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  1. Quite a fast response on these! Here is a list of what is pending:
  2. Selling a variety of older coins that I have kicking around. Would like them to be off being enjoyed by someone instead of sitting in a box. Not sure what postage costs are these days - I am in Canada and will do some research on it. All prices are in USD. All unactivated and trackable.
  3. I have just read through this thread and smiled knowing that there are still many of the people I have traded with still here. I haven't traded/bought/sold or created a geocoin in SO LONG! But as soon as I saw that while bubble mailer in my mailbox, I knew instantly that it must be a geocoin. I had forgotten that giddy feeling of opening a bubble mailer and holding a geocoin in my hand...so for that, dear mystery sender, I thank you. Maybe I will finish my half-designed coin this year and renew my love (aka addiction) for these shiny bits of metal. So thank you again to the mystery sender and a fond hello to all the coiners I have lost touch with!
  4. Looking for a Tyrannosaurus Rex Geocoin - Antique Silver. A gift for my son who will think it's "way cool". Will also consider Antique Gold. I would like to trade, not purchase. Thanks.
  5. Oh my goodness, what terrible news! So young - I know from personal experience that a sudden loss like this is especially difficult. I too only knew scavok online here in this community and have many of his beautiful designs but knew him to be a very lovely person. My thoughts are with his family and fiancee during this time... What a shock...
  6. As you know, I haven't been on the forums much Ted - so I missed this opportunity. I will dig out a couple of coins for draw prizes and give them to you Saturday afternoon (is that too late??)...just as long as you orange shirts draw my name for something!
  7. Well, the fact that I had to "log in" when I hopped on the forum today, probably tells you how often I frequent this place these days. I used to be on here daily, checking up on the new designs, seeing what was new with my equally fanatic geocoin crazies - always lots going on. But something changed for me. I began feeling less like a newbie and was overwhelmed at the number of new collectors (maybe what happened with other "old timers" when I came on the scene). The number of designs was so hard to keep up with and I was finding less and less that I wanted to purchase. I also got a bit tired of all the stories of "please send me coins for free because I'm new, young, old, tired, sick, sad my dog ate my homework, etc.". I loved gifting geocoins as a surprise and really enjoyed trading (especially with newbies) even if the trade was terribly lopsided. So these constant begs really annoyed me. But at the risk of sounding negative (oops!), I still LOVE geocoins. I went through my collection recently while I was organizing my sewing room and put out a few on my cabinet for display. My husband suggested I sell them and I'm not ready to do that. I did sell some extras and others that had less meaning for me but the bulk of my collection is staying put. My favourite part of them right now is sitting down with a geocacher and showing them my collection. Finding out their interests and showing them coins I think they might like. Watching their face light up when they see some of the really cool ones, ones that move, the "big ones", ones with glitter, etc. I love telling the stories around my collection - my first purchase, my first trade (thanks bluecherry!), gifts from others, themes I like, making my personal, group projects, etc. I realize that I really do still have a passion for them. Unfortunately, time in my life is short right now and I don't have a lot of time to spend on the forums and in the geocoin world. I also haven't cached in awhile which makes me a bit sad. Part of my personality is to throw myself 110% into something so when a topic consumes me, other interests suffer. I have a really hard time with balance. Currently, I have a couple of other passions so my geocoin interest is suffering I'm afraid. But I have a design for my next personal coin (just needs some tweaks - Jackalgirl, I haven't forgotten about it) and I WILL be producing it at some point...when I have time. So I suspect that will renew my passion for coins and I will get to trade with everyone again...hopefully I still recognize some names. PS - In regards to multiple finishes - with my personal, I had 5 finishes for only 150 odd coins...it wasn't a matter of trying to make more money, it was because I had a hard time narrowing it down to only 2 or 3 - I loved them all!
  8. Lots of coins still available...
  9. I want to start slimming down my collection a bit and wanted to post here on the forums first before eBay. Will start with my extras and traders - all coins are UNACTIVATED and TRACKABLE. All prices are in USD. I have not mailed coins in awhile so hopefully my postage is not totally out of alignment. S&H - $3.00 within Canada, $4.00 to US...international buyers, please email for quote, purchasing more than one coin will get you a discount on the S&H Will sell individual coins or all of them together (make an offer) . $5 Travel tag, clownfish (nemo) GeoKid, Girl $6 Dog Days of Summer (hot dog) pending Sandtracker GeoTag Birds of a Feather, Cache Together (2007 Caching Coins) Geo Poker Party, usyoopers version Regions of Germany - Sachsen, $8 GeoJellies 4, ELTADA - Pomegranate Mini Dubloon, ELTADA (blue, black, silver glitter) $10 Out on the Water, Caching By Boat (Gold RE) Out on the Water, Caching By Boat (Antique Gold LE) Lotus Compass, Osiris Version (green on gold) pending Lotus Compass, Set Version (orange/red on copper) pending Lotus Compass, Nepthys Version (purple/pink on silver) pending Year of the Tiger (blue/silver) pending Meades Ranch Benchmark - 2" antique bronze (or gold...not sure) $15 Out on the Water, Caching By Boat (Nickel RE Error Set - 2 coins, same tracking number) Out on the Water, Caching By Boat (Gold RE Error Set - 2 coins, same tracking number) 10-10-10 Ontario Autumn Harvest Version 10 Years of Geocaching, Mardi Gras Version (yellow, lime, purple on gold) 10 Years of Geocaching, Ontario Version (blue & blue glitter) 11-11-11 Ontario Version Mardi Gras Venetian Masquerade (Michigan) pending Mardi Gras Venetian Masquerade (Geoswag) $20 Pink Yime, with matching pin and original pink velvet bag
  10. Another Ontario Event host checking in! (Number 2 of 3) We had enough chairs for everyone and had about 50-60 people at our event (it was hard to find a Friday night venue!). Gave away lots of prizes and coins, chatted to lots of new cachers and even intrigued a waiter or two onto geocaching! lol! Everyone loved the coin and I only have a handful left. Will sell for $11 USD + shipping ($3 to US, $2 to Canada) or trade for other coins (NOT 11-11-11 coins...contact me about possible trades). Contact me through my profile.
  11. Hey all - the last Ontario event is now posted and can be added to the list: GC34Y4Z Sorry for the wait!
  12. I need to stay on top of the forums...! Sorry I was late to provide my support. Placed my bid. Thoughts are with you.
  13. placed my bids JohnMac - sorry to here about Max. Hope he is feeling better soon.
  14. Definitely interested in doing one in the GTA if there is room for more than one Ontario version or a joint event Ted if you want to figure something out.
  15. Didn't know what area of Japan you were in so am quite relieved to hear you are ok. Placed my bids...
  16. Got my last package from E&CPlus3 a day or so ago so I have all my coins now. Hopefully everything I sent has arrived... Great math trade as always! Thanks Chuck!
  17. Updated to reflect some new packages yesterday and today! Just one left!
  18. I had to look back for this info and was surprised to see the coins I first discovered, etc. were not what I remembered...interesting! Thanks for the trip down memory lane! 1. when, where and what geocoin did you see first? Apparently it was a New Beginnings coin in August of 2007 around the time I started geocaching. 2. when and what geocoin did you first buy? My husband bought me three Canada 2007 geocoins for Christmas in 2007 and a couple of months later I purchased Fate Favours the Bold myself. 3. when did you make your first personal coin? N/A if you haven't yet, why not? My Out on the Water, Caching by Boat personal was released in March of 2009...though I had started working on it's design during the summer of 2008. 4. when and what did you trade your first geocoin? My first trade was with bluecherry for a Four Musketeers Imperial Creed coin in June 2008...still love it! 5. did you find the forums first or a geocoin first? I found the geocoin first and then explored further and stumbled across the forums
  19. Of course I would receive my first coin from kini - thanks Ted! love it!
  21. Ted - I have not been on the forums too much as of late due to many irons in the fire right now but to hop on and learn you have a coin coming to you...well, that is cause for celebration!!! I am so glad you were able to make this happen and I look forward to seeing it in person at Fling if not sooner. Enjoy opening that box when it arrives - I know you will be beyond excited. Make sure Ki has the camera ready!
  22. Considering I was rushed and some of my wanted coins weren't in the end traded, I did pretty well. I will be happy to see the incoming mail in the next few weeks...I love trips to the mailbox! lol! Thanks E&CPlus3 for hosting again this year - as per usual, you do a great job! Looking forward to next year!
  23. Oh dear there goes my percentage traded...
  24. You received mine right? I'm not one of the two, am I???
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