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  1. The whole thing is pretty sad. Our cache "I've fallen, and I can't get up...." GC1W7KE was full of First Aid supplies, which many people have used. It was also a large ammo can. I highly doubt someone walked it all the way out. Due to my work schedule, it probably won't be replaced.
  2. Has anyone done a bookmark with the latest add's that they would be willing to share?
  3. http://coord.info/GC2D77G It's upon us. This year we are hoping to change the way the Haunted House is done. Instead of the crew putting together all of the separate rooms, we're asking YOU to create your own room. How sick are you? Do you like scaring people? Can you make Denise almost wet herself? We are asking for people to put together a room anywhere from 8X8' to 10x10'. You only limit is your imagination, and maybe some good taste. Contact me through the geocaching.com website for more details.
  4. You might also try here. http://www.tb-rescue.com/
  5. Never mind. Used the QR code, and it worked !
  6. Any more news? It all appears to be down
  7. We placed it near Dupont tonight.
  8. Travis, Do you have a Streets and Trips file that you might be willing to share?
  9. So it's reached the destination. Now what? Send it back?
  10. Just saw that GC1MWHF had been published. No personal experience.
  11. I killed my twitter widget that was using flash on my stats page. Everthing else is pretty cool!
  12. Today was our first day caching with our 60csx. We decided to try the NW Trails maps as well as the TOPO US maps. WOW! What a difference it made for us. We've avoided some caches in the past because we weren't sure how to get to them. We've grown tired of urban caching and want to head into the woods. This is the perfect tool for us. Thanks to everyone and we hope to add the database soon.
  13. Wow. Forum crash as I posted. Just need a display or a dead unit with a display. Seattle area
  14. Congrats due to Grizwests on breaking 1000. Now they can sit at the big peoples table!!!
  15. Look at any of the events that Shop99er has done. This guy know how to get it done... http://shop99er.com/
  16. Ford F250 or 350 with California plates at the Taco Del Mar in Poulsbo?
  17. Uh, we lost a 60 CSX or maybe it was a 400t, or one of the other expensive models, yeah that's it. So if anyone finds a GPS anywhere, it's probably mine. I'll take it. No questions asked.......
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