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  1. Not quite in the area you mentioned but we particularly enjoyed this cache: http://coord.info/GCV89Y
  2. Hi Cobweb! I'm not stalking you - honest. It's a shame the Fowlmead caches have gone, I enjoyed that series. Lisa
  3. From a purely personal point of view, I'd like to see mystery being used for caches where I need to do some preparation before I go out caching, and multi for caches that I can do in the field without even having looked at the cache page before I went out (even if it means doing some other caches first). This is so I can easily filter out in GSAK the caches I can't do yet because I haven't solved the puzzle. Lisa
  4. You found the moving cacge http://coord.info/GCCF79 at the Mega 2008, same as us. Lisa
  5. There used to be a lot more named sig items around a few years ago, we collected loads, but the number had really reduced recently. It might be because the average size of cache has reduced - most wouldn't fit in a micro. Also there are a lot more caches to find now, so not many people can afford to leave a sig item in every cache they find like they used to. Lisa
  6. There are probably 4 in Kent (as opposed to the usual 3) because they chose a disabled cache of mine, which I couldn't fix as I was on holiday. I told GC.com about this and it looks like they added a new one without taking mine off the list (which is now active again). Lisa
  7. Here is an Extreme caches bookmark - most of the caches on this list are in southern England.
  8. Aha - found mention of this problem in the middle of the "Release Notes 6/24/09". No need to keep this thread open now.
  9. I'm not sure whether this was a recent change to the site, or one I'm just noticing at the moment becasue the site is running slowly. When I have the "Post a New Log" page on the screen and I select a log type, the page reloads and the month in words is replaced by the month number, for some reason. Because the site is running slow, I am typing the first line of the log before the page reloads - and when it reloads, what I have just typed is lost. Now I have realised this is happening, I am hitting the Stop Load button on my browser before typing but it caused me to lose a fair bit of typing before I realised!
  10. One of our TBs reappeared after being missing for 5 years - and that wasn't even a record as it turned out! A TB from America beat it by a few months Lisa
  11. After the last (and unfinished) London Monopoly cache series died a death in 2003, it's about time someone else picked up the baton! Monopoly part 1 Lisa
  12. *ponders* I wonder if this is going to spoil any virtuals or multis that require the cacher to collect info from a sign? Lisa
  13. Nope, this southerner thinks of it as see-toe too! Lisa
  14. In this situation I usually post a note on the coin or TB's page to say it is missing - so many people only mention something on the cache page and the coin or TB's owner won't see this (unless they check up their TB). Lisa
  15. The OED defines sport thus: "an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others". So I'm not sure whether that makes it a sport or not! But to answer your other question, Adam & I we outdoorsy walker types before geocaching but we do our outdoorsy walking stuff far more often since we found geocaching. Lisa
  16. Quote from the back of the Simpsons movie box: "Contains mild language". I'm not going to argue with the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification). But yes, this is going off on a tangent. Lisa
  17. As an aside, I have just watched the Simpsons Movie and it contains both the word that is an alternative to heck and the word that is an alternative to dadgum - and it is rated PG (which makes it suitable for family viewing). Lisa
  18. We don't have the right equipment to do a Wherigo and neither of us think it is worth the expense and bother of getting new stuff just for a new icon. Lisa
  19. You can still visit, as long as you go on a guided tour. The Romney Marsh Countryside Project organise them.
  20. Been there a couple of times. I've heard them referred to either as the Denge sound mirrors or the Lade sound mirrors as they are between the two places. The nearest "on-Sea" is Lydd-on-Sea. The author of the book I have on the subject "Echos From the Sky" describes them as being at Denge. Lisa Edit: having looked at the map, the already given answer of Greatstone-on-Sea is marginally closer than Lydd-on-Sea. They are here anyway: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...c8-c1d88d92d5d3
  21. I don't think they mean that people could be *obliged* to camp at a camping event, rather that they expect some people to want to camp at a camping event. I've been to camping events without camping. I'm not sure what the problem is. Lisa
  22. There's a big building - one of the Decaying Hospital caches? Lisa
  23. Total guess: MCIBSE Member of the Chartered Institute of British Structural Engineers
  24. Staying slightly off topic. The last thread was closed when it reached 80 pages. We are now on 79 pages with this one. It will be interesting so see what happens when we get to 80. a. It would indeed. *helps the thread on its way*
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