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  1. Doh. My alter ego. I have two accounts that are mutually exclusive, and I must have been logged in as MC when I submitted that cache. And then switched it to my OzGuff account (which is where all of my hides reside). Thanks for solving the mystery. I'm assuming that this issue doesn't come up all that often.
  2. I placed the cache back in 2006 and am pretty sure that I have retained ownership since then. But I will go through the laborious process of duplicating the information as suggested. Thanks!
  3. A cache I own -- Dead Ends 2 -- has a number of waypoints, none of which are editable. Not the coords, but the text. The icon that you would normally click to edit the text and/or coords just isn't there. [see image below.] It is actually the same for the physical container coordinates, but at least I was able to add a second waypoint for the final coordinates, which *is* editable, and the icon *is* there for that waypoint. I have twice tried to get the tech folks at HQ to look into this as a possible coding issue, and their replies have been of no help. 1. It must be a cache saturation issue. [i wasn't trying to change the coords of the final.] 2. Try clearing your cache and/or a different browser. [This occurs on multiple different platforms and with completely different computers.] And when I have attempted to follow up on HQ's responses they haven't responded to my reply to their response. Any thoughts? On either my situation or getting HQ to actually look into the situation? Thanks!
  4. I'm in the US. Traveling to Europe. Mainly the United Kingdom. Thanks for the European resource.
  5. I am still using a Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx. Over the last few years I have moved house and purchase a new desktop. No idea where my original MapSource disk is and I would really like to update the maps I currently have loaded to the unit. And I am traveling overseas soon and would like to load maps for those countries. Does anyone have a suggestion/hack that will allow me to do this? Oh, and it would be nice if you could also provide the location of some free map data sets. Thanks in advance!
  6. I am curious, how many emails have you received? I have received 4-5. All were for remote caches miles out in the forest. Unlogged for years with at least one DNF. No NM logged on any of them yet.
  7. I don't check an urban cache after every DNF. Sometimes a DNF is from a newer cacher, or the hide is devious. I usually wait for a couple of consecutive DNFs before checking on a cache. And I do the same for my rural/long hike caches. These "maintenance"emails piss me off.
  8. Any idea how long it takes to get a cache published in CR? I submitted one a week ago and have heard nothing. Yet. I have secured the assistance of a local geocacher in case cache maintenance becomes an issue. All of that info is on the cache page. Thanks! P.S. The cache is in the La Fortuna area.
  9. We have just been given contact information by the folks at the Discovery Channel for another cable channel that might be interested in our TV show. We really need as many folks as possible to "Like" the Stashers and Cachers page on Facebook. Please follow the link to "Like" the show, and share this message if possible! https://www.facebook.com/StashersAndCachers And follow the link and "Like" this short video too! Thanks! OzGuff/Graeme
  10. Sounds like someone at Groundspeak had the original idea, possibly someone at a very high level, and there was agreement, possibly by subordinates, and then the groupthink got way out of control. Don't get me wrong, I like finding old virtual caches, but this idea -- as currently implemented -- has lots of problems. [Please wait a second, I have to go out and take a photo of myself kissing a frog.] It COULD be an interesting facet of the game but will have to be monitored by someone. If this remains a part of Geocaching.com, I assume that the reviewers will get some new job responsibilities. With no commensurate increase in their compensation.
  11. Nearest caches of this type button not working. Returns caches of all types.
  12. I know that this activity is supposed to be family-friendly, but I mis-read the last word in the above posting. The "c" and the "l" sort of smooshed together to form a "d", which made me think that Jeremy really WAS the World's Most Powerful Cacher...
  13. I don't know if this is my best geocaching story, but it was pretty funny at the time. Maybe not as the situation was unfolding, but definitely in hindsight. Best Friend Cache in St Louis, MO This was my 150th find. I now know to immediately be truthful and forthcoming when interacting with LEOs. And I really didn't see the signs indicating that the park was closed. Really. Edited to add: I got a little verklempt reading Monkeybrad's story. Congrats you two!
  14. Please add my name to the list of folks who would find an "Ignore By Cache Hider" feature useful!
  15. No notifications on the following new caches over the last two days: GC24T97 GC24TA2 GC24WV2 GC24WVK Other cachers in/around the Asheville NC area have also not received email notifications. Edited to add: The last new cache publication email -- for a cache NOT owned by me -- hit my inbox at 2:23pm Eastern on March 10, 2010. I *have* received email notiications for my own newly published caches. The above four caches are NOT mine and according to their cache pages were published on March 10 and March 11.
  16. I had found 30 caches before I placed my first. 6.5 years later it is still going strong, with over 300 logged finds on GC.com! I have placed more than a few caches over the last 6.5 years and still make the odd mistake in cache placement. New cache placers have their hearts in the right place, so it is hard to complain. But I generally try to give new cache placers a word or three of advice if I find their new offerings lacking. Location is something that I generally don't complain about -- they can't all be epic 5/5 caches with quantum mechanics puzzles and zip-lines. And one cacher's trash is another cacher's treasure. I may not like the location but I *will* sign the log and move on. My advice is usually based on how long I think the cache will survive in situ. If a couple of words of mine help keep a few caches around a little longer -- great! Hope this helps the OP!
  17. Not sure if this is a bug or a feature. (And if it is a feature I'm not a big fan...) If you have a cache on your ignore list and it has been found by someone else it will not show when looking through their found caches. (Not the best sentence grammar-wise, but I hope it gets the point across.)
  18. Snoogans... I hate to be the one to spring this on you, but I have held exactly one Event in your honor so I only have 143 to go to be considered gross. Your posts tend to contribute to the detriment of our activity. Keep up the good work!
  19. I currently have 13 disabled caches and 5 more with the Needs Maintenance attribute. Just a little more than 1% of my caches. (Closer to 2% of my 900+ active caches.) I try to visit my caches on a regular basis, but some of them require little maintenance so they don't visited by me that often. I don't race out and check on a cache after one DNF, though a few DNFs in a row will get my attention. The cacher logging a DNF is also of import; a newbie cacher's DNF doesn't count for as much as a five-year vet. If you ask most cachers in my neck of the woods they would likely tell you that I am pretty conscientious about maintaining my caches. Some cachers are over-burdened with ten cache hides, and some are not over-burdened with hundreds (or even thousands).
  20. Or (some/most/all/a few) of those claiming those who find the "photo" objectionable are thin-skinned liberals who need to grow a pair might have issues of racial insensitivity themselves. I'm starting to think that President Carter got it right. Now that I have finished smearing half of the posters to this thread, let me get back on topic. The log with the "photo" that started this thread has been archived. Whether it was the original poster, the cache owner, or Groundspeak I do not know. The responsible party has my thanks. If folks would like to take the idea behind this thread to one where the topic can be discussed in a more general manner -- hopefully devoid of the personal snipes -- be my guest. Thanks again to all who participated. It was illuminating. Can someone close this thread?
  21. With over 1,500 hides and an incredibly juvenile sense of humor/humour, I have more than my fair share of cache titles that might provoke smiles and/or shakes of the head. The only one that I have had a reviewer question me on is Rubbers. But the reviewer asked the opinions of the wider reviewer family and found that most of the rest of the world (that is, non-U.S.) thought that "rubbers" were erasers -- which is what the cache contained -- so it was published as is. Others with scatologically-themed titles include: P.O.O.P. -- each waypoint was either purple/orange or orange/purple Tightrope To Crap -- the contents of the cache at placement were not of high quality Another Tightrope To Crap -- see above Side Hill Intermediate Terrain series -- a couple of caches on the Side Hill trail of intermediate terrain [Check the acronym. The reviewer would not allow me to call them "S.H.I.T.", which was fair enough.] Hidden Dicks -- the cache was located along Dicks Creek Road
  22. Even me? ;-) [This was related to the being nice not the rising above.] I was planning on requesting that the thread be closed, but then decided to just let it sink slowly out of sight. That didn't work, but it eventually will. I have been amazed at the tenor of this thread. In the main folks have been reasonably respectful in their arguments and comments. With a topic this divisive forum goers have done a good job of expressing their opinions without getting (too) personal. The point behind my original question is moot, and was likely moot from the get go. The cacher who posted the "photo" will likely never delete the photo, either because he doesn't see any problem with it OR he would hate for OzGuff to "win". The cache owner will likely never delete the "photo" for the same reasons. And Groundspeak will likely never delete the "photo" because they don't want to have to monitor every image uploaded to their servers. I was heartened to read that at least ONE participant in this thread has reappraised their thoughts on the subject. There is hope... Edited to add the square parenthetical statement in my first paragraph.
  23. MrsB: This sounds like a great idea! But I will let others take the initiative... Atrus: You may read the above and inject venom into my words; I interpret it as me not agreeing with the decision handed down by Groundspeak. And the "minion" reference comes from the Groundspeak representative who contacted me with their decision; the Forum Title on his GC.com profile page was "Groundspeak minion". And as Snoogans pointed out, Groundspeak employees are often referred to as "lackeys". There was no disrespect directed at anyone at Groundspeak. ND: Guilty as charged. But I had actually decided to bring the "photo" to the attention of Groundspeak representatives before I discovered who uploaded it. Knowing who it was might have made me smile a little though, but it wouldn't have changed my decision to report the "photo". And I agree that this thread needs to be closed, and it will. But I will leave it open just in case anyone wants to respond. Don: As the assumed manager of the "slick sneaky race-card smear campaign" let me remind you what the issue here is -- the objectionable nature of the "photo" uploaded by that "good man". Issues between he and I, or even you and I, are not at issue here. (Were they contributing factors? Likely. But I digress.) But let us assume for a minute that my actions were as you described and my entire aim was to besmirch the good name of that "good man". Do my actions in any way, shape, or form change the fact that he uploaded a "photo" that showed him to be lacking in racial sensitivity? Thanks to all who have contributed to this thread! The rational, cogent arguments made by many of you were enjoyable to read. For my final word on this entire situation, please see posts #101, #141, #166, #205, #231, #261, #275, and #294. There really isn't more I can add. I will leave the thread open for another day or so just in case anyone wants to try to get us to an eighth page.
  24. This made me laugh out loud! Thanks HH! Funny and NOT racially insensitive. What a concept!
  25. All I can say to the above is that the "photo", in my opinion, is objectionable. If I remember all the way back to the start of the thread I am pretty sure that that was the original question. Just because Groundspeak decides that it isn't objectionable in the Groundspeak world doesn't mean it isn't objectionable in the real world. And in the hypothetical world where I hypothetically planned all along to hypothetically and indirectly smear Atrus -- the photo that he uploaded is still very un-hypothetically objectionable. (Apropos of nothing, I was once told that repetition is the refuge of the uninspired.) Though some will find this hard to believe, this wasn't about bad blood. Anything said to the contrary has been an attempt to divert and obfuscate. Had I wanted this to be about bad blood I could have relayed any number of instances related specifically to geocaching where Atrus et al treated me like feces. I await further ruminations about my intentions by those who enjoy flinging mud. And heck, I'm an easy target. P.S. LB: Great to see you on the forums!
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