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  1. It's not something I've come across in the UK, though that doesn't mean nobody's doing it. I have heard of people giving a puzzle to their friends to test/check for functionality, and also people sometimes ask others to test Wherigo cartridges before publication, but neither of these require what you're asking for.
  2. Don't know the details of this one, but people have been known to set various "rare" D/T combinations on a series in order to attract people who are Grid Filling, so maybe that's the case here - the new CO has done it to try and attract more finders?
  3. The way the tick boxes work is counter intuitive. By default none of these boxes are ticked and intuitively I would expect this search to return no results (because I haven't selected any cache type or D/T or size) but the search behaves as if ALL were ticked :-
  4. Correction: If I do a search and enter nothing into the searchbar in the first screen, then click Filters it DOES apply the "Not found by me" and "Caches I don't own" filters If I do a search and enter something into the searchbar in the first screen then it does NOT apply those filters.
  5. This is good and much better than the old sliders , but would be better if it was a 9x9 selection for each individual D/T combination. E.G. As it is, if I need a 2/3 and a 1/5 I have to select D1 & 2 and T3 & 5 so it searches for 1/3 1/5 2/3 & 2/5, whereas the ability to just choose the specific combinations would be better.
  6. Having performed a search for location "United Kingdom" which returns ~200,000 caches, if I then click to show the map then the filter automatically applies the "within 16km" limit, and so only maps the caches within 16km of the centre of the country:
  7. When clicking to map a search selection the map STILL displays the whole world view if the search results straddle the Greenwich Meridian:
  8. "Not found by me" and "Caches I don't own" are NOT automatically selected for me (a PM). I logged out and back in again and still no joy.
  9. Just leave it in another cache.
  10. Server Error 500 is usually a problem at the Groundspeak end. I would give it an hour and try again. I just created one so may be fixed now.
  11. When mapping the results of a search which produces results either side of the Greenwich Meridian, the resulting map is zoomed out to the whole world view. This has been mentioned by me in the release notes thread for map changes some time ago, but it's still a problem even if only for cachers in certain parts of Europe or Africa. E.G. this search which is for challenges in the UK which I haven't found : https://www.geocaching.com/play/search?ot=4&types=8,3773&kw=Challenge&nfb[0]=MartyBartfast&c=11&f=2&cc=2&sort=PlaceDate&asc=False&utr=false Produces this:
  12. It's been like that for a long time, several years at least.
  13. OK There's clearly a bug here and I can reproduce this error, here's how: From the GC website choose Play/Search enter GC7QZD5 in the search box and choose the 16 km radius option on the results page click "Map These Geocaches" The site then displays this, note that GC7QZD5 is the first cache in the list on the left even though the dialog box says it can't be found. I tried a couple of other GC codes and they all fail in the same manner. ETA: It would be bizzarre if this was a browser issue but just in case this faile with both Firefox and Google Chrome on Linux .
  14. OK I know it's 6 months on, but.... Trying to set some new caches and looking on the map which has a lot of puzzles and multis and all the icons are shown on the map at the published co-ords and NOT where the cache is hidden, THIS MAKES IT REALLY DIFFICULT TO WORK OUT WHERE THERE ARE "GAPS" AVAILABLE FOR NEW CACHES. Please can we either have found caches displayed on the map at the final co-ords, or at least have an option to toggle the placement. The current system is RUBBISH and once again I'm having to resort to third party apps to do what Geocaching.com can't do properly.
  15. As stated above Groundspeak have left the publishing decisions to the local reviewing teams, who are more in touch with regional restrictions. The UK reviewers were not publishing caches when we had similar restrictions in place. If you really have a beef about it then there is a mechanism for appealing reviewer decisions to GCHQ, you might be better going that route to get an official answer, but I would bet a months beer supply that they will side with the reviewer(s).
  16. I tried the top two and all photos were displaying normally whether clicking on the photo from the log entries in the main listing, or from the individual log page, or from the gallery. So everything works as expected for me.
  17. Yes you can, exactly how depends on where you're viewing the log but if looking on the main cache page and find your log entry and click the "Edit Log" link at the bottom:-
  18. Yes and no - the script is open source so anyone can use it, and some of the features it enables are available to anyone while other features (such as th FP %) are only enabled for Project-GC PMs. However as you say this is off topic for the App release notes discussion
  19. FWIW I would also prefer the map to retain the final co-ords of the actual hide, rather than the posted co-ords of the geo-art, particularly considering that the majority of puzzles and multis will not be part of a geo-art anyway.
  20. It seems a bizzare decision by your reviewer. Most UK counties and smaller areas have regular events as you describe, and so do plenty of US areas. The wiki pages linked above dont exclude what you describe. If you take the reviewers stance and this quote from the wiki together "events intended for the same people, a sequence of events or near the same time or location should be a single event." Then create a single event starting on Jan 1st and finishing on Dec 31st :-D I would appeal...
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