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Milestone Congratulations


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Fishiam hit a personal-goal milestone today, as detailed in his log at my South Bluff Trail Hideout Cache: "At 11:20 AM on June 7th, 2005, I completed my 9 month quest - to have found every single active cache within the official city limits of Seattle. I did a small dance of happiness after finding the bison and signing my name." So, for one brief moment, before any new caches were approved, he made it! This is an amazing accomplishment...Congratulations!

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That cache should be on everyone's list to do. It sure beats the heck out of urban micros and throw them out anywhere caches like some I've found. I won't mention any names, but we have all done some very lame ones. This one is only 1.2 miles from the parking lot, but worth every step.

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Congrats to WeightMan who hit 600 yesterday at Ebey Bluffs!

Congrats. Bruce, Ajetpilot and I are saving Ebey Bluffs for our 1000 find. We both have just a few more to travel down to Mountain Marsh for our 900 th. Hope to get Ebey Bluffs this year. Dick, W7WT

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