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Milestone Congratulations


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Congrats to Bull Moose on his #400. Sorry I am a little late in my congratuations. We just returned from a Geocaching-sight seeing trip. Almost made it to the Bull's home state of Wisconsin. After traveling the Trans Canada HW 1 to Thunder Bay we came down to Duluth where we could see Wisconsin and then came home via US 2 and then cut down to Helena and over to 90 via route 12.


Take care of the family, school, work and look for caches when you can find the time. Dick, W7WT

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I was hoping he'd go find Mt. Ellinor for his 400th.


It's that time of year, again, Bull Moose!

Yeah, I know. Every time I pull out of my driveway on a clear day I'm reminded of my two failures at Ellinor.

It's on my list of things to rectify this summer.

We actually did Mt. Zion as #401.


Dick, sounds like a great trip. I don't get a long geo-road trip this year or proably next, so I'm envious.

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Congratulations on hitting 1000, Jim!


Your caches have challenged me, taught me all sorts of interesting things, made me laugh... I hope mine have brought you the same!


The cache that you hit for #1000 was one of the first ones I did, and I must say that is still one of the more unique hiding places I've found a cache in :unsure:

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