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  1. I rarely use that map, so can't say for sure, but I don't think GME is active for that map and hasn't been for a couple of years. I don't see the caches placed at their corrected co-ords on that map, so this probably is a Groundspeak problem not GME. It could have been like this for ages for all I know.
  2. I've popped a link to this in the UK Facebook group, which will have a far wider audience than here. Bit too far for me otherwise I'd have taken them.
  3. I find it useful and I have the max range of 100km, as that then covers both home and work for me. I can see at a glance: Days with events scheduled - faint red. Select any day and see all the events listed on that day. Days with events you've logged a Will Attend are green.
  4. I can see that, and almost relate to it, but then we'd have to agree that Earthcaches, Virtual and Labs aren't caches either, and I think the game would be poorer without them and events- Labs excluded as I consider them to be a different game altogether.
  5. So give us your definition of a cache and we might or might not agree, but at the moment I don't... Back to the OP: If Events were to be included on that search then GS would have to: Filter out past events. Currently that search for me has about a dozen past events on the first 6 pages of the list, which would be pointless and probably confusing to newbies. Filter out future events, or at least events more than XX days in the future. At the moment the first 4 pages of that list is for caches which are in the future, some 3 months away. Having to scroll through pages (5 for me) of events which are months away before getting to the "real" caches is undesirable. Given that there's a whole section for upcoming nearby events on the Dashboard I don't see adding them to the search list would be beneficial.
  6. Haha, so 81 it is then! When I saw your post I initialliy wondered if challenges with such trivial qualifications would be allowed, and I can see that they are/were.
  7. So are you saying that if I find this cache of yours, I can then ask you to place, for example, a D1 T5 Large cache up a tree? You would be the CO of the new cache, so I can then go find it to fill that gap in my 1/5, large, tree climbing challenge? I could see this might become very onerous for you as all sorts of weird combos come in.
  8. I agree it's a little confusing, I found it easier to work out exactly what you're aiming for just by looking at the checker output (I got 23) rather than reading the text. Personally I'd just skip it if I had to work it out manually and while it could be done it would be way too much work. If you're excluding the Virtual size (why?) then I think you should also drop Not Chosen, as it's not possible to create a cache with that size any more, and any cache page that does have it and then gets edited will have the size changed to Unknown automatically by the system, so these are disappearing rapidly. I had a challenge which I was qualified for requiring 7 cache sizes in a day, but by the time I got to go find it the cache which had previously been not chosen had been updated and automatically changed to Unknown so I was nolonger qualified. Having said all that it's an interesting twist so a shame it wasn't published, maybe simplifying the description might be enough to get it over the line - good luck.
  9. There are, I've seen several, but I think the OP is talking about Challenge caches with 81 unique D/T combos, and what's the minimum numbe of finds which could fill that grid. I.E. you would need the 81 challenges, plus all the qualifying caches for each of those challlenges, so the number is going to be way higher than 81. It's not as simple as just adding up the number of qualyfing caches for each challenge, as some caches might help qualify for more than 1 challenge.
  10. Do you mean you can't click and drag the map? It works OK for me on all the map options.
  11. This Says to me: Just get out there and start searching, don't bother reading the details (description) and just look for a container, you only need to read the details when you get stuck. It would be better phrased as:
  12. I think they want to search for puzzles which are NOT bonuses, so need a regex to exclude those with bonus in the name.
  13. There's not a lot of activity on here from UK cachers, Facebook is where it's at these days. I would recommend joining one or both of these groups and asking in there: NortWest Geocaching, likely to have cachers from the Crew area: https://www.facebook.com/groups/nwcaching/ UK Geocaching, for the whole country: https://www.facebook.com/groups/geocachinguk
  14. I never check nameas in the logs. I've deleted as number of obviously fake logs and never had any comeback so far. If a few fake logs get through then I don't really care.
  15. I think it would be interesting to see a screenshot of the waypoint distribution, alongside a screenshot of the satellite constellation you have locked onto.
  16. I know it's been requested numerous times, and the pleas seem to fall on deaf ears, but I'll try again. As a cache hider I need to be able to see where all the Puzzles/Multis/WIGs/Letterboxes THAT I HAVE FOUND are on the map so I can see which areas are free, it seems ridiculous to me that the site/app has no way to do this and I have to revert to third party tools to achieve it. It seems to me that if the all caches with corrected co-ords displayed at their corrected location, then anyone who's found a Geo-Art series could remove the corrected co-ords if they desparately want to see the pretty picture on the map, whereas the rest of us could leave the corrected co-ords so that they display in the real location. If that's not possible/desireable then give us a toggle whereby we can choose where caches with corrected co-ords should be displayed. If anyone reading this thinks this objective is desireable then give this an upvote and if there are enough interested then GC might take some notice.
  17. Odd, this is what I get when I click on the second page, but then clicking subsequent pages all display OK, including if I go back to the second page :
  18. Just throwing my 2pennorth in here FWIW. It seems some of the respondents here saw a bandwagon and decided to climb aboard and have a go at the OP, unfailry IMO. For a start he asked for cheap, SAFE, GOOD rope; I'm not from Oz, but I expect that they too have many suppliers of equipment who will vary in their pricing, so there will be some suppliers of "safe, good rope" which are cheaper than others, as long as it's the right "type", right size, properly rated and from a reputable source then where's the problem if it's cheap(er) than other rope? If he was in the UK I could point him at some suppliers that are cheaper than others for exactly the same product, or I could point him at a manufacutrer who also sells direct to the public online and so cheaper than walking into a shop to buy the same product, but only if you know exactly what you want. I doubt he was asking for someone to recommend a supplier for cheap builder's poly rope, neither was he asking for Chinese knock off merchants. Secondly, he says he has a New Tribe saddle, that's a tree climbing harness, so telling him to get a rock climbing course is a waste of time and money as rock climing and tree climbing use different techniques and equipment. E.G. tree climbing generally uses (semi-)static rope, whereas rock climbing uses more dynamic rope which can be used to climb trees and I've done it but it's HORRIBLE 'cos you're bouncing up and down all the time, so DON'T buy rope sold specifically for rock climbing. While I wouldn't call TeamRabbitRun's post rude, it was condescending, and for the OP to point that out isn't "turning down advice" whether or not it might be lifesaving. The best bit of advice was from Hugh : "Find someone that climbs" - so find someone that climbs trees (not rocks) and ask them where they buy from, even better arrange to go out with them - you could make some new mates. My best piece of advice would be to find an Oz tree climbing group/forum and go and ask there, they might not be so snotty .
  19. Last time you had this it was a problem with your VPN:
  20. Agree, it's particularly bad when someones placed a trail of dozens puzzles or letterboxes and we then can't see where they actually are on the map once we've found them.
  21. I know Groundspeak are between a rock and a hard place on this and they don't have any option but to offer an opt-out, but I've always thought it would be ideal if anyone who chooses to opt out is then prevented from seeing that same information from ALL users, and I suspect that might make some re-think their decision. I know this will never happen and probably isn't technically possible, but it it would be Karma
  22. If that's the group I mentioned in your other thread then it's the only Chanel Islands specific group as far as I'm aware. There is the UK FB group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/geocachinguk some Islanders are in that group and people on there may well be able to answer any questions you have, that's a fairly busy group.
  23. Best place to go is the Geocaching Chanel Islands Facebook group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/276894145704648/
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