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Milestone Congratulations


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See what happens when we don't call a meeting of the WNW. My best hiking buddy goes off and finds his 1600th and a FTF to boot. Right on Run, congrats man!


Ya'll better keep and eye on this Dayspring character. Always in the hunt for a firstie and the man behind all those cool Tubular cache. Congrats man.


Peace, Nolenator

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:D Thank's y'all it's nice to know that I'm gone but not forgot!


You folks just down right ROCK!


see ya in January



Congratulations, Pepper!! And to think I knew you back when :P


I do have one small complaint, though... I noticed the sleeveless top you were wearing for your recent #3000 picture so it must have been a nice warm day. I was putting chains on my car this morning in Oregon so I could get home from my Thanksgiving trip to CA ... it's hard to do a numbers run when everything is covered with sleet. Aint fair!


Oh well, there's always tomorrow! Can't wait to see you in January!!

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yumitori! We haven't seen you in ages! Where have you been? Still in Montana I guess! Are you going to try to make it to the B'Ham cache machine?


Sadly not this time of year. With leonata going back to school we find what free time she has is mostly filled with studying. Hopefully we'll be more active next summer, but we did get our third Photographer's cache last weekend.


(How's that for a milestone?)

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