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  1. For years now I've tried to get my hands on a Yeti Coin. As it seemed impossible to find one, something needed to be done. So out of a spur of the moment decission BueTriDo and I started thinking about a new Yeti Coin. Together with Berta of myGeocoin.de and generous support of Skoda we came up with a design for car nuts. There are many colours to choose from, all named accordingly. My personal edition: 'Schlammtier' PE of ElliPirelli 25 - which translates to 'mud animal' 'Moostier' LE50 - translates to 'moss animal' 'Schneetier' LE 50 - translates to 'snow animal' 'Kohlentier' LE 50 - translates to 'coal animal' 'Wassertier' LE 50 - translates to 'water animal' 'Feuertier' LE 50 - translates to 'fire animal' 'Nebeltier' Personal Edition of BueTriDo 25 - translates to 'fog animal' 'Rosentier' Artist Edition 50 - translates to 'rose animal' The Artist Edtion is availlable at myGeocoin.de, all other colours at BueTriDo and me, ElliPirelli. The Personal Editions obviously only at the owner.
  2. It is very rarely, that an unactivated coin is found in a cache. Exept it is stated and left there as a trade item. But then there should be some note in the logbook about this. Please check, if there is the phrase: "tackable at geocaching.com" somewhere on the coin. If so, check if the number contains S or five S/5 Oh or zero or Q O/0/Q B or eight B/8 Z or two Z/2 I or one I/1 Even with a magnifying glass the numbers are often way too small. I'll never understand, why designers can't incorporate bigger spaces for the tracking number.
  3. For several years now I have a coin administrator account, who has all my activated collection coins in the inventory. So when I show my collection at an event, I log a note with the second account and let all the trackables in the inventory visit the event. This keeps the collection and the travellers nicely seperated. I've created the second account way before there was the feature of having a collection and a inventory in the profile and it helped me back then as well as nowadays.
  4. Well, to not let this mission die, I'm in. My searchlist is TB2DQY8. I get really envious, when I hear about a three month roadtrip to Alaska! Enjoy your time!
  5. This is indeed a great souvenir coin. I've visited Malta a few years back and those Luzzu boats are just the most colourful at the harbour!
  6. Gosh, this was dormant for such a long time, I missed signing up for the last mission round. Not so this time: I'd like to be in, please. My searchlist can be found here at TB2DQY8, it is pretty up to date.
  7. Name sent: 18/02/2016 Name Received: 29/02/2016 Mission Sent: 12/03/2016 Mission Arrived at Destination Mission Received: 21/03/2016 Got a padded letter from Canada! But I didn't dare open it yet, I got two letters in the mail stating to be from the Easter Bunny, who severely reminded me, not to open before easter. Please, please tell me, that I may open my easter mission! I'll be on holidays over the holidays...
  8. Name sent: 18/02/2016 Name Received: 29/02/2016 Mission Sent: 12/03/2016 Mission Arrived at Destination Mission Received Parcel is on its way... Wish I could go there as well. Such a dream location far, far away.
  9. Name sent: 18/02/2016 Name Received: 29/02/2016 Mission Sent Mission Arrived at Destination Mission Received Already gone shopping for little bits and pieces. But the choice of coin is difficult...
  10. Haven't participated in a mission for a long time. Thanks for hosting this Easter themed one. Name sent: 18/02/2016 Name Received Mission Sent Mission Arrived at Destination Mission Received The poor Wyatt Earp, he's such a patient dog to wear such hiddious extra ears... I hope, he got an extra special treat as thanks.
  11. During the winter I have some free time, which I love to spend travelling. Here is a tale of my mishap with airport security regarding a Geocoin Club coin of May 2012. I just quote my log here, if I may: Since April 2003 there is a law in Germany prohibiting the possession of shuriken.
  12. What a lovely coin! For sure a must have! I especially like the colours of the rose window, is this one from the Dom as well, as the square coloured glass pattern? But I also like the front with all those recogniseable symbols. My daughter is born in Frechen, close to Cologne, as I lived for two years in the area... So as I said, a must have!
  13. How come, longtomsilver in Cologne gets coins but no bills? It's just the way round for me. Poststrike still going strong, no parcels for ages. And those few, which came, were great surprises: Oh, I did order this, did I? Congratulations on a great mission treasure trove! It's lovely to get local sweets as well as coins. When on holidays, I always go into a supermarket to see, what strange food they've got there. In Oslo we got chocolate called like my daughter... I'd like to be in into the next round, please. My searchlist: TB2DQY8
  14. Congratulations on a great mission treasure trove! The last one is a coin of a German geocaching podcast. It resembles the recorder, a H2zoom. I'd like to be in into the next round, please. My searchlist: TB2DQY8
  15. Right. Anything with chocolate needs to be photographed straight away, otherwise it's gone... Congratulations on your marvelous parcel, that was quite a treasure trove! Maybe there should be a new rule stating that chocolates NOT appearing in the pics will mean that the coins are forfeited and must be forwarded to the next Mission recipient ... ... Now, you can't change the rules so far into the game. Did you take picutures of your chocolates? Or are you just mad, because you didn't get chocolates?
  16. Right. Anything with chocolate needs to be photographed straight away, otherwise it's gone... Congratulations on your marvelous parcel, that was quite a treasure trove!
  17. I am also an amateur radio operator...a ham. I grok useless clutter VERY well! $2.49 is a pretty cheap lesson in my book. I am negotiating design ideas with the fine folks at Groundspeak now. I dabble in jewelry and castings, and I appear to have caused some confusion with what I am trying to do. Oh, good, 2.50 is really a pittance of a mistake! Seeing you just started geocaching, I'd recomend to continue searching for a while and visit some of the events in your area. There you'll meet other cachers and for sure some geocoins and other trackables. It's always nice to be enthusiastic about a newly discovered hobby, but before you spend a serious amount of money on your own trackables, it wouldn't go amiss, if you have seen a few out in the wild as well as in collections. I'd offer you a look at mine, but I'm some 7300odd kilometers from your home coordinates, I'm afraid... If it is just for sending some trackables out for you and the family to watch, try attaching the number of a bought TravelBug on some of your creations. Then you could even use those cards, as an individual item might otherwise not be recognised as a trackable.
  18. Let me assure you that you don't feel nearly as foolish as this n00b does! Thanks guys...it makes more sense now. ETA------------------- I found this site where you can buy personal IDs, I am going to go that route! http://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=332 Don't worry about making a mistake there, it could have happen to anyone. Especially, when you don't know yet, what exactly to look for. If you want to send out trackables, I'd recomend the old fashioned Travel Bug or those alumium tags, they have cute pictures and their own icon. Also they tend to be taveling longer than coins, which might go missing much easier. We all bought the one or two odd items, which turned out to be totally useless. My cellar is full of camping equipment, which sounded great but turned out to be stupid waste of money. And I'm ashamed to say, I'm to lazy to place those items on ebay, which I really should, as they're just in the cellar, collecting dust and cobwebs. A few dollar on those cards is nothing compared to my mistakes, I can asure you!
  19. The postman must have walked across the continent, it was that slow... But good to hear, it got there eventually. When are we shown some pictures? I love seeing pictures of coins. Well, much more I like the real thing. That's why I'd like to be in the next round too, please. My searchlist can be found here: TB2DQY8 The search is pretty much up to date, the tradelist is not, I'm afraid.
  20. Dying is just going on the next big adventure. Those, who are gone, will only be truely dead, if we don't remember them anymore. My condolences to friends and family, it is always hard to loose a loved one.
  21. Old habbits die hard. I started collecting coins at a time, when the threat of getting a coin locked because of bogus logs was real. It was frowned upon if a tracking number was posted in the forums, as knowledge of the number was considered proof of having seen the coin. Aparently that rule got somewhat softened over the years. To be clear, I'm not directing my anger at you, you may do with your coins as you wish. If you tolerate or encourage bogus logs, that's none of my business. Dr. Neal said, it's Groundspeaks game, it's also their rules. Which you seem to disagree on. In my case, I'm just fed up with people discovering my trackables, which never where intented to be open for bogus logs. Especially boring copy&paste logs. This is quite fresh in my memory, as it only happened three weeks ago, that a massive avalanche of bogus logs flooded my inbox. So forgive me to vent my impatience on you, I'm by no means implying that you made numbers of other trackables than your own public.
  22. You're right. I'm sorry, but I'm quite fed up with deleting logs on nearly a daily basis, as some ...(insert rude noun here) has posted the tracking number of my coin on a list. Those logs are boring and stupid, as they come with no personal words out of an autologger. If you're allowing logs on your trackables, that's your decision. As I said, I'm upset about bogus logs on a missing coin of mine, which appeared on a list recently. Sure, quite a few of my over hundred traveling coins went missing, still I don't want bogus logs of people, who haven't even looked at the trackables page. The danger of giving your trackables number out in public is, that someone might think it a fine idea to put it on a list. After all you gave the number for them to discover...
  23. You enjoy discovering Geocoins? I do as well. That's why I only discover coins, which I had in hand and have seen. I also log with individual logs for each trackable, not with an autologger. So where did one discover a Geocoin, when it is a virtual log? Where is the enjoyment of handling a coin, when it is feeding an automated programm with numbers from a list? If you enjoy getting boring logs like that, go ahead, post your own trackable number someplace. But please keep others property out of those stupid lists! It saves me a lot of time and hassle to delete bogus logs and writing mails.
  24. Sounds like you are complaining that some of us enjoy virtually sharing and discovering trackables, and because you object to this you are asking Groundspeak to step in and make a rule for you to govern how others enjoy trackables. No, sounds like you misunderstand the purpose of trackables. The coin itself is yours to keep and do what you please, yes. But the system of tracking numbers, the serverspace is provided by Groundspeak. Coins were made trackable to send out into the caches of this world, a nice addition to the game of searching for caches. If you just want to discover numbers I recomend EuroBillTracker or something similar for US Bills or wherever you hail from.
  25. Just go to an event. There are more than enough trackables there to discover. Be it travelers or T-Shirts, Cars, backpacks or mascots... Every owner of those is delighted about lovely logs, that's why we keep trackable numbers on our stuff. What I don't like at all are boring logs out of an automated programm. Worse still are bogus logs, when the coin or TB in question wasn't ever seen by the logger. A few weeks back the number of one of my coins endet on a list. The coin is missing since 2013 and was discovered in the course of two weeks over 50 times. In the beginning I just deleted the obvious bogus logs. Later on I sent mails out to the cachers in question. I guess the list appeared on facebook, most discover logs came from Germany, one was from the States.
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