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  1. A few options for you...... FBook http://www.facebook.com/groups/254810847946104/ and http://www.facebook.com/groups/yorkshiregeocaching/ And http://www.yorkshiregeocaching.co.uk/
  2. It's most likely one of the hides hidden by this user who archived a lot of caches in January, quite a few caches between Coltishall and Buxton.
  3. A small tube pushed into the ground, like the golf-tee sized tubes I've come across, might have minimal impact when placed (approx the same footprint as a walking pole spike), but we also have to think about the impact of those seeking the cache. How many would move "just a bit of earth", just in case the cache they can't find has been pushed in too far? Then how many of those would start to move earth in multiple spots?
  4. Remember it's a global "guideline", and geocaching does go on in countries where is isn't wise to stick things into the ground for fear of what they may hit.
  5. Jaz666

    Is Wherigo dead?

    Not sure if this has been discussed here recently, but Jeremy gave a talk at the recent Annual UK Mega Event, and he said Wherigo is back on his radar with something coming before the end of the year. I think he said Groundspeak want to make the whole process of creating and playing much more staightforward, with a greater emphasis on playing on Smartphones, as they've realised Wherigo has lost ground to other smartphone GPS games (or words to those affect).
  6. This is the first time I've heard of such a "guideline", could you elaborate? There used to be a Puzzle Cache in Portsmouth, West Yorkshire, which required you to visit the more well known Town of Portsmouth to obtain the Coords.
  7. I have always understood the best way is to host the information elsewhere, say a website for the event, and simply say on the event page "useful information on the nearest supermarket etc can be found by clicking on this link" If you didn't want to use a web page, I'm sure a Groundspeak approved alternative would be to point caches to listings on Waymarking.com, I believe such amenities can be listed there? I am unclear, however, whether using additional waypoints would be acceptable?
  8. I seem to recall guessing after the last couple of new reviewers but we (or maybe it was just me) never did find out who they were/are. I can't recall seeing answers to the identities of at least the last two new recruits.
  9. There is a heavy user base in the Leeds area on the Yorkshire Geocaching community site, see the link in my sig.
  10. Welcome to the game. The Yorkshire region has a community website, and there are plenty of cachers from your area who will no doubt drop you a few hints. Come and introduce yourself http://www.yorkshiregeocaching.co.uk
  11. They maybe a "signature item", something a person leaves in every cache as another way to say they were there.
  12. If it is still there, the Two Bays multi ends in a spot with a great view over the South Bay, with a bit of Yorkshire history thrown in too. I remember it taking less than half an hour to complete.
  13. If they complain about the deletion, they can always complete the new Challenge I've setup to recreate the virtual http://coord.info/CX138F I've passed this spot countless times, but until I saw your former Virtual I'd never realised the significance of the Phone Box.
  14. More likely the fact that it's International Geocaching Day, so more people have been out caching than a normal Saturday.
  15. Pretty much my view as well. Caching will always exist as the game of find a box with a gps, hence the other examplecaching.com websites. Geocaching will always keep Caching at it's core, but is expanding it's brandname to cover other "outdoor with a GPS" activities. I don't want to have to consult a multitude of websites to plan my families fun day out, exploring the country with a GPS. I would much prefer they all be listed under one banner, with a method of filtering out the aspects of Geocaching that I have no interest in.
  16. Maple Leaf, thank you very much on your reply. Please don't see our silence so far on this matter as defiance, our committee has a policy of trying to avoid getting led into "heated debates" in this forum. We will have our own sub forum on the Groundspeak servers soon though. We have been listening, and most of the suggestions made here have already been considered by us before they were made. I'm confident we are close to a solution that will suit all those interested. Jamie (2008 and 2012)
  17. Having now seen it in action, letting people set "play anywhere" challenges was a big mistake. If they are going to remain, they should be "go outside to a specific location".
  18. For me, Geocaching used to be all about getting outdoors on my own to find boxes in interesting locations on long walks. These days I still occasionally enjoy the odd solo walk, but I now get more enjoyment from Geocaching with my family. I have a toddler, and a wife who doesn't enjoy walking as much as me, so doing the type of caching I used to enjoy with my family is very difficult. If the Challenges allow us to have fun outdoors with a GPS, but still under the banner of "Geocaching", then I welcome it. Groundspeak have tried launching other GPS games under various headers in the past, but they were always criticised for not being part of their biggest venture, the Geocaching Listing site, and therefore didn't get the following they deserved. The call to bring back Virtuals, and Locationless Caches was the biggest topic on the feedback site. Groundspeak have responded by bringing in something different that still covers what those two Grandfathered cache types did, for those who were interested in them.
  19. Just logged my first challenge To start with there will be two types of challenge. - Photo - Action Looking at the early test challenges, one of the things we will be able to do is to experience the old locationless caches again as a challenge.
  20. The wording on this page "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4i2DOZo_67U" says "You'll also be able to explore Geocaching Challenges through a free smartphone app", so it sounds like they will be open to traditional GPS users.
  21. OK, the newsletter is out. - Only Premium Members can set a challenge, and only one per day - It looks like instead of "go to a point and EMail an answer", it's "go to a point, and use the new Challenges App to prove you were there" - Yes, App based, iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile. - Peer reviewed, you give it a thumbs up or thumbs down when you log it. Jeremy has said they will count towards your find count. I guess we will find out more tonight, after the website update.
  22. I can't answer most of those, as I don't believe these have been formerly announced, perhaps in the next weekly mailing? When asked about the return of Virtuals (or their replacement) at the Q&A at Mega Wales, Jeremy stated they would be a way of bring people to a place of interest which maybe too sensitive for a physical container.
  23. Ok, there is a lot of assumption going on here. We took the can to our launch event last week, and there was practically no interest in it from our attendees. After the event someone, who's assisted all Annual Mega Events so far, came to us with the suggestion to get the can out there as a promotion tool for our, and future events. We were happily going to leave it in a cupboard after the launch event until next year. As with any committee, there is a bit of internal discussion going on between us, and a few members have posted some ideas under the Golden Ammo Can account on facebook, but these shouldn't be viewed as "official announcements". When we have come to a concencous (and obscuring the tracking number is an idea that has already been part of our discussions), we will let you know through our chosen communication channels; but probably not in this thread, as it has turned rather negative. At the end of the day, it is just a regular tb, with no special icon. The contents are special, and again, that is forming part of our discussions.
  24. A couple of years ago in the West/North Yorks region any cache that mentioned it was an ammo can on the cache page either went missing or got replaced by a Tupperware container.
  25. The icons were submitted a while ago, and should be online soon, and will be different for each of the coins.
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