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  1. Definite no on Mrs. Stump going but I'll be there. Will need a transport for me and my bike back to the start (or to the end). I'll have a bike rack that can supposedly carry 4 bikes but I've never gotten more than 3 on it.
  2. But even loose sprinkler heads will cause a problem when they're turned on. You'd have to ask a landscaper how often this happens, or if it's even an issue at all at some cache sites.
  3. I think your list only gives evidence that he was wrong. By ignoring the stats aspect of the hobby he's created an environment where there are no real rules regarding stats and both sides get upset. If they had embraced stats long ago either by embracing them on the site or encouraging outside providers the access to create stats this would not be the issue it is today. Just one man's opinion.
  4. Thanks for the mention of pocket caches Recdiver. I'd been wondering what was happening with the latest logs on the Groundspeak headquarters cache. A search for the term pocket caches found the answer for me. Ugh! On second thought, maybe I wish I didn't know. I was happily blissful of the latest controversy.
  5. One of my favorite waterfalls is at June Lake on the south side of Mt. St. Helens. And the nearby Lava Canyon has some pretty nice falls too.
  6. In July it stays light until 10 PM. And not sure why it would need to take longer than a dinner.
  7. Have you considered an outdoor picnic? That was my plan for Grays Harbor. The numbers of cachers attending these things is getting too big to fit in one room at a restaurant and we can't get a good enough head count beforehand for catering to work well. At most of the machines people end up sitting in different parts of the restaurant.
  8. Stump


    It sounds like you're looking for the Very Bunny cache.
  9. Only to some. To some long hikes uphill are pointless. To others hard to find micros are pointless. Just because you don't care about numbers doesn't make them pointless to everyone. To many keeping track of numbers at the end of the day brings them fun.
  10. As others have said rude behavior on forums is hardly anything new. There's even the Flame Warriors website devoted to listing the different types of forum posters with rude behavior.
  11. But how does that require you to use your GPSr more? I've seen a number of caches that give you coordinates to a parking lot and then have you follow directions to a cache (example. Not sure why this is any different. But as headybrew said if they won't approve it put it on another site that will. It looks like a great idea and would be a shame to not be out there somewhere.
  12. I'm at 504 e-mails from geocaching.com since Friday. Beats my previous record of 200-some in a weekend a year or so ago. Turns out a lot of the machiners did some of my non-machine/non-Longview caches too! So I figure I'll be getting at least another 500 in the next week. There has been talk about the next machine. Right Wing Wacko had announced last January he was wanting to a machine in early summer (Everett I think). I hope he's still wanting to do that, he didn't mention it to me on Saturday. The next TravisL scheduled machine is Grays Harbor in the fall. I had said before I'd host it but after this one I have changed my mind. Setting up the route and spending the day fixing problems is fun but the politics involved with geocaching took away too much of the fun. So I hope someone else steps up to take these over. I'm familiar with the Grays Harbor area and cachers and already had a route worked up so would love to help someone if they want it.
  13. If you want non-perfect coords make it an offset (multi) cache and say it's within 30 feet of the posted coordinates.
  14. You like going to coordinates and then looking around for a cache only to find out the cache isn't actually at the coordinates listed? We found 2 caches yesterday which were listed as traditional but the coordinates were simply for parking. Our group spent time looking for the cache until someone pulled out the cache page and read it closely to find out the "traditional" was a multi-. Team Misguided is correct, just e-mail the local approver and hopefully they'll fix the mis-typed cache. I've had good luck getting most of the mis-typed caches I find fixed.
  15. I'm sure there were a few milestones hit this weekend. I wanted to congratulate Team Noltex on #700.
  16. Well, the machine is over. Whew! Thanks so much everyone for coming. It was fun not actually "needing" to find the caches and being able to spend time caching with, I think, just about everyone at some point. (if I missed anyone then my loss ) Hope everyone had a good time. For those wondering I've received 135 e-mails from cache logs so far today. Prying Pandora is still logging so I'll probably have a few more before the day is over.
  17. Look for the large group of people laughing and having fun!!!!! The people that group is pointing at will be us.
  18. The coffee stop will actually be there earlier than 10. I asked them (Culp686 crew) to be there at 9. Do you plan on doing some of the route Friday or skipping the 2 Mt. Solo caches?
  19. Hopefully there won't be any last minute changes. Both disabled caches are now back in action. Littlest Venice was always there but they moved the hiding spot temporarily (you'll see what I mean) and I replaced Pioneer Lions today and the owner should enable it soon. If not, it's there and it's the official cache (I had permission to replace it from the owner).
  20. It'll be closed for about an hour from 1-2. There will only be about 3 feet clearance between the crane and the bridge so they want to make sure the bridge is empty. It's tide dependent so unless the bridge collapses it won't be more than an hour or so. The crane has been waiting in Seattle for about a week for the river to be low enough. The weather is supposed to be 64º with clouds and sunshine interspersed.
  21. Everyone is invited, WK02. Especially the locals! You can just show up Friday night for dinner, Saturday night for dinner, or Saturday morning at 6 AM. Or if you'd like, just show up at the coffee stop (north end of the Lake) around 10 AM.
  22. Yes. Okay, I left myself wide open for that one. Let me rephrase the question. Are you going to post coordinates for the coffee stop? Yes, the coordinates for the coffee stop have been posted. But you won't need to worry about them. As I posted on the event page we put the coffee stop on the route where you'll be passing right by to do the What comes around goes around multi-cache. In fact, one of the waypoints is right at the coffee stop. A heads up for everyone. The maps in the Longview area for some reason really stink. The roads have been around for over 50 years yet the routing software still screws up a lot of spots. The important ones for the machine are: 1) Gerhart Gardens - There's an exit off the highway right to the park but it's not on the maps so I had to move the cache across the river so it would route to it 2) Lewis and Clark bridge - The bridge only exits to Hwy 30 but the software thinks you can turn right onto a side road. I added an extra stop for a map correction so that you'll be taken the correct way. Also, a note on lunch. There are plenty of spots in Longview/Kelso (along Washington Way and Ocean Beach Hwy) to eat but once you cross the bridge to Oregon you're choices are limited until you get to St. Helens at the southern end of the route. There are a couple of nice delis in downtown Longview (near intersection of Commerce & Broadway) if you'd like to get away from fast food. There's also free WiFi at Sunset Bagels in Kelso (503 Allen St), they serve lunch and dinner. And if you want coffee there's free WiFi at Common Ground (1333 Broadway). And lastly, if you see furry creatures swimming in Lake Sacajawea (and you probably will) they aren't beavers they're nutria. If you think they're cute (Mrs. Stump does) and want to catch one and take it home with you the city would be glad to let you.
  23. We'll be there too! Mmmm.... Pizza! You'd better be there Jester. I was thinking of you when I chose Izzy's. (okay, mostly I was thinking about location) The last cache has been hidden and approved so hoping to get the final draft done tonight. If not tonight then it will be posted tomorrow. Also working on a .loc file with all the waypoints and parking spots with the caches numbered. I will also post the .est file for those who want it. Thanks to Culp686 graciously allowing cache machiners to get the final coordinates to his long (and very good) multi The BURNHAM cache all the caches in the area except one will be on the route. The one that won't be there (Goble Falls) requires you to walk through a stream. Fun and my favorite cache in the area, but probably not something you want to do on a machine. Right now the weather for Saturday is looking like warm but cloudy. Hopefully it'll be clear enough to at least see Mt. St. Helens as you drive around. It sure is cool looking this time of year when it's bright white instead of dull gray. Probably asking too much for us to be able to see all the way to Mt. Rainier like we did last weekend but maybe. The coffee spot (a big thanks to the Culp crew) will be about 10 AM and it looks like the weather will be nice enough to bring the boat to get the quick island cache.
  24. Ditto Patudles AND Team Noltex want a friday night dinner. How can I turn them down? Dinner will be at 6:30 at Izzy's Pizza in Kelso (it's right off the freeway so it's convenient for everyone). I'll post the coordinates on the event page.
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