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  1. I have noticed this type of behavior with my 60csx when the batteries are starting to get low. A fresh set with calibration seems to work for me.
  2. What it really comes down to is what you prefer. If you can play with both of the models you want as samples in the local store, I would recommend that you do that. When it comes to internal memory, I wouldn't worry that much about it. Most of what you put on the unit will go on the SD card. Some people like to put thousands of caches on their units for that, "Oh, let's see if a cache is near us moment." I have found that when I do this, the cache I am looking for has been disabled, missing, or something else that prevents me from finding it. I then pull it up on the computer and see that it wasn't there having looked for nothing. I would recommend that you frequently update the caches on your unit or have some type of smart phone app to verify if the cache is still there. Bottom line is, do prefer touch screen or toggle? Answer that question and you will have your unit.
  3. First, what are you or have you loaded onto the card? Second, how are you loading that info onto the card? You need a program like map source or base camp to load maps onto the card and all the maps must be selected at once to be installed onto the card. The card does not hold .gpx files, you will need the aforementioned software or something like GSAK to load geocaches onto the unit, not the card. Hope some of this helps you but need more information to truly help.
  4. Good luck with Oregon 450s brand new out there going for well under $300 (Amazon). That is correct for an Oreon but for a Garmin 62sc amazon is selling them for $409.00.
  5. There is an Oregon 450 for sale for $250 in the bay area Craigslist pages. Might want to look at that.
  6. That's what my daughters and I do. When we are together we log as "team-3D", which stands for dad, daughters , and dog. When we get home we do our own logs under our individual name but reference that we signed the log with our team name.
  7. Not at first. Try it out and see how you like it, that's what the free app is for. The paid app gets you a few more benefits and becoming a premium member will give you a few more benefits.
  8. The only thing I can think of, because I haven't done it in awhile, is that your last cache or waypoint is the closest one to where you are starting from so it wants to go there first. Another way, which is what I usually do, is just enter all the geocaches onto the unit and head out for the day. Choose the one your closest to and go for it. Once found, find the next closest and so on. Good luck. Edited for spelling
  9. As a basic member, you can create as many "Geocaches" as you want. You will just have to follow the listing guidelines. Challenges are different from Geocaches.
  10. What type of GPSr do you have and how are you loading them?
  11. The only thing I can think of is, did you calibrate the unit prior to use and did you allow enough time for the unit to gather the correct satellite readings for your location?
  12. Maybe I didn't state it well. What I was saying is that for the price of a Montana you could have both the nuvi and the Dakota. And if you found good deals, you could possibly get a second handheld unit as a Backup. I wouldn't expect you to cache with the nuvi, even though some people do it.
  13. As of right now, the short answer is no. The only way to get the coordinates from the iPad to a handheld unit is to manually enter them. Yet, there is another thread that talked about jail breaking your iPad to do it but not sure if I would do that to my iPad. Just put iPad in the search bar and you'll get the posting. Good luck.
  14. Not to knock your liking of both units but a nuvi would be a lot cheaper and it could come with lifetime maps and traffic for a lot less than the Montana. It could also have Bluetooth capabilities to sync with your phone to use hands free calling and possibly a few other things. Just an idea if you like the Dakota. You could also get a second cheaper GPSr along with a nuvi to be a backup to the Dakota for the price of the Montana.
  15. 1) with the belt clip on my front pocket because I don't actually like it on my belt. It is lower and out of the way. If I'm on a longer hike with my pack, than I clip it to my shoulder strap just above the chest strap. 2) Not that I have found but it only takes one quick push of the button to turn on. 3) I have hiked with it on my pack in the rain with no issues, but is anything really waterproof? I would call it more water resistant than waterproof.
  16. A lot of the replies are form people talking about the "Etrex 10 and 20", the OP is about the Dakota 10 and 20. I had both the Dakota 10 and 20, see how I said both. The 10 is a good unit but the 20 is a better unit and has a lot more features that, if you get the 10, will wish you had with the 20. Yet, like others have posted here, the Etrex series are a good unit also. They have the 10, 20, and 30 models which are pretty good from what I've read. The main difference between the Etrex models and Dalota models is touch screen. If you prefer a touch screen, go for the Dakota 20. If you don't mind the toggle, go with the Etrex 20 or 30. I personally like toggles and buttons, not touch screens. That is why I said, "I had a Dakota". I do have a, used one time, still in the box Dakota 20 with a ZAGG screen that I am getting rid of if you would like it. This is just my personal preference and you should go somewhere and play with the different models.
  17. The more I think about it, the more I like this one. To people like multi-caches? I have never done one so I am not familiar with them (still new). How popular are they and do people shy away from them or actually like them? It all depends on how many stages and how far apart the stages are. If there are just a few stages and don't require driving, you'll get more interest. If not, than you'll get fewer people doing them. It's a good idea to state in your listing how many stages they must do and about how far apart the stages are like this, "you are going to do a three part multi with all the stages within walking distance. You'll end up walking just over a mile to complete this cache." This doesn't tell them how far away the end is just how far they need to walk because you may send them 1/2 a mile east and then 1/2 a mile west for a 1 mile hike. Good luck.
  18. My closest was and still is 0.2 miles.
  19. This may seem silly but, are there any PM caches near you that fit into your search criteria? Next, just to see if you are logged in as a PM, from the home screen choose the "advanced search" tab right in the middle of the screen. Scroll down to "Search Premium Geocaches Only" and select it. Choose either option but I would choose PM only to test it out and then select "search" at the bottom of that page. You should now see PM caches if it is working correctly.
  20. Have you signed out and signed back in as a PM? Just a guess but not sure. Otherwise I would uninstall and reinstall the app and sign in with your new PM status, this should work.
  21. Sorry I can't help out anymore. I am not familiar with basecamps settings. Hopefully others will continue to help you.
  22. Here are some images of how to do it on mapsource, hopefully it is similar: This image shows the drop down to choose your maps: This image shows which button to choose to highlight your tiles, which are shown to the right. These tiles are of topo which are smaller. Navigator tiles are larger, there are only 3 for the whole state of California: This image shows the highlighted tiles and the maps they represent in the list to the left: Here is what my transfer window looks like: I hope this helps. This took some serious memory power in doing this, I usually just use my iPad for everything.
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