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Who is not at Geocoinfest


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Me too and i was feeling sad until the Geo_Bandit visited me! :D


Same same! I called home this morning and there's a Geo_Bandit there waiting for me :D


As for GCF, I was 20 miles from there a week ago... what a tease. :laughing::D To make matters worse, now I'm sitting in Montana in Tsun's town! :P:lol: And she's at GCF!!! :D My luck is amazing, lol :blink:

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Im at home as it was just a little far to go.

In the years to come I will be going to the further away events.


You think you've got problems, lol! I'm on the other side of the pond!


Me too... :P


This little froggie is also on the wrong side of the pond for GCF. :D:D:lol::laughing:

Me too. Wrong side of the pond, wrong hemisphere, totally wrong time zone. But I have a Geo-Bandit to keep me company :D


Righty-o back to geocoin trading the hard way! :blink:

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