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Milestone Congratulations


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I'm having trouble remembering what I used to do with my free time before geocaching. Can the two of you remember? 


Well, for one, nonstop inline skating during the warm months. I have definitely gotten out of shape while caching instead! :laughing: If only it weren't so darn addictive...




EDIT fat fingers

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Thanks, everyone, for your good wishes. I just got back from my caching vacation and am pleased to report I achieved 1000 on May 3 at the Barnabirdys' scenic Patterson Mountain cache in Winthrop. It was a great pre-birthday present!


And congrats to LittleBlue on reaching 4 digits on the same day - who'da thunk we'd do it simultaneously! Of course, you ran the table in only 7 months. It took me 2 years, 4 months. B)


Thanks again to all my caching buddies for the companionship and adventures over the past two years. As a newcomer to the Northwest, geocaching has helped me make new friends and get acquainted with my new home. The geocaching community is a warm and welcoming one, and I look forward to many more fun times with you all!

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I want to say congrat to Nancois (formerly NLS) who reached find #400 yesterday at Puzzler's Paradise. It took us two trips and a total of 8 hours to complete this puzzle/multi cache. And I reached #300 at the same time!

Congrats to the both of you. Its nice to hit those milestones on hard caches. Good job you two.

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I wish I'd visited nolenator's Peace and Quiet cache a little later in the day--I might have been able to witness Pepper finding her 2700th cache if I had!


Pepper, it's not necessarily your last Washington milestone...you do take vacations, right? :blink:

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