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Milestone Congratulations


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Seems Prying Pandora is sitting at a very good looking 1300 right now.  Way to Go.

Congrats C...Ca...Cat...Cath..... okay... Pandora! :laughing:


It seems like just last summer when we were caching together you just had a few hundred! Wait, it was just last summer. Way to go girl!


Donna Wienerdog

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Prying Pandora: Thanks for all of the caches you've placed...hope to find more of them in the very near future. Congrats on yet another milestone.


And, congratulations to Allanon: "He walked over to it, placed his hand on it, and it, too, brightened. Amazing, he thought. He could hear footsteps of the others coming up behind him. He wondered what they must be thinking. But no one spoke, and he did not look back at them." --Terry Brooks, First King of Shannara. (Doesn't that sound like a cacher?) Yeah, I've got to get my Druid Training in one of these summer days...

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Man it seems like the "next" 100 takes sooo much longer than the previous 100.... That being said, I recently FINALLY reached 700 finds and on the same cache reached 100 FTFs. Kinda planned it that way when someone asked me how many FTFs I had and I realized I was approaching 100 FTFs and 700 finds.

Congrats GeoDiver!!!

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Considering our mutual love of urban caching, it seems only fitting that I was able to witness globalgirl acquiring her 400th find at LovejSc's "Urban Earthcache". Congratulations!


Thank you , GG, for all of your ingenious puzzles (and generous hints to those clever puzzles!) along the way. I have the feeling that I'll be scratching my head at least 400 times on your commemorative hide. :lol:

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