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  1. Congrats wavector! Thanks for the opportunity Venona! This is one demonishly hard puzzle; I really NEED to figure this out, just for my own sanity!
  2. Congrats Hiking dude! Thanks so much for the fun cointest JohnMac56!
  3. When I walked out to my mailbox a few minutes ago, I wasn't expecting anything special to be sitting in it. So imagine my surprise when I feel a bubble envelope. I have been away from geocoins and the forums for months, so why would I possibly be receiving a geocoin? Wait, is this envelope black? Is that a cool custom stamp I see? It can't be! I've been roped in! I am now the proud owner of #211! Thanks so much Geo_Bandit for this amazing coin! This surprise has really made my day! When I stopped reading this forum, this thread was only on it's second page! You are truly a very generous person! Congrats to everyone else has been roped in! Yeeehaw!
  4. I got into geocoins last summer, but as my expendable income went away, I took a break from geocoins and haven't been on the forum in months. Well it seems I've been roped back in! I walked out to check my mail a few minutes ago, and as I reached into the dark mailbox, I felt that familiar squishy feeling. Imagine my surprise when I pulled out a black bubble envelope from the Geo_Bandit! Thanks so much Geo_Bandit for the amazing surprise! This coin is so amazingly awesome!
  5. Congrats to all the latest recipients! Thanks for spreading so much joy Geo_Bandit!
  6. Congrats brewmeister! Thanks for the cointest Tooey!
  7. Here are a few pictures I took at the Envrionmental Learning Center here in Fort Collins, CO. It is one of my favorite parts of Fort Collins. There are also several caches there.
  8. Sweet Portal pumpkin! One of the best videogames ever! Nice job!
  9. Like so many others, I would like to nominate Rockin Roddy. How he finds a way to stay positive and inspire others, while at the same time donating so many coins and running cointests, is just amazing.
  10. I received my coin from the cointest today! The antique bronze is perfect for this coin! This is seriously one of the nicest coins I've seen. The pin is so awesome as well! Thanks so much Yime!
  11. Today I received a Geocache America! coin that I won in YemonYime's contest a while ago! I also got an awesome YemonYime pin! Thanks so much Yime!
  12. The second person I would like to nominate is LadyBee4T. In the short time I have been on these forums, I have seen tons of kindness and cointests from LB4T. In fact, in one of her recent cointests, the answer was spoiled before anyone was able to answer correctly, yet since I was close, she sent me a prize anyway! Thanks so much LadyBee4T!
  13. There are quite a few people the that I think deserve to win, so I will have to post over the rest of the day. The first person I would like to nominate is Solan109. I sent a message to Solan asking how I could buy a Princesscake coin. Instead, Solan very kindly sent me one just out of kindness. Thanks so much Solan!
  14. Congrats to all that have received this amazing coin. Thanks to the giver of this coin for spreading peace and joy.
  15. England Hawaii Ireland Connecticut California
  16. England Ireland Hawaii California New York Thanks for the cointest!
  17. While I was out hunting for the cache Purple Micro (GC157PE) in one of Fort Collins, CO's wonderful wilderness areas, I had to stop and take a picture of the small lake nearby the cache. The picture doesn't do it justice. The water was so calm that it was basically a giant mirror. It was one of those moments when I remembered why I love to geocache. Thanks for the cointest Tooey! It's always fun to have a cointest where you get to see people's pictures!
  18. A heart's desire of mine is to one day be lucky enough to receive a Geocoin Bug mystery coin.
  19. Congrats to E&Cplus3 and all the others who were recently bitten! You guys are so lucky!
  20. Yesterday I received a package I wasn't expecting. In it was a "Geocoin Chicks of MWGB" coin from LadyBee4T, which I can only assume is from her "not at GCF" cointest. Thanks so much LadyBee4T for the neat coin and the fun surprise!
  21. Jeez! You cached in on mystery coins! Congrats again! Thanks Dark Knight for you stealthy acts kindness!
  22. Wow! A Pot 'o Gold AND you got Goofed? In the same weekend? Congrats Anthus! Thanks Goofy Cacher for spreading the joy! You're more than welcome to come spread some joy in northern Colorado!
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