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  1. As the others said if you do not feel comfortable then don't look. Around where I am at most of the hiders have on their cache page about private property and permission has been given. If the page does not have some statement on it I do not like to look for it. If it is dark out I also do not like to look for the ones around someones house. I have a cache in my back yard and I have it marked for daylight only. I see someone out there at night I call the PD and let them deal with it. I have found a few in peoples yard or apartment complex. I hope this helps kf4oox - Paul
  2. I have a TomTom One V3 that I use to drive to the cache. Then I use my hand held GPSr (PN-40) to go from the car to the cache. I use GSAK (gsak.net) to load my PQs into then you can export from GSAK right into the TomTom. I hope this helps kf4oox - Paul
  3. Very nice geocoin. Would love to get one. Will have to see. It is so nice and simple. Thanks kf4oox - Paul
  4. kf4oox

    Is Wherigo dead?

    Sounds like it to me. kf4oox - Paul
  5. kf4oox

    PQ problem

    My 2 regular scheduled PQs have not come today. Last gen on 10/05/09 ~6:30 AM. It is almost 9:00 PM so way late. What is going on with the PQ servers? Thanks kf4oox - Paul
  6. This sounds good to me. Maybe have a menu item that will dump you into a new PQ page with the cache already added to it so you finish filling it out and tell it to genereate. kf4oox - Paul
  7. You own your physical mailbox (plus, it's a federal offense to tamper with it). Read your fine print - no such protections on your email account. Your ISP owns it. Yes I know. That is why I said I CONSIDER it that way. We also pay them to deliver email and other digital information to us. They failed on that. But anyway I got money off of my bill. So that speaks load. kf4oox - Paul
  8. While at work I called and after talking to a couple of people who finally put me to National Tech support. That person had a hard time understanding what I was talking about. After about 10 mins of her trying to get me to check this and that I got through to her as to what was going on. So after some talking and me complaining I now have some money coming off of my bill. I told them that I consider this the same thing as someone getting into my mail box and stilling my US Post Office mail. I am glad this is fixed as I now have my PQs and Notifies to read. Thanks kf4oox - Paul
  9. So this explains why I have not email from you. This is not very good for customer relations. But then again they do not care about having good customers otherwise they would not have blocked Groundspeak. I now have to go to work and have no internet so there is nothing I can do for the next 9 hours. When I get back I will fire something off to them. Thanks kf4oox - Paul
  10. I carry a GPSr of course. I also have a Leatherman multi tool (Has come in handy many times) also have a mini-mag light. This is on my belt normally. I also have a VFD Pager (has nothing to do with geocaching but it is there) and my cell phone. (I know too much stuff. It is hard to put on my bunker pants for the VFD) I also have a fanny pack with 2 bottles of water, brochures for geocacahing, TBs, digital camera, and most important OFF!. Hope this helps. kf4oox - Paul
  11. It would be best to have a trail GPSr like a Garmin Etraxx type. It is much more rugged and give better displays to use. Some road GPSr have a walking mode with a compass page but not the TomTom. People have use a TomTom for geocaching. I know of a cacher who has used it for more than 100 finds and most of those are hikes. You can match up the Lat & Long readouts. It is harder to do but can be done. Most people I know (including me) use the TomTom to get to parking then use the trail unit to find the cache. I hope this helps kf4oox - Paul
  12. I am sorry sir but I have not used a Magellan sense about 1994 and that was on a scuba dive boat in the Caribbean Sea. Now why would a company have their web site down till the 6th that does not sound right. I do hope that some Magellan people will pop in here and help you out. Have you tried a search for the information you want. Maybe some one else has the information you need besides Magellan. Oh well have fun and I hope you figure it out. kf4oox - Paul
  13. Looks like she is from U.K. I was going to say I have a Garmin Vista C she could have for shipping. But it might be a bit much to U.K. There should be some cheap deals over there as well. Good luck. kf4oox - Paul
  14. Sounds like something I might be interested in as well. Thanks kf4oox - Paul
  15. Sounds like something I might be interested in as well. Thanks kf4oox - Paul
  16. Very nice looking geocoins. I will be waiting to get some. Thanks kf4oox - Paul
  17. Got mine today as well and they look real nice. Very well done. Thanks kf4oox - Paul
  18. I think the Antique Silver looks the best. kf4oox - Paul
  19. I love both versions of the coin. I reserved both versions. This here Volunteer FF loves them. Thanks kf4oox - Paul
  20. kf4oox

    Late PQ's

    I have 2 PQs that are run daily except Tue. I did not receive them on Thursday. They just came in in the last couple of hours. These 2 PQ's I have had running for a long time now. At one point in time I could tell when they would come. Now I can NOT. kf4oox - Paul
  21. I say just Have Fun!!! That is the important part Have Fun. Start easy then go after the harder ones. Also a good thing would be to go to a local event and meet other local cachers and try to go caching as a group with them. So Have fun and enjoy. I also have a Delorme PN-40 and it is a nice unit. Make sure it has the latest firmware in it. See Delorme.com forums for any help with it. kf4oox - Paul
  22. When it comes down to public safety they are going to error on the side of caution. In an urban area use a see through cache container with an Geocaching label on it. A hand printed or a box they can not see into will result in BOOM. They need to make it safe. Placing a label on a box will not stop them from tuning it into little bits. We also need to talk to PD & FD and educated them on Geocaching. Even though a local cacher had talk to the local PD & FD they still called in the Bomb Squad from Erie and they did their thing. Cachers need to open a dialog with their local PD & FD and try to work with them on this. When PD receives these call they have to do certain things. When it is a Geocache it is a dam if you do and dam if you don't thing. If they respond to one of these calls then say it is a Geocache not to worry then a few hours later it goes BOOM by it self killing and injuring people they have a BIG problem. Please remember once someone calls in a possible bomb the local PD will talk to people then call in the Bomb Squad and remove people from the area and secure it till the Bomb Squad arrives and check it out. What can we do use a clear container like the official L&L's by Geocaching.com open a dialog with PD & FD. kf4oox - Paul
  23. News Flash off of NWPA Geocaching email list. 'm sure most of you have already heard this... >From Jet Action News 24: Walmart in Titusville Evacuated The Walmart in Titusville was evacuated this morning because of a suspicious package. Members of the Erie Bomb Squad went to Titusville to check out the situation, and ended up blowing up a box they found in the parking lot around 1 o'clock this afternoon. It appears the box was part of a geo-caching game, where boxes or prizes are hidden around an area and then located by use of GPS units. Apparently other prize-filled boxes have been called in as suspicious packages in the past. View the story at: <http://yourerie.com/content/fulltext/?cid=47402> I'm guessing its GC18NBM, although someone local would need to confirm it.
  24. I would leave them alone. (except the ones that give the hide away). As has been stated in here he is a jurk and will go away when people do not play HIS game. So he will ether get it or give up. That is my $.02 worth anyhow I hope it helps kf4oox - Paul
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