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Milestone Congratulations


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I just noticed it too...a big congratulations to lucyandrickie on breaking through the elusive 3000 barrier!

Adding my congratulations to that and to Barnabirdy(s) 1600 and Runhills 1500 Way to go guys!

Congrats to all my pals!! I am dragging the rear - hit 1200 this weekend at GeoRoo's Edge of the World during the Table Mountain Star Party - now THAT was cool! :P

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Going to toot our own horn. Got # 800 at  Marmot Pass via the Big Quilcene Trail this week.

The girls really worked hard on this one, we went up via the Tubal Cail Trail. Wow what a hike. Total miles was around 22. :lol:

That is great Steve and the rest of the Grays. Back in my younger days I always intended to make that trip but just never got around to it. Congrats on that 800.

We will be leaving in the morning for the Oregon Coast. I should pick up my 1000 somewhere on that trip. Then just after labor day we are going back to Illinois and I would like to pick up my 1100 at Mingo GC30 the oldest existing cache that is located on I 70 in Kansas. May not have 1100 by that time. Again Steve thanks to you and your family for an outstanding job as the Garmin Manager at the GPS Contest. Dick, W7WT

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