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Me as well

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They aren't telling us what to do on a UK forum. They are telling us what to do on a section of a US owned and administered site which has been set aside for UK cachers to discuss UK geocaching. If a US cacher came over to one of our regional hosted forum sites and told us what to do I would be alongside telling them where they stood, but that's not the case.


I agree 100% with what kennamatic says here.


It is because I agree that I have let Groundspeak know that I no longer wish to review caches or moderate the UK forum.


In recent weeks I have, more and more, been instructed to do things I did not actually feel would benefit caching in the UK.


I have been instructed, more and more, to do things that I could not actually see the point of.


I have been instructed I felt – rightly or wrongly – to implement policies in reviewing or managing caches – that it seemed were not being made public.


I tried to debate issues - but as much as GSP were not going to change philosophy, nor was I.


Until recently I have felt totally backed by the GSP management team, though I have also felt that, rather than being evolutionary, and at times being prepared to "push the envelope" things had become more fundamental.


I don't think this is the right way forward - I know that there are many UK cachers who feel it is, and it is this diversity of opinion that makes for lively debate - and goodness do we have that!


I have had a great five years or so reviewing for the UK community and made many friends - I would not have changed it for the world. I have made many good friends, both on line and in the flesh at events - but the time has come to call it a day.


I might even talk to my family again between the hours of 1600 and 1900 during the week and often VERY lengthy week end periods - especially if it has been a sunny Sunday!


Many thanks to you all - it’s good night from me – and it’s good night from him.


PS dodgydaved might now even find chance to visit a cache near you!

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Well, just a thanks and sorry to see you go. A thanks for the forum monitoring, thanks for the cache publishing, thanks for advice etc etc. I know many others will say it, but I know I mean it, when I say




Happy caching for the future! :drama:

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Crikey a few days from the forum and things look like they've turned a funny shade of brown. What's it all about 'eh?


Ah well, look forward to a visit from ye soon. So did you manage to download every puzzles final coords before you threw in the towel? My email addresss isss....... :drama:


Thanks for all your hardwork, it's a double whammy shocker. Does this mean DC is gonna be a busy chap, or do you have replacements in the wings? Are they American replacements?


See ya round

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Sad to see this happening. I may be an American in Sweden (whatta combo, right?), but I read the UK forums on occasions.


I'm not sure what is going on up there at Groundspeak, but there is definitely something in the air, and it's very hinky...


To the mods who have made the decision to step away, I wish you all well, I have been a mod before on another site, and I know how gut wrenching it can be - a mix of relief, anger, sadness and a few other things, but take the good with the bad and just enjoy the newfound time and the fact that you now have one less aggravation in your lives!


As we say in Sweden, Lycka till... or, for you Brits who love to butcher the language :drama:... Good luck!


Naomi :D

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Sorry it's come to this. Not surprised one bit, it really appears to have become a completely thankless task. If you were allowed leeway in the past to use your discretion then it's a reason to do it, but to be told what to do and "that's that" as appears to be the case, well... what's the point I guess.


UK caching cannot, from here, change for the better.


Hope to see you caching and eventing soon anyways, and if you want a rant there's always the http://www.nwcaching.co.uk forums... non-commercial btw :drama:

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Speaking for myself, I am really going to miss you being our local reviewer - you've been an absolute star and always been around to help with any queries or concerns. As for the rest of our team, thank you for everything you have done for geocaching, listing our caches, and watching over the forums - you've put in a great deal of time and effort, and hopefully got a fair bit back and formed some great friendships. Looking forward to your alter ego being out on the caching trail and perhaps getting along to some events ... there are plenty to choose from. If you are ever over in Hopper territory, you've got an open invite to pop in for a bacon butty and a cuppa. Best of luck - enjoy the free time you will now have - you've earned it. Hugs and kisses, Liane :drama::D:D

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I will repeat what I said in the other post:


'This has come 'out of the blue' for me, and I feel a sense of loss. This great sport of ours appears to be losing its innocence, which is a real shame.


I just hope that those who replace you will be as good and as hardworking as you have been.'


But I will add - does this mean that you can come to the Binfield Cache Bash on May 3rd? I hope so!

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I can honestly say that I am sat here with an emptiness in my stomach. I have already made a reply to Peter's resignation and now find that I am doing one for you as well. :drama:


A very sad day for the UK's caching community, I find it hard to believe that it may stay the same. :D


Farewell Eckington welcome back to normality Dodgydaved :D

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It is very gratifying to get the volume of support we have, however could I suggest (on behalf of my friend Lactodorum :drama:) that you only post on one of the two related threads. Be assured that Dave and I read both of them.




yes, I know this is a duplicate posting but you know what I mean :D

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Not piped up before but I've been reading what's been publicly said over the last few days and whilst I'm saddened to see these two threads, I honestly can't say I'm surprised and can entirely understand why you felt the need to step down.


All the best guys :drama:

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I can honestly say that I am sat here with an emptiness in my stomach.


Can I suggest a hagis supper from your local chip shop?? :drama:


Seriously it's sad that it's come to this - both reviewers will be missed by both ourselves, the forum posters and the wider caching community.

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... you only post on one of the two related threads.


I've posted to this one because E is "my" reviewer, who yesterday published 3 caches within 5 minutes of me submitting them, as he almost always did, but it applies equally to Lacto. Thank you both very much indeed for everything you've done ever since I started this pastime.


It is difficult to guess the direction we may be taking in the future, after such a sea change. I was vaguely aware of a few apparently heavy handed actions here and abroad, but was completely unaware of the extent to which things might have been bubbling under the surface. Whatever happens, I wish you both good luck and express the hope that you may now have some time to actually do some caching yourselves.


I would also wish to not forget Deceangi in all of this, we are equally grateful for his efforts and I'm sure we will all try to minimise his workload until this all settles down again.


Rgds, Andy

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Although a noob who occasionally posts, I do understand that internal politics from on high have made your continuing duty to the Geocachers of the UK untenable. I would like to thankyou for all the effort you have both put into this hobby and I hope that you are able to continue your enjoyment without the recent hassels.

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I know that I have not always seen eye to eye with you, but this news was not good to read. I hope that the use of the word final is not final, and that the fools who forced you into this, will see the errors in their ideas


Take care in whatever you do.



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I'm extremely sorry to see these two stalwarts call it a day. I've had unbelievable service from them, and in recent times Eckington has done a great job reviewing caches here on the Isle of Man. Not to mention the extremely onerous (and at times very tedious) moderating tasks.


I can fully understand the reasons for taking this difficult decision, and all I can say is: enjoy your new spare time and get out in the fresh spring air as soon as you can.


Dave - perhaps you might get time to allow me to buy you that pint next week!

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Hear Hear


Likewise can I add my heartfelt thanks to ALL the UK Moderators for their help, support and unstinting efforts over the years.


Eckington and Lactodorum you are going to be sadly missed. I hope you have the opportunity to "enjoy" your retirement and maybe stay in contact with your many friends in the GC community who hold you in such high regard.



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Dave and Peter.


Your contribution to the UK Geocaching community has made it what it is today. Both of you took the time to personally commend me over some of the first caches I placed, rather than just clicking the "publish" button, and I'll always be grateful of that early encouragement.


I can personally guarantee that your contribution's will be recognised if you make it up to Harrogate in August.



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I am very sorry it has come to this and won't repeat what has already been said, except to say how much I have appreciated all the effort you have put into Geocaching in the UK. :D

Having been around longer than most I have seen the way it has developed and must have become a massive burden on you all - I hope your friend Dodgydaved can now enjoy some Geocaching again. :drama:

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As has already been sad news indeed :D


I would like to add my thanks to Eckington for his all his quick and full replies to pleas for help and advice when I have had caches reviewed.


To lose One highly skilled reviewer/moderator is bad enough to lose Two is disasterous as far as I am concerned.


You will be missed . :drama:

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I'm a newbie to caching but all I have heard of you both makes me feel a great sadness that you have decided to relinquish your posts, the more so that you were pushed into a situation where you felt it the right thing to do, where does that leave us. A much sadder place.

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As has been said, this is a sad day indeed for caching in the UK. I have had recourse to ask the advice from our reviewers on many occasions (Ecky in particular, being the local reviewer, has had a hard time from us cachers in the Dorking area!) and we are aware of the hard work that goes on behind the scenes, fighting the cause for UK caching!


I suspect that both Peter and Dave will be in danger of returning from Harrogate with severe liver poisoning! We will be contributing our share of this as well! (Deci, by the sound of it, won't be able to make it as he will be busy reviewing caches! Anyway, hard to get pi&&ed on mineral water!)


Many thanks to both of you for the amazing work over the years, and I hope you both aren't too downheartened by this whole affair, and instead are looking forward to finding some caches and solving puzzles the hard way!!!


Dave and Mary

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An another apprentice leaves the fold.. Tis a shame me ole mate but as I have said in tuther post been there done that etc.


The UK cacheing ferternity ( how ever yer spell it) I really dont think what happens behind the scenes and how much reviewers have tofend off external forces to our exentricities.


Sorry to see yer scoot.. an do I sense an underlying tone of.. OOOOOOOOOO a beer at Chollerford with me ole mate MT.. PS yer buying [:drama:]


Take care my friend and enjoy your retirement.. Just hope those (if any ) who take your place are up to the level of you an that wasp person [:D]


Sprry to see both of you go.. but you have both served the UK geocacheing fraternity with a well informed an even hand.


Take care


Moss T

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Just got in to see the devastating news. :P;):P


Having lived in the USA for 5 months now, I can perhaps appreciate slightly more than some of our fellow forum posters the trials and tribulations you have probably been going through. There are immense cultural differences between the UK and US and all too often dealing with Americans can be like swimming through lumpy custard, alternating with banging you head on a brick wall. I work with some great individuals but even they acknowledge that it is a bureaucratic and frustrating country/culture.


From Utility Companies to all the Depts of Government, it is a culture of compartmentalized followers of rules, with little or no freedom of thought or allowance for common sense. Only today I questioned why some people were doing something which 'common sense' would make you say they should be wearing hard hats to undertake, because any slip and someone was going to get several pounds on metal on their head. The answer I got was that the manual didn't tell them to for that task! If it's in the book do it, if it's not then don't is their approach and never question the rules. Whereas we have a culture of question and answer. Your approach of 'applying common sense' was bound to fail eventually, which is deeply regretable.


Right now it will not even be occurring to GSP that they are going to find it extremely difficult to replace you, because who in their right mind is going to take the role on unless the facts are known?


I hope you guys feel a great weight lifted from you and you can continue caching without a bitter taste. You have served our UK Caching community with dedication beyond the call. You will be sorely missed as reviewers... :P:P


edited for typos.

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There are immense cultural differences between the UK and US and all too often dealing with Americans can be like swimming through lumpy custard, alternating with banging you head on a brick wall. I work with some great individuals but even they acknowledge that it is a bureaucratic and frustrating country/culture.

Hmm! That sounds horribly familiar :P

I hope you guys feel a great weight lifted from you and you can continue caching without a bitter taste.

Absolutely :P
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Only replying on the one thread as requested.


I wondered what was going on when I found a local cache had been reviewed by Deci - and this is what I find. :P


Like many others, I'm sad to see you two guys resigning from your posts. I thought of you both as being fair and balanced and a credit to the UK caching community.


Working for an American company I frequently come across the same clash of cultures, they just don't get the way we do things over here.


I agree totally - you only have to read a few posts on the general forum to see that the culture over there is totally different. Any disagreements on the UK forum seem mild by comparison!



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Based on the posts here (and the Lacto/Hornet thread) it sounds like the two of you should be organizing a "Good-Bye Tour" across the British Isles. It looks like you wouldn't have to pay for any pints for weeks... :P


Don't forget to get the event caches listed AT LEAST two weeks prior! :P

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Don't forget to get the event caches listed AT LEAST two weeks prior! :P


Ahh yes, but nobody would come, they wouldn't know where it was being held, because we wouldn't be able to say the name of the pub it's being held in, for fear of being told it's advertising!

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