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  1. Because this is a brand new device and I am just getting used to it, I am not a hard core cacher in that I usually only do one or two caches at a time not zillions and zillions so downloading by "Sending to GPS" works for me 90% of the time, and I have run pocket queries in the past (usually along a route) but wanted to figure out why very simple way of paperless caching wasn't working for me on this new devise. Thanks much for taking the time to reply.
  2. Thanks everyone! I tried the screen resolution and that fixed the issue. Had this problem once before on an unrelated site, and that's how I fixed that one too, its just been years, and I couldn't recall. I am good to go!
  3. Hello all! Feel a bit silly, but just got a new eXplorist 310 and am planning on renewing my interest in geocaching this summer. Got it all connected to the computer fine, downloaded the communicator okay, and tried to send my first geocaching to the device. The Send to GPS dialoge box comes up, and says "Magellan Communicator found. Having issues? Please click here to install the latest PC version. Please click here to install the latest MAC version. Magellan GPS found and ready for download. Click Download to transfer geocache information to Magellan GPS." However, the download box is below the bottom lip of the box, so I can't click it. No way to maximize the the box. Fussed around with it a bit trying different things, but I can't get the box to go any bigger. Any assistance is appreciated! Sarah WATreasureHunters
  4. I will take two, and will be picking up locally, if you need to know that now. Thanks for posting this for us locals! Very cool! WATreasureHunters
  5. We went to Hawaii for Christmas last year, but did most of our caching on the Big Island, which I do highly recommend for anyone reading this prior to a Hawaii trip. I do remember, however, lots of caches within Honolulu, many with historical or somehow interesting context. I don't know if I just lucked out, but the caches in Hawaii seem to be high qualitity and very well thought out. Enjoy!
  6. Thanks much for the quick reply! I will just had to weed the watchlist down...
  7. Is there a way to get your watchlist updates in a journal format (all updates for a day or week, as an example) versus the individual emails that I currently receive? I have dug around on the forums as well as on the profile and account pages, and am coming up blank... Thanks! Sarah WATreasureHunters
  8. I am happy to report that GC931 was adopted by intolerable. Yay! I will give the other two a couple of more days... Sarah
  9. Hello and good afternoon! I am visiting the islands for two weeks in late December and am looking for some must do caches. We are staying in Kaaawa, and island hopping to Hilo for a weekend. Our main purpose on the big Island is Volcanos National Park, but want to grab a cache or two as well. I have been to Oahu before, and plan to avoid Waikiki area in favor of the North Shore. We have never been to the Big Island. We have an willing and able seven year old along for the ride. So hikes are okay, major bushwacking and scary dangerous stuff is not. I would love suggestions, and offer mahalo in advance! Sarah WATreasureHunters
  10. Good afternoon! I haven't had the time to enjoy the game like I used to, and my lack of maintenance is showing. Time to let my caches go. I have three active caches that someone may be interested in adopting. Two are in Tukwila, and the third is in Seahust Park. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...d3-0e5b8faba4c7 Slippery Root Cache GC931 This Ain't No Hazelnut GCP5EA Corner Pocket GCQBTW The one I am most "worried"about is Slippery Root. It was placed on May 1, 2001, and is one of the oldest caches in the state (currently on page 687 of 688 Washington State caches). I would hate for it to be archieved because I haven't been able to be a good steward. I'm not on the forums much anymore, if there is any interest in any of these, email me at dsvall@comcast.net. Thanks much, Sarah WATreasureHunters
  11. There is a coyote, or possibly a group, that live here in Tukwila. I have seen them on more than one occasion by the Home Depot here in the predawn hours. It's an eye opener, especially when you aren't maybe all the way awake... BTW, although the plan is to now trap the critter, its not so they can relocate him. According to the news last night, they will trap and euthanize him. Bummer. They say he is to aggresive towards humans, which means he must be put down... Sarah
  12. "We should be putting this energy into coming up with ways to show the parks the benefits of having geocaches. Eventually when all the other parks are reaping those benefits and Discovery park isn't they might just consider changing their position." Yes, and part of that is dwelling on our mistakes. By that I mean policing ourselves in such a way that all caches are not pulled from a park before we have this discussion. Am I the only one who sees Seward Park, Camp Long, Lincoln Park and Carkeek Park recover and restoration efforts (as well as the enviromental centers at some of these locations) as a possible segue into a ban on destructive activities. Destructive activities such as a badly placed geocache? Good grief! I GET that this is not all "all out ban" on geocaching in Seattle Parks. My point, and something that BPR said as well, is that we need to be proactive regarding our hobby, and being proactive would mean specific examples of what caused issues in sensitive areas in the past. Seward Park, as an example, has a Friends of Seward Park group that pulls ivy, plants natives (or at least organizes and helps raise funds) etc, etc. to help restore one of the last remaining stands of forest in the city. How will a volunteer of that group react if some of their new plants get squished and a cache happens to be nearby? Sounds like Discovery Park all over again. And really not so far fetched, which is what I feel some people are saying here, despite the assurances that would NEVER happen. That is one reason why I asked for information about how we can get involved in the parks, not a four-person advance gaurd, but how individuals can communicate with Seattle Parks in general regarding restoration projects in the parks, etc. that can make it sound like we care (because we do CARE). I don't have a cache in a Seattle Park, but if I did, I would like to be able to speak with someone besides the maintenance men about my cache. I was able to find information about the Parks Board of Directors, at the Parks website. If you dig, you can also get a phone number to each park, though when I called through to Seward I got a recording. Can I also assume, since it hasn't been addressed, that there is no timeline for a next meeting, or for a policy to be enacted? Sarah
  13. Apparently, Blue Power Ranger and I were composing at the same time. Great minds think alike! Very well said.
  14. This back and forth discussion has been interesting, to say the least. I hope all parties realize that the questions regarding strategy, etc. are brought forth by people passionate about the game. Without passionate people, the game ceases to exist. "Harsh" comments aside, we are supposed to be on the same side here. I am not one of the "in" clique of geocachers. But this finger pointing back and forth with the"hey, I don't like your tone"--"Well, bully on you, I don't like your tone either" doesn't do anyone any good, risks alienating someone from this very fun hobby (and please don't say that doesn't happen, I can think of one very prominent example and I am sure there are more) and makes us all look like chumps (anyone can read these forums). There was a way to address the Parks Department very specific form letter without being confrontational. Keep in mind that they are the ones that started this whole thing, so asking about specific examples, in the correct way, would not be unheard of. The group that went, on their own time as I assume they volunteered to go, with the possble exception of MissJenn) made the decision to not addresss it. We have to respect that. I am curious about next steps. TM indicated in her post that this is a relationship building exercise. When will our people meet with their people again? Is there a timeline for a policy? Are they forums available for public comment for park issues? City Council meeting, or whathaveyou? Is another meeting scheduled? Are they aware that group caching, such as the event cache program that is apparently allowed in Discover Park, causes way more damage than a well placed traditional cache. Here's a complete brainstorming idea, how about allowing only puzzle caches within Discovery Park? Specifc data could be provided that would prove that these type of caches are visited far less frequently (on average) than a traditional. Let's be proactive. Concrete information they shared with the volunteer group about why this decision was made, shouldn't be parked somewhere. An example might be, Parks people noticed a social trail at this location that went through low level forest growth. We saw damage to X plant species. It is our opinion (the Parks folks) that this trail is a direct result of geocache GCXXXX. Responsible cache placers and finders can review this information, and be aware that if they see another cache that kinda fits that same profile maybe we can report it. Sarah WATreasureHunters
  15. Weightman, thank you for taking the time to address my question. It is appreciated. I will review the master plan as I can.
  16. I would also like more detail regarding the damage we have caused and their major areas of concern; not to dig for dirt, but if this is published information, and part of general conversation, it will help "us police us" better.
  17. What a beatiful baby girl!! I love little babies with their eyes open checkin' the world out Congrats! And ya know, once the weather warms a bit, I bet she won't slow you down a bit.
  18. Could you possibly clarify what the heck you are talking about!
  19. Yeah, neither did I (regarding letterboxing), but I'm not a registered user, so wasn't sure if I was missing something. Well. for those of you with placement in Seattle Parks, I would take this as the chance to be proactive that we (maybe) didn't have before. Clean up those spots, get the caches out of the birds nests, and possibly disable any caches that a social trail COULD be blamed on a nearby cache. Better to be safe than banned from Seattle Parks altogether.
  20. Does anyone have a letterboxing ID? Are the letterboxes being evicted as well?
  21. I received the exact same response from Seattle Parks. Frankly, I'm not sure there is a lot to say in defense. Someone put a cache in an owl nest!?!? I assume unknowingly. Bummer. I am still curious about the meeting TM is having with the folks after the 1st of the year, but it sounds like they have put a policy in place to protect their park. After the horse is out of the barn, of course, but was there any inkling that this was on the horizon before it happened. Ya know, did we miss the chance to be proactive? Sarah WATreasureHunters
  22. I would be interested, and as a bonus, it is close to home, AND a park that I frequent. The temp. is really not the issue to me, in winter CITO but the rain. However, barring a monsoon, I would love to attend.
  23. Thanks for the update TM. It is appreciated. Sarah WATreasureHunters
  24. I feell a bit deprived as well. My largest is the Washington APE cache. Bummer! WATreasureHunters
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