFs, no one will suggest that it be checked by the CO.
  5. Where can I find the geochecker for mystery caches that tell how many people have solved it and how many haven't? The one that comes up automatically does not tell any of that. Thanks.
  6. You're right--there is no reference. I have to add a hint, but have to come up with something other than straight out telling what to use.
  7. I'm thinking the same about the difficulty. I put it at 2.5 as I had solved one using the same cipher by using Google. And, I am not very good at all solving these. Thanks for the input!
  8. Problem appears to be solved. I've been trying on a MacBook, which has not worked. I have a backup Lenovo that I use 95% of the time for GSAK. And using that, I can copy/paste the symbols.
  9. When I entered the cipher in Google, it let me to this site: https://www.dcode.fr/en The cipher I used was Rail Fence.
  10. Ah, got it! Thanks for the explanation.
  11. The cache is GCYF01. At least he gave a hint! If you can tell me what it is, I would appreciate it.
  12. That's exactly what I thought! There are some very clever cachers here who have solved ones much more difficult than this one. The fact that I was able to solve one using this cipher made me think it would be fairly easy. I am not very good at these.......
  13. No, but appreciate you asking. Most caches like this in my area do not give any hints as to what cipher to use. There are a couple that are totally baffling to me. A couple have said "maybe later". But, I'm thinking I might have to. Just not sure what to say so I don't totally give it away. If you have a suggestion, that would be appreciated.
  14. Haven't given up. Wanted to get it published, so went with another one I wanted to try. Still am going to work with symbols--I mostly use a MacBook, but haven't tried on a Lenovo laptop yet. As for ciphers, I'm still trying to find a way to encode using Turtle. There's a local cache that used that, and I found a decoder. Can't find one to go the other way.
  15. Update--well, apparently I found a cipher that was more difficult than I imagined it would be. 10 days and no find yet. Funny thing is, the first time I saw a cache with this cipher, I Googled it and found the correct cipher right off.
  16. I've tried both Geocaching Toolbox.com and CacheSleuth.com. Entering the coords gives the string of symbols. But, when I copy and paste them, it either gives the URL, or just one of the symbols. I've tried saving them as a photo, in another tab, as a picture. So, those show the string, but I cannot figure out how to separate each symbol by it self. For example, when I highlight the entire string of figures, only the first one shows, like this When I paste it into the description for the cache setting up the hide, it shows the URL. Not sure if that helps.
  17. I'm setting up a mystery cache, and instead of using a cipher that uses letters or numbers, I want to use one that uses symbols for the code. But, every time I try to opt/paste the symbol, all I end up with is the URL. How do I go about just getting a copy of each symbol? Thanks.
  18. Yep, I get a message that the map can't be loaded. Just hit the "reload" and the map shows up.
  19. I did the eraser fix on my Oregon 450. Works like a charm. Can buy a lot of pencil erasers for $38 (including shipping)!
  20. I've replaced logs and containers a few times. When I do, I take the old with me and notify the CO and ask if they would like me to send them. Never a response. What really needs to be done is for more cachers to post NM logs. I recently found one where all that was left was the lid and the top half of the container. Posted NM, but likely won't be fixed as the CO has not been active for almost two years. I track it, and someone else with over 12k finds found it after I did, and said nothing about it's condition.
  21. Me, too! I've made a note for myself for when it happens again.
  22. Yes! That did it!!!! Thanks so much, really appreciate it.
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